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New No. 1 in OKPreps

Oklahoma's class of 2023 has been one of the more wild rides to see with prospects who have already flipped their commitment at the top, an elite move in, and several top players seeking their home outside of their home state. All of this makes for one of the more intriguing classes in recent memory and after great debate here's our final edition of the 2023 Sooner State Rankings.

1. Jacobe Johnson


Breakdown: As a freshman and sophomore there was a feeling of 'when it all comes together' around Johnson. Well, in 2021, that qualifier fell by the wayside. As a junior he had over 1,000 yards receiving, 13 touchdowns, and an interception on the defensive side of the ball. As a senior Johnson put together another huge year but it was his performance at the Under Armour All-American game that pushed him to the top. He handled elite athletes well and standing side by side with the nation's elite defensive backs, he looked the part.

Last Ranking: 3 (8/23/2022)

Highest Ranking: 1 (2/16/2023)

Lowest Ranking: 3 (8/23/2022)

2. Bai Jobe

Breakdown: Jobe is one of the most intriguing guys on the list to try and rank. From a pure upside standpoint, there's probably no one who could reach his kind of heights. His unbelievable athleticism and length are a rare combination. At the same time there was a concern about whether he could add the mass he needed. Seeing him in San Antonio at the All-American Bowl it's clear there is more work to do for him but he has really started to bulk up and maintained the twitch as a pass rusher to potentially be a high end defensive end.

Last Ranking: 6 (8/23/2022)

Highest Ranking: 2 (2/16/2023)

Lowest Ranking: 6 (8/23/2022)

3. Cole Adams

Breakdown: Few players have improved more consistently from year to year than Adams during his time at Owasso. Year over year he has gotten bigger, stronger, and faster and continues to be a player who does a lot to maximize all of his talents. Adams is surprisingly impressive in the air and is a guy that can make plays on special teams as well as at receiver. It was disappointing to see him miss so much of his senior year but his playmaking ability is undisputed.

Last Ranking: 2 (8/23/2022)

Highest Ranking: 2 (8/23/2022)

Lowest Ranking: 3 (2/16/2023)

4. Luke Hasz

Breakdown: Hasz emerged as a potential superstar as just a sophomore. After spending much of his early years focused on basketball he hit the ground running on the football field. Hasz mixes a nice frame with high-end athletic ability and some very natural gifts as a receiver. He's become something of a tweener at a tight end/hback but there's no denying his skillset.

Last Ranking: 1 (8/23/2022)

Highest Ranking: 1 (8/23/2022)

Lowest Ranking: 4 (2/16/2023)

5. Micah Tease

Breakdown: Tease was a guy that seemed like a great player who was still emerging athletically prior to his junior season. But during that junior year and into this spring and summer he has shown off real development and potential on both sides of the ball. As a safety Tease is physical and aggressive. As a receiver he has speed and a great feel for route-running. He seems like a guy who is likely to be successful on either side of the ball.

Last Ranking: 4 (8/23/2022)

Highest Ranking: 4 (8/23/2022)

Lowest Ranking: 5 (2/16/2023)

6. Erik McCarty

Breakdown: Every few years Oklahoma produces a player that is just a flat out football player that simply doesn't get his due. It feels like McCarty is the guy this year. After playing a huge role in carrying his team to back to back 5A state runner up honors, and doing so on both sides of the ball, McCarty was somewhat overlooked at first. But as time wore on more people noticed the physical style he plays with and the versatility he brings. He could feature at linebacker, safety, or running back though it's expected he'll get going on defense in Norman.

Last Ranking: 5 (8/23/2022)

Highest Ranking: 5 (8/23/2022)

Lowest Ranking: 6 (2/16/2023)

7. Dale Miller

Breakdown: Miller arrived in Oklahoma in May and almost immediately it was clear that he was one of the state's best prospects. Miller is incredibly fluid with his change of direction and shows a great feel for reading receivers. He's got a chance to greatly exceed this ranking.

