Perine Checks on states Latest Construction

With all of the chaos surrounding the commitment of Joe Mixon it's safe to say that some had let long-time Sooner commitment Samaje Perine slip their mind. However it seems that some of his future teammates aren't likely to forget him after getting a look at the 6-foot, 230-pound running back.
Joining the hordes of analysts who have seen him this season the numerous visitors on campus last weekend mistook him for an older player.
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"My host was Dannon Cavil, that was my host but all of the guys kind of showed me around. I saw (Charles) Tapper, I saw Sterling (Shepard), I saw (Frank) Shannon. I saw Zack (Sanchez) and a lot of the guys. They were excited to see me again," Perine said. "Everybody remembered who I was (from earlier trips to Norman) and some of the recruits thought that I was already there and thought that I was a sophomore or junior.
"I just got a chance to hang around with the players and talk with them and some more of the recruits. I also talked with some of the coaches and went up there just to have a good time."
That time with his future teammates was spent largely while at Bob Stoops' house on Friday night as well as a trip to Oklahoma City to eat at KD's. So was there one that was more impressive to the nation's No. 13 running back?
"You know to be honest, I think coach Stoops' house is a little bit bigger but that's just my opinion, I don't think I've ever seen a house that big," he chuckled.
Perhaps above all of his fellow class of 2014 recruits Perine was, understandably, anxious to be around some of his future blockers. Of Oklahoma's four current offensive line commitments, three were on campus last weekend and spent a little time around a few of them.
"I got a chance to meet some of the offensive lineman that were there, Alex (Dalton) is a great guy and I can't wait to run behind him and Jonathan Alvarez, those are two great guys," he said. "[Joseph Paul], he is pretty big, but he was talking about how big I was and I don't get that.
"I mean he is like 6-foot-5 and he's 300-something pounds. He's talking about a running back that is 5-foot-11, 240-pounds."
While the trio of offensive linemen, like most that play their position, will need some time to develop Perine could play a near immediate role. And apparently that's exactly what he expects to happen.
"That was kind of the early conversation, that's what they told me early on because coach [Cale Gundy] was straight forward. He said that I was going to have to work hard and compete every day but if I do what I have to do that I could get some playing time. I respect that; most of these coaches say 'you're going to play for sure'."
One player that could impact his chances to play as a freshman is the previously mentioned five-star from California. However that never slowed him from helping to recruit Mixon via Twitter.
"It's great competition and it gives us an advantage in the backfield with myself, Joe, Keith (Ford), and Alex (Ross) who are already there. We are going to have fresh legs and that's going to be pretty to hard to deal with."
So in the end was there any one thing that stood out to him about his time in Norman?
"I think it would have to be the family aspect, no matter where you were, people trying to help you with everything. There were always people trying to go somewhere with you, there was always a group. You could always go to people if you need something."
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