Roberts Gets Offer, Puts Sooner in Top Five

As of late Oklahoma's offers have been rolling out along the lines but that doesn't mean that Mike Stoops has fallen asleep on the need for more quality talent in the Sooners secondary. Interestingly though Stoops has brought in reinforcements to help find aid according to Oklahoma's most recent offer Jermaine Roberts of New Orleans St. Augustine.

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It'd been generally known for some time that Bobby Jack Wright had moved back to the defensive backfield after spending the last three seasons as defensive ends coach. However the 5-foot-10, 175-pound prospect was the first on record recruit to discuss the situation.
"My first time hearing from (Oklahoma) was today," Roberts said. "They had me call them from my coaches phone, coach Bobby Jack Wright, I just talked to him, I'm supposed to talk to the head coach today.
"He said he is coaching the defensive backs and that he is going to work with me and I can return kicks."
While for Sooner fans the news may be Wright's new role for Roberts it was the offer itself.
"I didn't know they were going to offer me, but my coach did and he didn't want to tell me, they've been kind of new the last few weeks. I had no idea but he said they'd been talking to him for a few weeks now."
Regardless of the position, Wright's knack in the recruiting game is well known and according to Roberts a positive impression was made.
"He was telling me about the school and how great it is and a lot of people they've sent to the league and how it's a great school. I liked hearing about the alumni in the NFL," he said.
Like so many of his classmates Roberts has the dream of playing in the NFL but says it will be much more than just players in the NFL that will help him make his decision.
"A school that can take care of me, you know, a school I can feel safe at, playing time is going to come eventually, but it might not come right off the bat, but I know I can play my freshman year on special teams or something. Really it's just a place that I'm comfortable at," he said.
"I'm not really worried about location or guys I know being there, it's just the coaches and how I feel."
Though Oklahoma offered and Roberts is set to visit Alabama this weekend for the Tide's junior day he says that the Sooners are already in his top five and that they will have time to make up any time they may have lost to schools who've offered him previously.
"I have a top five right now, but I'm still wide open. Right now it's Texas, Alabama, Texas A&M, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma State," he said. "I'm still going to wait things out even if I see some really good options."