The state of Oklahoma produces far more elite talent than it regularly gets credit for who are the next stars in-state?
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New Names in 2021

Oklahoma's in-state class of 2021 has plenty of talent but it's largely players that may not be as well known as some previous contenders in years past. The top 10 has several players from programs who have never cracked the top 10 and from players who may, currently, only hold a handful of offers. But as time goes on this spring don't be surprised to see many of these names grow in their regional and, perhaps, even national notoriety.

1. Kendal Daniels

Breakdown: Daniels is one of the more intriguing prospects to come from the state of Oklahoma in recent memory. His incredible frame and length mixed with speed and playmaking ability make him a prospect tailor-made for this era of football.

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Highest Ranking: 1

Lowest Ranking: 1

2. Ty Williams

Breakdown: We'll stick with dynamic playmakers on the defense with Williams. Though he just recently started picking up offers, go back and look at the tape and find out why it may have taken so long. Williams is a fluid defender who shows both physicality and an ability to get the ball in the air - he's a standout. Williams could be the beginning of a run of talent production at Muskogee that the Roughers haven't seen in a while.

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Highest Ranking: 2

Lowest Ranking: 2

3. Collin Oliver

Breakdown: This is a lot higher than Oliver might be in some places but he is another guy who I love the versatility of. I think he could fit in as an inside linebacker, I think he could, in some schemes, play as rush outside linebacker thanks to length, quickness, and a really good motor. Oliver is physical at the point of attack and moves far better than he gets credit for.

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Highest Ranking: 3

Lowest Ranking: 3

4. A.J. Green

Breakdown: Green is one of the more interesting guys in the class as he wants to be classified as a running and with his speed, there are plenty who are going to love him in that capacity. But with his size and that speed at cornerback his potential seems to reach a much higher plane.

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Highest Ranking: 4

Lowest Ranking: 4

5. Jaden Bray

Breakdown: We've gotten to our first entirely offensive prospect on the list and it's a player that no one was talking about at this point last year. Bray was brought over from the basketball team and hit the ground running with a massive junior year catching passes from OU baseball signee Cade Horton. His size and ability in the air are special traits that can be refined as he continues to develop his explosiveness.

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Highest Ranking: 5

Lowest Ranking: 5

6. Bryce Stephens

Breakdown: Stephens caught our eye early in his career as a wide receiver for the Bears but his length and speed could play on either side of the ball. Stephens is a natural with the ball in the air and is so smooth for a long-strider. He is the first Bear to make the list since Devonte Lee in 2018.

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Highest Ranking: 6

Lowest Ranking: 6

7. Keuan Parker

Breakdown: Parker has been coming for a while but as a junior he really put together some strong tape. Almost undoubtedly the state's most skilled cover corner who has the speed and agility to lock up and play man. He isn't the biggest corner in the state but is among the most instinctive.

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Highest Ranking: 7

Lowest Ranking: 7

8. Ethan Downs

Breakdown: A marvel of athleticism, Downs has considerable potential as he continues to develop his impressive physical gifts. As a sophomore Downs showed more at running back than at defensive end but as a junior started making more plays for the eventual state finalists. Downs has a speed/power combo that few can match once it's all aimed in the same direction.

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Highest Ranking: 8

Lowest Ranking: 8

9. Javion Hunt

Breakdown: Hunt is a player that is aided considerably by the generation he plays in. He is such a versatile player that can play in a number of roles for the powerhouse Titans. Hunt could work as a safety, an overhang, or even grow into a pure WILL linebacker. He's also a physical running back that could be a change of pace back.

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Highest Ranking: 9

Lowest Ranking: 9

10. Jordan Mukes

Breakdown: One of the real stories over the past few months Mukes has gone from a relative unknown to one of the state's most promising prospects. Mukes is a defender with enormous length who could play some nickel, could develop as a safety thanks to his natural physical style of play.

