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Scoop HD: Stoops talks personnel

Oklahoma gets set for their annual Red & White Game April 14, and has less than two weeks remaining on their spring practice schedule. Bob Stoops met with the media for the first time since spring practices began March 5, and talked about developments up and down the roster.
Video by Eddie Radosevich
Stoops on the backup QBs: "They're doing well. It's kinda day-to-day. Drew and Blake are making the biggest jumps. Kendal is coming along. Those guys are coming along and getting better all the time. You get a little bit everything in practice. They'll get their stretches when they're doing well and then a play pops up that they have to learn from. That's why you keep putting them out there.
Stoops on if Blake Bell is working some at tight end: Not really, No. He did early in the camp because of those young tight ends - those new guys - we're still figuring it out, but no, not really.
Stoops on Lane Johnson's move to left tackle: It's not a big deal I don't think. To me that move was just about some experience. He's kicking one leg back instead of the other. He's pretty ambidextrous. I don't think it's gonna hurt. I think it's been pretty easy for him.
Stoops on replacing Jamell Fleming as a starting cornerback: Lamar Harris continues to do a good job. He and Joe Powell continue to get the most action there. They're doing well with it. Julian Wilson has looked good. The safeties, overall, have done a really good job. There's always an opportunity to put Aaron Colvin there as well. He's not going right now. Kass Everett has done a really good job in the short time he's been here. He shows promise.
Stoops on Gabe Lynn's move to safety: He's playing safety and nickel. He's done well with it. We've been very pleased with how he's coming along.
Stoops on Javon Harris: He's doing a nice job. He's making improvement. He's been in better position and made more plays. Hopefully, that will continue to happen.
Stoops on Chaz Nelson: He's doing a nice job. It's just hard for me to remember everybody. He's making steady and good progress. He's a guy we really like. He's doing well.
Stoops on Trey Millard: He's the slash. I was thinking that today. He's a tight end, at h-back, at tailback, at fullback. I don't know how he remembers, but he does. It's funny, even the new guys - Mike and Tim Kish - they've made the statement on more than one occasion that he may be the best player on the team. He's a just great athlete that can do so many things.
Stoops on Dominique Whaley's recovery: It's been very encouraging. I don't know how to quantify it, but he continues to improve.
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