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OU Camp Hot 11: Offense

Oklahoma's camp season, four days of elite prospects from around the country showing up to Norman over the past two weeks, has come to an end. Now it's time to take stock of the best of the best to hit campus in that time. We'll start with the top 11 offensive players the Scoop staff had a chance to see.

1. Keyon Brown

What We Saw: Brown was one of the biggest unknowns on this list coming into camp, in fact until he arrived he was a name most hardly knew. However it took about 3 snaps of his work at receiver to realize he was a special talent that Oklahoma was bound to offer. They did so and within a few days Brown had become the class of 2023's most recent commitment. His size and speed make for an intriguing combination and are an indication of Oklahoma's focus in the Southeast continuing to payoff.

2. Dakorien Moore

What We Saw: Moore saved the best for last and made a real case to be the top man on this list. Moore was absolutely dominant on the final camp - Saturday June 11. He flashed speed and an easy ability to create separation to make him a guy that looks like a near lock for, at least, high four-star status before too long.

3. Jackson Arnold

What We Saw: Arnold didn't exactly camp like everyone else but he threw for everyone to see and there's little to find fault with. Arnold showed great touch and accuracy on a variety of throws at various depths. The Sooner commitment also just looked the part of a guy buying into his role making a point to shake hands and talk with a number of the high-end prospects who were arriving to Norman on Friday.

4. Michael Van Buren

What We Saw: Van Buren was a guy that we weren't aware was coming but it didn't take long watching him throw to realize that he was a guy that Jeff Lebby and the Sooners could get very serious about. He's a quality athlete who looks natural both from the pocket as well as when he was rolling out and getting to the edge.

5. Casey Poe

What We Saw: It wasn't a camp loaded with offensive linemen but Poe was an easy choice to put on this list. Not only for his ability as a blocker but his versatility at the position. He took reps at tackle, guard, and center - something he said he'd never done before - and looked capable of handing the numerous types of defensive lineman with different pass rush styles.

6. Riley Wormley

What We Saw: Wormley was one of two running backs we just did not get to see as much of as we had hoped to but after picking up an offer from Demarco Murray we feel pretty confident that what we didn't see was just as impressive as what we did. Wormley is a guy that continues to fill out his frame but has plenty of room to grow and be an every down type.

7. Taylor Tatum

What We Saw: Tatum was more of the same to follow Wormley, the two guys that we just didn't see as much as we'd hoped to. Still though it's not hard to see what Murray and co. are seeing, Tatum has a big frame and hails from a program that has long been good to the Sooners with the likes of Malcolm Kelly and Trent Williams both familiar with the term 'Lobo up' in Longview.

8. Davon Mitchell

What We Saw: A guy that we were as familiar with as just about anyone we saw in the two weeks was Mitchell. Even for such a young player he is well known already in the recruiting world. And it came as no surprise when the Sooners made him a quick offer. He's got tremendous natural ability and has a chance to be one of the nation's best tight ends in the very near future.

9. Andrew Marsh

What We Saw: Another young 2025 receiver from a talent-rich area. Marsh was outstanding and showed as much feel for the position as any young guy in recent memory. And while he was always a guy smiling and having a good time when going through reps Marsh was locked in and showed the kind of concentration that made it clear he saw the trip to Norman as a business trip. But beyond all of that Marsh has great length and potentially elite hands.

10. Semaj Pierre

What We Saw: Even Pierre will know that he isn't the guy that walks into Oklahoma's indoor facility and has everyone ready to see him go to work. But there's no denying that he put on an absolute show and made one catch after another, like the one below, that showed off not only how smooth he is but elite eye-hand coordination where these over the shoulder catches became routine.

11. Nate Kibble

What We Saw: Kibble is another guy that is a bit undersized but there's no denying his skill as a blocker. He worked at tackle as well as guard and won the vast majority of his reps including some impressive battles with Nigel Smith. Kibble has nice feet and finishes extremely well.

Honorable Mention:

Grady Adamson, Daniel Cruz, Ashton Funk, and Isaac Wilson.

Each and every one of this foursome are flat out too good to not to be listed above.

Adamson shows flashes of being an absolute power five quarterback that figures to rapidly emerge over the next six months. Cruz and Funk are high-power five offensive lineman that are better athletes than they get credit for but are physically dominant prospects. Wilson was one that impressed the entire Scoop staff tremendously during the final session of camp with his touch on one deep ball after another.