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Highest Ranking: 10

Lowest Ranking: 10

11. Aden Kelley

Breakdown: In a few months this one may look too low for Kelley as he is a dynamic lineman with great feet. With all that has happened in the past week it's a shame that we won't get to see Kelley face some elite competition and really get a gauge for where he is at. Regardless though, he's a prospect that is wanted on both sides of the ball and could really climb in these rankings.

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Highest Ranking: 11

Lowest Ranking: 11

12. Donovan Stephens

Breakdown: It's an ongoing trend in this year's class that there are a number of players who bring a unique skillset to the table. Stephens is another that once upon a time would have been called a 'tweener' but now is the player who brings versatility to a defense in that he can play specific linebacker roles as well as that of an in the box safety and work somewhat in coverage.

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Highest Ranking: 12

Lowest Ranking: 12

13. Solomon Wright

Breakdown: We'll say the same thing everyone says about Wright, if he was 6-foot-3, he could name his collegiate choice. He's got amazing quickness, first step, and athleticism. He doesn't fit every scheme but if you're looking for a penetrating defensive lineman that could, potentially be a disruptive pass rusher up the middle, Wright may be your guy.

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Highest Ranking: 13

Lowest Ranking: 13

14. Rejhan Tatum

Breakdown: One of the more physically impressive players in Oklahoma's in-state 2021 class. Tatum, the younger brother of former Oklahoma signee Ron Tatum, transferred to Del City going into his junior season and has greatly impressed the program with his work ethic and, of course, his physicality as an inside linebacker.

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Highest Ranking: 14

Lowest Ranking: 14

15. Tevin Williams

Breakdown: Williams is something different from some others at the cornerback position in the 2021 class. He is a physical corner who wants to come up and play run but has the length to be a difficult guy to beat through the air. Williams has the kind of size that could also end up at safety if that was in his best interest.

Last Ranking: N/A

Highest Ranking: 15

Lowest Ranking: 15

16. Jalen Teague

Breakdown: Teague is an interesting story. Watch the tape and you see a big receiver who can overwhelm defensive backs with some impressive short area quickness. He doesn't show off elite long speed but it's more than adequate as part of his game. What does leave one wondering about where things will go is that Teague suffered a serious knee injury and is just beginning his recovery.

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Highest Ranking: 16

Lowest Ranking: 16

17. Makale Smith

Breakdown: Looking for a breakout candidate who could end up a lot higher on this list before it is all said and done? Smith is a guy who has played very little football but when you see him you see a guy with incredible length some top end speed and the sort of explosion that is eye-catching. Definitely name to keep watching.

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Highest Ranking: 17

Lowest Ranking: 17

18. Chase Jackson

Breakdown: Jackson hails from a program that is about to become a far more familiar stop on the recruiting trail. Jackson is a play-making wide receiver who has some ability to stretch the field and uses his size well.

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Highest Ranking: 18

Lowest Ranking: 18

19. Te'Zohn Taft

Breakdown: Taft can do a lot of things in the college game but it's hard not to see him as a play-making all-purpose back. Taft has speed, impressive agility and as a smaller back could be an outstanding third down player going forward.

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Highest Ranking: 19

Lowest Ranking: 19

20. Qwontrel Walker

Breakdown: People may see Walker's size and see him as a third down back but when you watch the tape you see a powerful runner that will run over you if given the chance. Along with that physicality he's got quick feet and moves well laterally to make for a very complete back for the 6A-II runner-up Pioneers.

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Highest Ranking: 20

Lowest Ranking: 20

21. James Burnett

Breakdown: Burnett is an impressively long outside linebacker who, somewhat surprisingly, is very adept at setting the edge. He shows the ability to make plays in the passing game but as he fills out he truly could become an outstanding player, particularly in the run game.

Last Ranking: N/A

Highest Ranking: 21

Lowest Ranking: 21

22. Melvin Swindle

Breakdown: Swindle is another two-way lineman from Oklahoma. He isn't quite as agile and explosive as some others but he is a guy with a nice frame who could work at either guard or center.