Last Ranking: 7 (8/23/2022)

Highest Ranking: 7 (2/16/2023)

Lowest Ranking: 7 (2/16/2023)

8. Eric Fields

Breakdown: Fields is one of my prouder moments in this class. I've been a fan of his tape since he was a sophomore for the Tigers but it just never seemed to happen for him. Then as a senior the tape just became too overwhelming to be ignored and Nebraska may have landed the steal of the in-state class.

Last Ranking: 32 (8/23/2022)

Highest Ranking: 8 (2/16/2023)

Lowest Ranking: 32 (8/23/2022)

9. Taje McCoy

Breakdown: You won't find a more naturally gifted pass rusher in the state than McCoy. He's not the biggest guy in the state but that's about the only knock you can create for the Pirate's latest big-time product. McCoy is twitchy and though it's the pass rush where he really shines he is more physical than some realize. He's just a ton of fun to watch and if he's a bit taller, he's a national top 10 pass rusher.

Last Ranking: 9 (8/23/2022)

Highest Ranking: 9 (2/16/2023)

Lowest Ranking: 9 (2/16/2023)

10. Morgan Pearson

Breakdown: Pearson is just starting to figure out all that he can be in the college game but to be fair, so are most college coaches. Pearson emerged early in his career as a receiver but continued to grow and develop. With that development Pearson has opened up some possibilities as a flex tight end but it's hard not to think of his potential at linebacker with his size and movement skills. That said, as a senior, his tape just really took off, he's a unique talent for sure.

Last Ranking: 12 (8/23/2022)

Highest Ranking: 10 (2/16/2023)

Lowest Ranking: 12 (8/23/2022)

11. Jaedon Foreman

Breakdown: Foreman is one of the state's most under appreciated talents. He's a unique guy who will probably end up on the inside in the college game and with his twitchiness could become a very problematic pass rusher from a three-technique position. Foreman is physical sturdy against the run, he's another that could be underrated, even as a guy pushing the top 10.

Last Ranking: 8 (8/23/2022)

Highest Ranking: 8 (8/23/2022)

Lowest Ranking: 11 (2/16/2023)

12. Bennett Ringleb

Breakdown: Ringleb has had some poor luck with health over the last two seasons but when he's on and playing like he can, he's got every chance to be a quality FBS offensive tackle. Ringleb finishes well and has the size to grow into a quality tackle. He just moves so well and has such a great frame, he could really be key for Kevin Wilson in Tulsa.

Last Ranking: 18 (8/23/2022)

Highest Ranking: 12 (2/16/2023)

Lowest Ranking: 18 (8/23/2022)

13. Taylor Heim

Breakdown: There's a world where this is a massive over rating of Heim just as there is one where it's equally under valuing his potential. Heim is a huge projection play for the Sooners but it's not hard to see what they've bought into with his size and easy athleticism for a player with his length. Heim will need some time to get where he'll need to go but the end of the road, if he can stay the course, has some high end potential.

Last Ranking: N/A

Highest Ranking: 13 (2/16/2023)

Lowest Ranking: 13 (2/16/2023)

14. Cal Swanson

Breakdown: Swanson went overlooked for way too long and it's impressive that Illinois, a rare visitor to Oklahoma recruiting, was able to come to the state and find a quarterback with something to offer. Swanson is a top shelf athlete who is a quality passer that hasn't always gotten to display it for the run heavy Tigers. He's got a chance to really outplay this ranking and there's few things more underrated in this state than his ability to be dynamic in the running game.

Last Ranking: 23 (8/23/2022)

Highest Ranking: 14 (2/16/2023)

Lowest Ranking: 23 (8/23/2022)

15. Jamison Mejia

Breakdown: Mejia was a late riser after playing as a tight end early in his career. But like many who have made the move Mejia flashes some quality athletic ability who gets to the second level very well. It'll be interesting to follow him and see where things go as he is a guy with length and some nastiness in his game.

Last Ranking: N/A

Highest Ranking: 15 (2/16/2023)

Lowest Ranking: 15 (2/16/2023)

16. De'Marion Thomas

Breakdown: It's not every year that Oklahoma produces a big space-eating defensive tackle but that's exactly what the state has in Thomas. He's a big guy but he's also very active and has some quickness to be a troubling pass rusher.

