Scoop HD: Highlights from Stoops OU-TX presser

Bob Stoops had some really interesting comments on Tuesday during his weekly press conference. SoonerScoop.com's Eddie Radosevich edited it all up for your viewing pleasure.
In part one of Stoops' weekly press conference, he talks about what the OU-TX rivalry meant to fallen teammate Austin Box, where the duo of Ryan Broyles and Kenny Stills fit in during Stoops tenure, his favorite moments over the years from the Red River Rivalry and the funniest things he remembers about the hatred between OU and Texas.
Stoops also says he'll wear a 'Beat Texas' hat if Nike sends him one.

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In part two of Stoops' weekly press conference highlights, the OU head coach talks about the matchup with the University of Texas and his thoughts on Mack Brown's assertion that all the pressure is on Oklahoma.