The staff give their full breakdown of everything they saw during the Oklahoma spring game. Recruiting makes its return
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PODCAST: Reviewing the spring game, official visits are coming

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The entire gang is back to discuss our takeaways from the annual Red & White Game. Caleb Williams, Spencer Rattler, Mario Williams, Eric Gray, the offensive line, the secondary, the LBs, the standouts, we break it all down in this super sized Unofficial 40. We also hit on recruits at the game and what it means now that official visits are getting ready to start. ChampUBBQ will have some elite attendees. Josh updates us on the latest from the recruiting trail while Bob is here to update on everything that has happened with Porter Moser and the men's basketball program. It's a massive edition of the Unofficial 40!

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The full rundown follows below:

00:00 - Welcome back. Oklahoma wins spring game.

47:27 - NFL Draft

1:17:00 - Recruiting/Spring Game/OU about to go on a run?

1:35:00 - Hoops/Porter Moser