Last Ranking: 10 (8/23/2022)

Highest Ranking: 10 (8/23/2022)

Lowest Ranking: 16 (8/23/2022)

17. Kirk Francis

Breakdown: Even after the Tulsa commitment there are few guys in the state more under appreciated than Francis. As one opposing coach said it 'I think he's the best quarterback to come out of the state in the last few years'. Francis has nice touch and easy velocity, a rare combination. Don't be surprised if he sets the world on fire at Skelly.

Last Ranking: N/A

Highest Ranking: 17 (2/16/2023)

Lowest Ranking: 17 (2/16/2023)

18. Markell Johnson

Breakdown: Another intriguing prospect that has a lot of positional versatility. Johnson is a guy who figures to flourish and really burst onto the recruiting scene during his senior year as more people become familiar with his skills. Johnson could play receiver, outside linebacker, or even as something of an overhang safety. He's physical and has great length to develop into a difference maker.

Last Ranking: 13 (8/23/2022)

Highest Ranking: 13 (8/23/2022)

Lowest Ranking: 18 (2/16/2023)

19. Jonathan Ashford

Breakdown: Ashford is one of the most improved players in the state over the last few years. He felt a bit hard done by the Covid year that slowed his physical development. Bu the came back in 2021 and looked like an entirely different player. He's a good athlete who plays with some nastiness and can be a real finisher.

Last Ranking: 11 (8/23/2022)

Highest Ranking: 11 (8/23/2022)

Lowest Ranking: 19 (2/16/2023)

20. Jakobe Sanders

Breakdown: Sanders has been a known quantity since he was a freshman for the Pioneers. Every year he's developed not only as a player but also as with his frame and just continues to get bigger and stronger. At the Owasso team camp last summer he could be seen taking on the state's best defensive tackles and standing toe to toe. Given time he'll be another good in-state blocker for Mike Gundy and co.

Last Ranking: 21 (8/23/2022)

Highest Ranking: 20 (2/16/2023)

Lowest Ranking: 21 (8/23/2022)

21. Dietrich Moore

Breakdown: As simply as it can be put, you won't find a better pure football player than Moore. Name the way you want a linebacker to impact the game and Moore does it. He's incredibly athletic and has as natural feel for the game of any player in the state. North Texas made a bet on his athletic ability and figures to enjoy another Oklahoma standout before long.

Last Ranking: 14 (8/23/2022)

Highest Ranking: 14 (8/23/2022)

Lowest Ranking: 21 (2/16/2023)

22. Kanijal Thomas

Breakdown: The best pure cover corner in the state and one of the best the state has produced in quite a while. Thomas uses his length very well and can turn and run with most any he comes up with. He may feature as a nickelback in the future but the bottom line is he's one of the safer bets to become a quality power 5 starter in this class.

Last Ranking: 17 (8/23/2022)

Highest Ranking: 17 (8/23/2022)

Lowest Ranking: 22 (2/16/2023)

23. Ta'Shawn James

Breakdown: James is a guy that the Titans staff has raved about since early in his career. The real question is where he may fit into the college game. And there's little argument that Iowa State's three-safety look may be as tailor-made for him as any scheme in the country.

Last Ranking: 28 (8/23/2022)

Highest Ranking: 23 (2/16/2023)

Lowest Ranking: 28 (8/23/2022)

24. Kaden Stanton

Breakdown: Stanton was a player that you heard a lot about early as one of the state's biggest guys even as a sophomore. But his sophomore and junior years, while solid, on tape didn't show some of the high end potential that some had anticipated. But as a senior he made a big jump on film and looked great both getting into space as well as finishing blocks. Look out for him to develop into a guard that may play best with his frame and length. Regardless of position he's got a chance to be another good evaluation in Oklahoma.

Last Ranking: N/A

Highest Ranking: 24 (2/16/2023)

Lowest Ranking: 24 (2/16/2023)

25. Tykie Andrews

Breakdown: Andrews has been very productive for the Plainsmen and made some big plays as a senior. He's one of those guys who does everything well but may not have that one thing that truly separates him from his peers. In those many strengths he's got a chance to be another great find for the Cowboys.

