SCOOP HD: Russell Sooner or Later

SAN ANTONIO - Recruiting can be tough to follow from year to year but with the ever changing rules, and the fine print within them - it becomes almost impossible to grasp all that can take place. One little known rule is that junior college players who sign early - in the December prior to their January enrollment - and don't end up making it in for the following spring semester they are then an open recruitment yet again.

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Such a situation arose this year for Oklahoma when Athens (Texas) Trinity Valley C.C. three-star defensive tackle Quincy Russell committed, and signed, with Oklahoma back on Dec. 19 only to find out that he came in a few credits short and would graduate in May rather than December.
It figured not to matter as Russell had already seen most of the schools he would be involved with and his special relationship with Jackie Shipp, dating back to Russell's initial recruitment from San Antonio Sam Houston, would be near impossible for anyone to top.
That was before Feb. 12 when the Sooners let go of Shipp, who had been with the program since Bob Stoops first year in Norman.
And that's when things were thrown into question.
Shipp has since been hired at Arizona State and has wasted little time trying to turn the rule to his advantage by talking with Russell frequently and working to, perhaps, get him for a visit to Tempe, Ariz.
With all this being said, where do the Sooners stand? After a workout session, with several former NFL players living in the area, SCOOPHD caught up with Russell, after having a chance to watch him go through one of his workouts, to see what has happened as of late with his first public comments in over four months.
Where are things with Jerry Montgomery as the two try and get familiar?
Could he visit Tempe to see Shipp? How about a return trip to Norman?
Video By: Eddie Radosevich
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