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Rolin Surprisingly Familiar with Oklahoma

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Through Oklahoma's recent years of recruiting they've done a good job finding players with connections to the state of Oklahoma, most notably current Sooner running back Roy Finch. And while it's probably a reach to say that Ashburn (Va.) Briar Woods outside linebacker Matt Rolin has a connection to the state, he certainly is familiar with the program.
That's because the three-star prospect actually grew up in Dallas and would have attended Texas powerhouse Southlake Carroll if not for moving to Virginia just before his freshman year.
"Actually I was born in Chicago but I transferred from SLC, I went to middle school there and moved right at the beginning of my freshman year and ended up at Briar Woods," Rolin said. "I spent about three years in Dallas, I really liked it."
"In Texas, there are a lot of Oklahoma fans, you're either an Oklahoma fan or a Texas fan. Oklahoma has a great program, great tradition, great players like Adrian Peterson. They've always been one of those top programs. I like what they have to offer."
And offer they have when Tim Kish had a chance to speak with Rolin recently.
"He told me that they were offering me a scholarship and that they really wanted me at Oklahoma and that he thought that I could come and play real early. He was saying he wasn't going to just not start me because I was young," he explained. "Coach said if I was best, I'd start at linebacker and thought I could fit in real well with what they do.
"He seemed like a real good guy, real honest, and got straight to the point. He was saying he sees me as an outside linebacker."
Rolin says he has no preference on playing inside or outside and though Rolin had previously narrowed his list to 12 he says that new offers from Oklahoma and Notre Dame have extended the list to 14 as he heads into trying to further narrow the field.
Though he doesn't anticipate taking any more trips this spring or summer he does think that he'll get to Norman this year.
"I don't think I'm taking any more visits for right now. I've been to a lot of schools, so right now I don't think I'll take anymore visits this spring or summer and then take my official visits," he said. "I'm thinking places a bit farther from home."
Places like Oklahoma?
"That's what I'm thinking," Rolin admitted. "I'll definitely be considering Oklahoma, they are one of the favorite offers I have."
Rolin says that as more offers come in the decision seems to get tougher and tougher by the day, though unlike many players he doesn't provide lip service to programs he has no particular interest in. And as more offers come in, he and his father have a system in place to figure out what could be the best fit for him.
"It's real tough, I star thinking am I going to be happy if I go there, but also there are schools like Colorado, UCONN, I couldn't see myself going there," he said. "I think I might be going somewhere warmer, just stuff like that and playing time. A lot of schools tell me I'm going to be playing early, don't get me wrong I don't expect to be handed a spot. I'd like to be worked into the system.
"My dad has a spreadsheet of who has offered me, how many guys they have at linebacker, how many they are graduating, how many they are recruiting, and how many they signed last year, and with that you know who is lying but so far none."