Last Ranking: N/A

Highest Ranking: 25 (2/16/2023)

Lowest Ranking: 25 (2/16/2023)

26. Jalyn Stanford

Breakdown: Stanford has been such an impactful player for the Trojans that he's made a real impact both offensively and defensively. He's a well put-together prospect who lives around the ball. He figures as a strong safety or jack-of-all-trades type of running back going forward.

Last Ranking: 16 (8/23/2022)

Highest Ranking: 16 (8/23/2022)

Lowest Ranking: 26 (2/16/2023)

27. R.J. Jackson

Breakdown: Jackson is a bit of a tweener positionally but he'll be a player that can move around and make plays at a number of positions if he needs to. He's got a solid frame that could see him turn into a defensive end.

Last Ranking: 19 (8/23/2022)

Highest Ranking: 19 (8/23/2022)

Lowest Ranking: 27 (2/16/2023)

28. Steele Wasel

Breakdown: Wasel has an engine that runs hot, and while it's something that will have to even out in college, the thing that gets lost is just what a competitive young guy he is. He's a quarterback that will fight and scrap for every yard and simply wants to win every single snap he's on the field.

Last Ranking: 20 (8/23/2022)

Highest Ranking: 20 (8/23/2022)

Lowest Ranking: 28 (2/16/2023)

29. Andrew Heinig

Breakdown: Heinig is an active defensive end that plays with physicality and is a standout in the running game. It will be interesting to see how his frame develops after choosing the Sooners over a long-time commitment to BYU.

Last Ranking: N/A

Highest Ranking: 29 (2/15/2023)

Lowest Ranking: 29 (2/16/2023)

30. Dylan Hasz

Breakdown: It probably hasn't always been easy for Hasz at Bixby. He's been a playmaker since he was a sophomore but has, at times, been overlooked by some of the more well known Spartans stars. But for those paying attention it's never been a question of whether or not Hasz would be a FBS player. Hasz works well in space, is incredibly intuitive, and is physical at the point of attack. He'll be a guy who gets everything out of himself in Fayetteville.

Last Ranking: 22 (8/23/2022)

Highest Ranking: 22 (8/23/2022)

Lowest Ranking: 30 (2/16/2023)

31. Devin Robinson

Breakdown: Something about Tulsa going to Union and finding a quality player that some others had overlooked just feels right. Robinson has nice size and is a very complete player that figures to only get better and better as he hits a college weight program.

Last Ranking: 24 (8/23/2022)

Highest Ranking: 24 (8/23/2022)

Lowest Ranking: 31 (2/16/2023)

32. Camden Crooks

Breakdown: Crooks is a guy that it seems like too many people were slow to get moving on. He's a big-time playmaker and seems equally adept making plays vertically as working on the shorter stuff and finding yardage after the catch.

Last Ranking: N/A

Highest Ranking: 32 (2/16/2023)

Lowest Ranking: 32 (2/16/2023)

33. Landon Zaldivar

Breakdown: The latest line of Jenks offensive lineman who come along and emerge a bit later than their peers. But regardless Zaldivar brings size and, like many Trojans before him, a strong technical side of the game. He'll help a future program earlier than some.

Last Ranking: 15 (8/23/2022)

Highest Ranking: 15 (8/23/2022)

Lowest Ranking: 33 (2/16/2023)

34. Rickey Hunt

Breakdown: Hunt is a do-it-all guy for Millwood and has been a big part of the Falcons success over the past few years. For whatever reason he's never quite gotten his due but with his body type and ability in the open field he's got a chance to be a good one in the MAC.

Last Ranking: 26 (8/23/2022)

Highest Ranking: 26 (8/23/2022)

Lowest Ranking: 34 (2/16/2023)

35. Keegan Bass

Breakdown: One of the state's most explosive playmakers, Bass has the feel of a guy who is going to find the right college home and surprise people that he wasn't more of a recruiting option. His short area quickness and ability to stretch the field make for a dangerous slot receiver.

