Millard getting support as rehab progresses

Oklahoma fullback Trey Millard is finally off crutches and working toward rehabilitating a torn ACL he suffered against Texas Tech Oct. 26.
"I'm walking without crutches now for about a week. I'm just continuing to strengthen that leg and continuing to work on weight bearing stuff and balancing and things like that," said Millard last week in New Orleans.
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Video by Eddie Radosevich
One thing helping Millard through this process has been the support of former teammates, such as Ryan Broyles, who tore his ACL during his senior year before entering the NFL Draft.
Broyles reached out to Millard to offer support and advice on making it through this process and getting ready to workout for NFL teams later this year.
"It's just nice to know those guys came out and still had success," said Millard of the calls from former players. "Me and Ryan Broyles were so similar and both came back from serious injuries and both about midway through the season."
Broyles recovered from the injury and became a second round draft pick of the Detroit Lions in 2011.
Millard says he's also talked with Sam Bradford about recovering from injury in order to make it back for NFL workouts and he's also received calls from Demarco Murray, J.D. Runnels and Dusty Dvoracek throughout the process.
"A lot of guys really comforted me right when it happened and through the whole surgery process," said Millard. "There's been a lot of guys I've talked to a little bit that have helped, encouraged me and motivate me."
There has been plenty more to happen to keep Millard motivated. During the Sugar Bowl, Millard was able to take the field with the other team captains for the coin toss.
Just last week Millard tweeted that he had been invited to participate in the 2014 NFL Combine.
But for now, Millard is still taking things one day at a time, getting stronger, and working toward being healthy enough to make good on his future in the NFL.
"For me, I'm on schedule which is what's important for me right now and all I can really handle," he said. "I'm just continuing to do rehab and continuing to workout when I can."