Last Ranking: N/A

Highest Ranking: 22

Lowest Ranking: 22

23. Lance Petermann

Breakdown: Petermann wasn't a player we came in knowing a lot about but watching the tape you see a long and athletic offensive tackle with considerable upside. He needs time to develop and fill out his frame but that doesn't change that there is a lot to like in his game.

Last Ranking: N/A

Highest Ranking: 23

Lowest Ranking: 23

24. Caleb Webb

Breakdown: Webb is another guy that once would have been labeled a 'tweener' but he's another in a long line of physical Roughers products. He'll shine in the right scheme as he may have some of the best instincts in the state in the way he attacks the ball.

Last Ranking: N/A

Highest Ranking: 24

Lowest Ranking: 24

25. Nasir Kemper

Breakdown: A very unique athlete, Kemper is big and long but has a little more agility than you expect to see from his frame. Where he'll play in college is going to be an interesting question. Can he shine at receiver? Yeah. Running back? Sure. Could he be even better on the defensive side of the ball? Quite possibly.

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Highest Ranking: 25

Lowest Ranking: 25

26. Caden Hendren

Breakdown: One of the state's really promising prospects that should be getting more attention than he already is. Hendren has length and is more physical than one might expect. The question for him is can he fill out his frame like he needs to?

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Highest Ranking: 26

Lowest Ranking: 26

27. Garret Humann

Breakdown: Humann, like so many Jaguars products of years gone by, plays the game with unstoppable violence. He locks onto a defender and drives them down the field. Humann wants to play in a phone booth but when he does, he's tough to deny.

Last Ranking: N/A

Highest Ranking: 27

Lowest Ranking: 27

28. Darian Davis

Breakdown: Davis is something of the forgotten man on an extremely fast and talented Muskogee defense. He's also a guy that we'd like to see more of as he could move up considerably over time. He's a rangy linebacker who is surprisingly physical between the tackles.

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Highest Ranking: 28

Lowest Ranking: 28

29. Zach Wertzberger

Breakdown: Another product at offensive tackle that is a bit too long and lean right now but one that, given time to fill out and get serious in the gym, could really develop over time.

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Highest Ranking: 29

Lowest Ranking: 29

30. Owen Ostroski

Breakdown: While this list has plenty of developmental prospects, it's going to be hard to find many that are more physically ready than Ostroski. An absolute weight room terror, Ostroski, the son of former Tulsa and Buffalo Bill offensive lineman Jerry.

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Highest Ranking: 30

Lowest Ranking: 30

31. Luke McEndoo

Breakdown: If you're looking for a fun tape to watch, McEndoo might be at the top of the list. He is a guy that is very physical at the point of attack and just buries one defender after another. It's hard not to think every running back in the state wishes he was leading the way for them.

Last Ranking: N/A

Highest Ranking: 31

Lowest Ranking: 31

32. Sherod Davis

Breakdown: Davis is another guy who is a lot of fun to watch on tape. He doesn't have the game-changing speed but he catches the ball well down the field and is really tough to bring down when he has the ball in his hands.

Last Ranking: N/A

Highest Ranking: 32

Lowest Ranking: 32

33. Kevin Greene

Breakdown: Another Del City prospect that makes the list that has a great frame and does a nice job using his hands to keep blockers away from his body. Greene isn't a player likely to be an elite pass rusher up the middle but has the body to hold up and be a strong run defender.

Last Ranking: N/A

Highest Ranking: 33

Lowest Ranking: 33

34. Lennard Kuhl

Breakdown: Kuhl, a German native, is an outstanding talent who, like some others listed, could be in line for a move up the list. Kuhl has length and some natural speed to challenge vertically. While he might also draw some attention on defense tight end feels like his brightest future.

Last Ranking: N/A

Highest Ranking: 34

Lowest Ranking: 34

35. Ben Harris

Breakdown: It's so cliche and silly but man when you've got this kind of winning track record you've got to give something for just being a gamer. But that's dismissive of Harris' ability. He is a guy who has some athleticism and is a natural playmaker both on the ground and in the passing game.

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Highest Ranking: 35

Lowest Ranking: 35