Last Ranking: 27 (8/23/2022)

Highest Ranking: 27 (8/23/2022)

Lowest Ranking: 35 (2/16/2023)

36. DeAngelo Irvin

Breakdown: A late find for UNLV, a staff with a lot of Oklahoma connections, Irvin has a easy change of direction and some real speed to get down the field. Irvin has some good coverage skills and solid size, he can be a good one under Barry Odom.

Last Ranking: N/A

Highest Ranking: 36 (2/16/2023)

Lowest Ranking: 36 (2/16/2023)

37. Blaze Berlowitz

Breakdown: Berlowitz has been putting up some big numbers for Cushing for some time and New Mexico State couldn't help but take notice. He throws the ball down the field well and has some ability to move his feet as needed.

Last Ranking: N/A

Highest Ranking: 37 (2/16/2023)

Lowest Ranking: 37 (2/16/2023)

38. D.J. McKinney

Breakdown: McKinney has been a revelation since he moved over to Tulsa Union with numerous coaches raving about his performance as soon as he arrived Union Tuttle stadium. McKinney is a complete back who does a great job as a receiver and has the speed to punish any team who can't rally to tackle him. He's got a chance to make a move up this list in a hurry but frankly we just want to see some more.

Last Ranking: 29 (8/23/2022)

Highest Ranking: 29 (8/23/2022)

Lowest Ranking: 38 (2/16/2023)

39. Clint Campbell

Breakdown: An incredibly physical running back, Campbell is one who could move to a different position in the college game but he fits what the Naval Academy wants to do with his versatility and general toughness.

Last Ranking: N/A

Highest Ranking: 39 (2/16/2023)

Lowest Ranking: 39 (2/16/2023)

40. Jake Moore

Breakdown: Another big and long athlete from the Sooner State that has a lot of room for growth. Moore shows good speed and the ability to change direction. His best football should be in front of him.

Last Ranking: N/A

Highest Ranking: 40 (2/15/2023)

Lowest Ranking: 40 (2/16/2023)

41. Kaden Jones

Breakdown: Jones is another player on this list that one can't help but wonder if was impacted more by the 2020 season's oddities than most. After really emerging as a freshman Jones showed flashes of real potential his sophomore year but it felt like his junior year was the moment it started to come back together. He's raw and still learning but frames like his aren't easy to find.

Last Ranking: 25 (8/23/2022)

Highest Ranking: 25 (8/23/2022)

Lowest Ranking: 41 (2/16/2023)

42. Emmanuel Crawford

Breakdown: You may struggle to find a bigger home run hitter in-state than Crawford in the 2023 class. He's done nothing but make plays for Grove in the last few years and though there hasn't been a lot of attention so far that feels like something that can change as his senior year moves along.

Last Ranking: 31 (8/23/2022)

Highest Ranking: 31 (8/23/2022)

Lowest Ranking: 42 (2/16/2023)

43. Brandon Harper

Breakdown: Every year there are a few Oklahoma guys that you just keep waiting to take off and Harper seems like one who could do so. He's a natural playmaker that figures to find a home with some of the programs that tend to be patient with Oklahoma recruiting that will only be helped by his work ethic and ever-improving skillset.

Last Ranking: 34 (8/23/2022)

Highest Ranking: 34 (8/23/2022)

Lowest Ranking: 43 (2/16/2023)

44. Grayson Tempest

Breakdown: Tempest is a steadying force at wide receiver who does a great job working over the middle and finding plays for the Union offense. He's got a chance to be one of those chain-moving receivers that drives defenses crazy.

Last Ranking: N/A

Highest Ranking: 44 (2/16/2023)

Lowest Ranking: 44 (2/16/2023)

45. Chapman McKown

Breakdown: McKown is not a guy that's tough to break down. He may not be the biggest guy but he's got plenty of speed and agility. McKown is already headed to Oklahoma and it will be interesting to see how the Sooners use the all-purpose back who really can do a bit of everything on the side of the ball.

Last Ranking: 35 (8/23/2022)

Highest Ranking: 35 (8/23/2022)

Lowest Ranking: 45 (2/16/2023)