Oklahoma's class of 2022 has been off to a big start on offense but one recent tight end commitment surprised everyone.
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Llewellyn Moves Fast

Former Oklahoma tight end standout Joe Jon Finley took the job at Oklahoma as tight ends coach and associate head coach on Jan. 19, exactly one month to the day he picked up his first commitment as a coach. That commitment came from an unexpected place, Aledo, Texas, in the form of recent tight end offer Jason Llewellyn.

Llewellyn was offered by Finley and the Sooners on Feb. 13, less than a week before making his commitment so how did he become so certain of the first-year Sooner assistant and Oklahoma all at once?

"Oklahoma is a great program and one of the best in the country. Ever since the offer I have been talking with the coaches daily and getting to know them," Llewellyn explained. "Joe Jon played at Oklahoma and then went on to play in the league so he knows a thing or two about tight ends. Just talking to him he is a great guy and someone I am looking forward to being coached by."

In the month of February Llewellyn also picked up offers from Texas, Kansas State, Colorado, Auburn, and Ole Miss to join previous offers from the likes of Michigan, Michigan State, Oklahoma State, and Baylor amongst others.

So did any of them catch his eye before the Sooners did?

"There was a list of schools that I liked the most but Oklahoma felt like the best fit for me," he said. "Coach (Lincoln) Riley is not only a great coach but a great man and I can tell by talking with him.

"He was almost more fired up than me when I told him the news, and when your future head coach is that excited about you to come play for him you know you made the right choice."

Such early commitments, particularly ones with so little preamble, are often met with skepticism but Llewellyn believes that the Sooners are home for him.

"I've built some great relationships with coaches that I will keep forever, but I am committed to Oklahoma," he said of how he sees the degree of his pledge.

With all that is unknown about Llewellyn for Oklahoma fans one question that all remembered to ask is whether the three-star prospect might start to recruit his teammate, Bryan Allen.

"We're going to get the best players we can get to come to ChampU," he said coyly.