Scoop HD: Stoops on injuries, FSU

Bob Stoops and the Sooners get ready to turn the page after a big win over Florida State this weekend. But Monday questions still centered around injuries and the remains of a season-defining win against the Seminoles.
Q: Were you guys able to get Jarvis Jones back today?
Bob Stoops: Yeah. Jarvis is practicing today and we expect him to be able to play. He's really worked hard. Jarvis has done really an awesome job rehabbing and fortunately he must be a quick healer and he hasn't had any set backs so he really felt good and took some snaps last week but doctors feel by the end of the week he'll be ready to play.
Q: Does he go right back into the starting line up?
Stoops: No probably not. But we'll see we will let the coaches judge that.
Q: Does that mean you'll have three tackles for Saturday or two?
Stoops: C'mon guys you know who's on the roster. Daryl (Williams) is probably ready to play this week so I don't know then there's three you got Tyrus (Thompson) also so you know how many we got. They're all available to play.
Q: Casey Walker and David King ok today?
Stoops: Yeah they practiced. Guys come in and out of games it's not a big deal.
Q: What about Travis Lewis?
Stoops: He'll be ready to play. We'll rest him some he didn't do much today but he doesn't need to.
Q: Looking back are you still a little surprised he came back that quickly?
Stoops: Very. Well I didn't realize when I saw him limping last week he later said that was more his Achilles and from just not being in the boot he said it was more just getting loosened back up than it was his toe which I didn't realize.
Q: And looking at it on film?
Stoops: He did great. He said he was a little tired early but that is natural everybody is going full speed and you hadn't done that in awhile and then he said after that he felt great.
Q: Bob he looks like the second coming of Peyton Manning out there the way the he is directing traffic. Could you talk about the communication with the guys and how that changes the game?
Stoops: Yeah he's a very bright guy and of course being in our system for as long as he has I kiddingly today we gave him an award for the game and said it was the 'assistant coach on the field' you know he's like that. And just how hard he works at mental preparation and then getting everyone lined up and to be honest it took a load off of Tom (Wort) and Tom has a huge game and I think it allows him to relax and feed off of Travis and relax and play. So I think it worked really well.
Q: These days and times do you know if they are able to give him pain anything or is he past that type of thing as far as are they able to shoot him up with anything?
Stoops: Oh I don't know whatever doctors do. Whatever they do they are allowed to do but no he didn't have anything that I know of. But in today's world I think they are cautious with that but if it's something they know that cannot get any worse it's just going to be comforting and they don't feel that whatever the injury is it isn't susceptible to getting worse because of the action.
Q: Is he wearing anything to protect it?
Stoops: Just what he did last week a little some type of orthodic. Last week he wore some type of little orthodic whatever it is I don't know.
Q: Talking on Javon Harris:
Stoops: He had a huge game. And that's not the only time I've seen a guy go up for an interception and he's thinking he has it and doesn't realize the other guy wants to make an adjustment to the ball and cuts him off from it. So I promise you I've seen that ten times in my coaching career so it's just one of those he'll learn from it and he was in great position he's just got to attack the ball more and the other plays he played really well. Big hits, interceptions… he was one of our co-players of the game he and Tom Wort.
Q: Javon wasn't the only guy in the country that got a flag for I guess targeting above the head there were several other games on Saturday where that got called. Is that something you all have to kind of reinforce?
Stoops: Yeah but it's kind of hard in the heat of the moment they were all just breaking to kind of do what they could to get to the ball in time and just happened to be there.
Q: Bob the Board of Regents announced a three year extension for you today doesn't look like they are going to let you get out of here anytime soon.
Stoops: Oh really I didn't even realize that so that's great. I appreciate it and I'm always grateful I guess that means your being appreciated and people think your doing a good job and so thankful for it and always feel lucky being here.
Q: Was Ryan Broyles sick Saturday?
Stoops: Yeah he was throwing (up) mostly through all of the morning. If it was food poisoning it would have been… usually that's immediate and at night so I think for whatever he had a bad bug and threw up really all day and fortunately got it together for the game.
Q: Were you worried he might not at some point?
Stoops: Oh no sense in worrying about it. If he can play he can if he can't, he can't. The doctors did a good job and got some IV's in him and he's a guy you're going to have to have him in the hospital not to play.