Reynolds knows his role heading into 2010

Have you heard the Oklahoma Sooners are looking for a No. 2 receiver to complement Ryan Broyles heading into the 2010 season? Yeah, so have all the receivers on the Sooners' roster. Media caught up with Jaz Reynolds on Friday during OU's Media Day to talk about that very subject. Reynolds also gave another bold prediction about the future of Roy Finch.
Q: Jaz, if you there was one question the squad needs to answer before fall ends, what would it be?
Jaz Reynolds: Oh it has to be the receivers relationship with Landry (Jones). We have to step up this year. Last year was not pretty. We were pretty young last season, and really Ryan (Broyles) was the only one who showed up in every game. This year we really need two guys, other than Ryan, to bring their game week in and week out if we're going to compete for titles.
Q: Other than Broyles last year, none of you guys had started. Now, a year later, there's a couple of you guys who got some valuable playing time. How do you feel today as opposed to a year ago?
Reynolds: A lot different. Coming to school this year, I know my role. It's also different once you play a season to see how Coach Wilson calls games. For instance, I know that if we have to have a possession catch, it's more than likely going to Ryan (Broyles). If we have a second-and-short, then they're likely going to target Djuan Miller and now I know if they're looking to go deep then they need me to be ready.
It's just a lot different knowing what's expected of you as opposed to coming in here and not knowing what your role is. Also, last year I was fighting for a job. Technically, everyone is still fighting for their job other than Ryan, but we know what we have to do to get on the field.
Q: You guys start out at No. 8 in the coach's poll this year. However, there's a pretty respected publication that has predicted you guys to win the national title. Does that come as a surprise that someone would have you guys winning it all despite coming off an 8-5 season and despite losing the stars you lost?
Reynolds: Someone has us No. 1?
Q: Correct.
Reynolds: (Laughing) Wow, I didn't know that. Well, I guess it's nice to know that someone out there wants us to win I guess. But other than that, you can't put much stock into that kind of stuff. I'm more worried about getting on the field this year rather than what you guys have us picked at.
Q: Was there something you were anxious to see in yesterday's first practice?
Reynolds: Reynolds: The new freshmen defensive backs. (Laughing) The new meat. No I'm kidding. There are so many of them out there though, I was interested to see what they looked like.
Q: Was there a first-year guy you were anxious to see?
Reynolds: Well from a wide receiver stand point it was Kenny Stills. He had such a good spring game that I'm really interested to see how he improves during the fall and up to the season opener. But as far as the team goes, I was really impressed watching that little running back, Roy Finch run.
Roy…you better watch that kid now. He's quick, he's lightning quick. Yesterday in practice he was making ridiculous cuts and making veteran guys look foolish out there. Roy's going to get some touches this year and he's going to be really good.
Q: You mentioned Kenny Stills though. After getting a chance to see him in the spring game, are you excited at what he brings to the table?
Reynolds: Oh yeah. He's fast, so he's a deep threat along with me. He's going to be a future star here, there's no doubt about that.