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Mead Takes a Look into the Future Through Friend

It's taken Oklahoma wide receiver commitment Jeffery Mead a while to make his official visit to Norman, waiting just two and a half weeks before he officially signs his letter of intent for Norman, Okla.
Interestingly enough, after waiting through his entire football season, he wasn't even able to spend an entire weekend on campus. That's because Mead had to leave Norman Saturday morning to take part in his Tulsa Union basketball team's nine point win over rival Broken Arrow.
"I left around 10 on Saturday morning, to play in our game at the BOK center (in Tulsa). It was good. I played decent not as well as I want but we won," Mead said.
That being said, much of Saturday was spent touring facilities that Mead had seen time and time again. However, what he was in attendance for interested him most of all.
"Just being around the college life in general. All the other visits, it was more about being led around by a guy, but on the official we had some free time and hung out with the student-athletes. It was seeing the differences between college and high school," he said. "The main (difference) is freedom and responsibility. That's about it, if you can handle those you'll be fine.
Mead was hosted, alongside his good friend and fellow commitment Carson Meier by receiver Austin Bennett and sophomore tight end Taylor McNamara. Although it was a fellow Tulsa native that really surprised him during his visit.
"Me and Dominique (Alexander) used to play basketball together, we go way back, when I got there I saw him and he kind of gave me the in and outs," he explained.
Seeing Alexander couldn't help but make Mead think of the future.
The state's No. 8 prospect, according to Rivals.com, says he'll be trying to get himself ready to go for the football season in Norman but his old friend showed him how far he has to go and how much things will change for him in the next year.
"During basketball I'm just staying in shape, working out a little extra. I mean you go from high school and then you see these grown men and realize these guys are going to be hitting me next season," he said. "Look at Dominique, Dominique is a man and he is a year older than me.
"You see him and your head goes to what will I be like this time next year, how big can I get? It makes you think, it's like wow."
According to receivers coach Jay Norvell Mead may be on the field next year and undoubtedly hopes he can make a similar impact to his good friend Alexander.
"You know, he didn't have too much to say - a lot of it was small talk, there wasn't much to talk about it because we had all discussed it before. Was kind of small talk, nothing too big," he said. "Before we've talked, they think they would like me to help them early."
On the visit, Mead was one of seven current Sooner commitments along with four total prospects who are currently uncommitted or committed elsewhere. While running around together Mead said he wasn't one to exert much pressure on the players the Sooners were still working on, however the entire group found it hard to escape notice on the weekend.
"We all had dinner together, they had a whole back party room at KD's. People noticed us a little bit. I mean walking around through the restaurant with three guys 6-6, 6-7, and 6-5 people start staring and as you walk through KD's restaurant. In Norman most people walk up and start talking."
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