Offer Equals a Commitment

Look up legacy in the dictionary and one of the definitions you will find is: Something handed down from an ancestor or a predecessor or from the past.
Drive to Keller (Texas) Fossil Ridge High School and you will find just that.
A Sooner legacy.

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Meet 6-foot-3, 260-pound defensive tackle Aaron Curry.
In attendance with his father, Aaron Curry, Sr., the younger Curry watched on as head coach Bob Stoops and his Sooners opened up spring football under the shadows Gaylord Family-Oklahoma Memorial Stadium.
In hopes of one day landing the offer that could put him on track to do what so many in his family have done before him.
Attend the University of Oklahoma.
"My mom went there and my Dad played there and my oldest sister was a football trainer and my other sister is a trainer there right now she's a freshman. She came out and was talking to me and watching practice too," Curry said.
"I saw the campus and the practice facility and I saw the locker room for the first time which was pretty nice."
It was also during his trip to Norman that Curry was able to chat with defensive tackles coach Jackie Shipp as well as Sooners defensive coordinator Brent Venables.
"Yeah I talked to him. He was looking at me and said I look bigger in person. He just told me he was going to come to my high school sometime in May to see me practice and that he would then let me know after he has an opportunity to come down and watch me practice," he explained.
"I didn't talk to coach Venables too much but he asked me about how it's going at Fossil Ridge and I was like it's good Spring practice is good. But he had to get back to his players."
Coming off a second-team all-district selection a year ago as a junior. The Sooner legacy will return to Fossil Ridge where he will throw the shot put for the Panthers while also going through spring practice.
"We aren't in the full pads but we're lifting weights and going outside and doing 'stations'. I really need to get stronger and my footwork needs to improve so I'm working on that this spring," Curry said.
"I've only been to one meet so far but I placed fifth there."
As for where the Oklahoma coaching staff sees the talented pass rusher is yet to be determined.
"For me it doesn't matter. I don't know how good I would be at the nose tackle but at the three technique or at the five that would pretty much be where I would be good at because I like to rush the passer and contain and everything," he admitted.
But for now Curry, whose lone offer stands from Kansas State, will remain focused and patient as he awaits what he hopes is an offer from the school he's grown up watching. Could he jump on the offer as soon as he gets it?
"All of my family went there. I'm a Sooner, I would probably commit as soon as they offered just to have a commit up. But I also don't know yet because Kansas State has offered and I'm still trying to see what I can get," he stated
"Oregon's been sending me letters as well as New Mexico, Missouri, and Baylor so I'm just happy I've been getting letters from them."
Along with the second-team all-district selection Curry recorded 68 tackles and 4 sacks in 2010 and he will also be in attendance at the Nike Training Combine April 10 in Fort Worth at Texas Christian University.
He also hopes to make it back to Norman for the Sooners spring game a week later.
"Yeah I'm going to try and get back up there. I really want to go to that one."