OU picks up 6-5 WR in Jeffery Mead

Shortly after Tulsa Union tight end, Carson Meier committed to Oklahoma May 22, talk started surfacing his teammate, and close friend Jeffery Mead, could follow in his footsteps. Earlier today that talk became reality as the 6-foot-5, 179-pound, Rivals.com three-star prospect committed to Oklahoma.
"Just looking at everything, Carson Meier is my close, best friend and when he committed I was like, 'Man we're committing together'. That was a real big deal. My whole family and my friends all grew up rooting for OU. So it's kind of cool knowing the people you grew up with are going to be watching you. You are on the team that they always rooted for," Mead explained of the reasons why he was ready to shut down his recruiting process.

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video by Eddie Radosevich
Mead was on the phone with OU wide receivers coach Jay Norvell this afternoon and the thought of committing was circling around in his head. But he quickly decided it was time to become a part of the Sooners' 2014 class.
"I actually called him and I was on the phone with him and I wasn't sure if I was going to do it," said Mead. "I was feeling it but I was like, 'I don't know.' As I was on the phone I was going back and forth on if I should commit or not and then I just went ahead and committed."
Once Mead let Norvell know he was committing, one of Oklahoma's top recruiters was overwhelmed with emotions.
"He freaked out," described Mead of the moment.
With the addition of Mead, the Sooners have secured two 6-foot-5 wide receivers. Mead joins La Mirado, Calif., native Dallis Todd in this 2014 class and it sounds if another receiver is taken it will be in the slot.
"I think there is room for one more, maybe. I'm sure I completed it (outside receivers). I think they are looking for another tight end," he said.
Leading up to his commitment Mead said there were other schools in the running, including Oklahoma State, Texas A&M, LSU, California, Arkansas and TCU. But with childhood memories of family cheers for Oklahoma in his head, it pushed the Sooners over the top.
"For a while everyone was on the same playing field, not very many stood out," Mead began. "I have some schools that were higher on the list but they were still on the same leve. Just the fact of my family (rooting for Oklahoma) growing up, my dad flipping out whenever they were watching an OU game (after they) fumbled or scored a touchdown and my mom yelling in a different room - overall with everything put together, most of the people I know are OU fans. Nothing about the school turned me off or against them, so it was good."
As far as Mead's future position coach goes; he thinks highly of Norvell's ability as a coach but also liked the fact that the two are 'like-minded' people.
"Almost everything about him," he started about what he likes about Norvell. "I know he can get guys to the NFL. He's a good coach. I feel like he has good morals, so it's good to set yourself up with people like-minded because if you are like-minded they will take care of you and help."
When it comes to what it is he can bring to the table in the Sooners' offense, Mead talked about his height as well as his ability to stretch the field.
"I mean of course height. A deep threat, when I run deep it's going to open up underneath for smaller guys to run. The defense sometimes they might have to accommodate me for being 6-foot-6 compared to 5-foot-9 or 5-foot-10. So I feel like I can help a lot for the deep ball and just open things up for other guys," Mead specified.
Now that he is committed would the Union pass catcher say that he is 100-percent done with the process or will he still look at other options?
"I'm probably done," he said.
With his senior year approaching Mead says he is looking to win a state championship in football, basketball and baseball.