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PODCAST: Questions surround Sooners as OU/TX approaches

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Carey and Eddie have sobered up after the drunken podcast over the weekend. Now it's time to preview OU/TX. Well, actually there's still plenty of talk about the loss to Iowa State. We examine what's going on inside the program and how the players and coaches are dealing with the crushing loss to the Cyclones. Do these guys know who they are right now? Will they ever get it back together and be the team that beat Ohio State on the road? What is going to happen this weekend down in Dallas? Lot's of questions still need answers.

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The rundown follows below:

OPEN - We recap the drunken podcast (director's commentary)

0.04:00 - With a few days of reflection we give our thoughts on the defense

0.07:23 - How Lincoln Riley is handling his first loss as a head coach

0.11:40 - How Mike Stoops is handling the loss as the defensive coordinator

0.15:50 - Questioning the leadership defensively

0.25:35 - Are we starting to see the transition from Stoops to Riley show some cracks?

0.29:00 - The defense craters and the older players are most to blame

0.34:52 - What's going to happen in Dallas?

0.41:30 - Jordan Thomas

0.46:10 - Does this team know they are as bad as they are playing?

0.52:00 - The Red River Rivalry and recruiting momentum

0.54:48 - The recruiting battles between OU and Texas

0.56:56 - OU's loss in front of Josh Proctor

1.09:14 - Ratings and Reviews time

1.14:49 - Eddie has no interests outside of sports. Except for Lauren Chamberlain.

1.17:56 - Josh gives a prediction for OU/TX