SCOOP HD: Whats to Come for Sooner Commits

Though the class is a long way from done, SCOOP HD brings you an exclusive first hand look at Oklahoma's 2013 recruiting class as it stands just a few hours more than six weeks from National Signing Day. We've put together a full-length collaboration for you all to enjoy as we look at film from the spring, summer, and especially the football season of each of Oklahoma's commitments. Below, editor Josh McCuistion will also take a look at what each commit brings to the table and when you might see them shining on Owen field.
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Video Done By: Eddie Radosevich
Dominique Alexander - For me the question on Alexander will be where he will fit in. In my mind, there is little doubt he'll be a quality player for Oklahoma and a multi-year starter. The question is where will he play, something tells me he could end up as a dynamite SAM linebacker as he is much bigger in frame than many have been led to believe. I think he'll need a redshirt year and then ease into some playing time in the 2014 season but with his blend of size and speed don't be shocked if he is tough to keep off the field on special teams even next year. ETA: 2013
Jed Barnett - Barnett will battle it out with 2012 grayshirt Jack Steed. I won't pretend to have all the insight into what can, or will, happen at punter but Barnett looks to have plenty of talent and immediately gives Oklahoma another quality option in the kicking game. ETA: 2013
Austin Bennett - A smaller slot receiver with good hands and the ability to work in space, stop me if you've heard this before. Bennett isn't a guy that always wows you but he is incredibly steady and just has a knack for the position that stems somewhat from being a coach's son. He'll need a year to redshirt to get bigger and stronger but expect to be a bit surprised when you see his burst, Bennett has more athleticism than most realize. ETA: mid-2014
Hatari Byrd - Byrd is a guy who could potentially fight his way into some playing time early on as he has the great physical presence to make one thing he can hold up early on. I'd have to think the Sooners would prefer to give him a year to get comfortable at safety but Byrd is another guy who may be tough to keep off the field with his physicality and ability to make tackles in space. ETA: 2014
Christian Daimler - Daimler has some natural tools but perhaps the best thing about him is the realization that he knows the areas he'll need to work on before those tools can fully come to the forefront. Daimler moves well laterally and is actually pretty sound in getting his hands to defenders but once he gets bigger and stronger he'll be able to make more usage of that hand placement and leverage. Give him a few years but don't be surprised if Daimler develops into a quality player. ETA: 2015
Matt Dimon - I've said from the start that I'd bet money that Dimon can't be redshirted next year. Oklahoma needs the help at defensive end and he is a guy that has the strength, leverage, and overall ability to be the same kind of nightmare in college that he was in high school. Dimon will keep any offensive tackle on his toes and I'll mark it as a surprise if he doesn't find some way to help the team immediately. ETA: 2013
Jordan Evans - Evans is such a unique blend of an athlete it's, like several other players in his class, tough to not only know when he may fit into the Sooners plans but where. Evans could grow into a scary defensive end and edge pass rusher or could stick at linebacker and emerge at the WILL in the mold of players like Pasha Jackson of years past. Either way, this will be a player that many look back on and wonder how so many schools could have missed on him. ETA: 2014
Keith Ford - I watch him and can't even shake the idea of current Oklahoma State standout Jeremy Smith. Both are physical, love contact and are just intense competitors. Ford will likely spend a year in redshirt with all of the talent already in Norman but it wouldn't shock anyone if he found a way to get on the field as some type of specialist for the Sooner offense. ETA: 2014
Kerrick Huggins - Huggins, like every high school defensive tackle, will need a year to get bigger and stronger and considering his frame is one that is already long and lean there will have to be some patience with him. However, when it all comes together Huggins has the elite athleticism to be a difference maker. ETA: mid-2014
Jordan Mastrogiovanni - Mastrogiovanni is the type of linebacker that the Sooners haven't had in several years with his blend of frame and physicality. It's not that Oklahoma hasn't had one or the other but the three-star linebacker seems well equipped to handle some of the power offense that are starting to tilt the balance in the other direction after years of spread offenses have put lighter front sevens around the Big 12. With the emergence of Frank Shannon he'll have some time to develop but keep an eye on him. ETA: mid-2014
Ogbonnia Okoronkwo - I'm a big fan of this guy and have been for a while, he is explosive off the edge and much, much stronger than most would suspect. If he was some kind of third-down specialist early on it wouldn't surprise me for a second. However, he'll probably need to add some weight and bulk up a bit in his upper body. Again though, if he is playing as a true freshman, don't say I didn't warn you. ETA: 2014
Quincy Russell - Russell is a guy who has always possessed a lot of talent and when it flashes, it really flashes however the few times the Scoop staff has seen him those flashes of brilliance have been too few and far between. I fully expect him to get into the rotation early on and could have a college career similar to that of another junior college defensive tackle signing, Remi Ayodele. However, if Russell can be near his max snap in and snap out he could go well beyond that. ETA: 2013
Jordan Smallwood - Every year there is an Oklahoma guy that goes overlooked and then he arrives on campus the Sooner staff falls in love with him and simply can't keep him off the field. It's a tough bet to make considering all the young talent currently at wide receiver but if there was a guy who fits the bill it's the talented Trojan. Smallwood is more physically impressive than many college receivers and though he isn't a player based on the speed game he is more than able to create separation for himself. I'd bet he redshirts, but I'm not confident. ETA: mid-2014
Josiah St.John - St. John just looks the part of an Oklahoma offensive lineman, he is a great talent who does a nice job moving around but is lean in his frame and will continue to naturally getting bigger and stronger. I think the dream would be to let him redshirt but I'm not sure it'll be possible and may depend on the development of former defensive end Nathan Hughes. If Hughes can play the role of the No. 4 offensive tackle and injuries can be fought off, a year of redshirt for St. John could be pivotal to his development. ETA: 2013
Stanvon Taylor - Another in-state guy that it's going to be tough to keep off the field. Taylor does a bit of everything and is the kind of guy coaches love working with. Add to that his impressive quickness and physicality and you've got a good start for quality cornerback. However, it's a position he is still learning and incredibly raw at. Give him time and Taylor will develop into one of the conference's better corners in my opinion - but again, patience will be required. ETA: mid-2014
Ahmad Thomas - Though not enough people know about Thoams he is undoubtedly a quality player with a lot of upside. His big frame and ability to work out in space are hallmarks of the best Mike Stoops safeties of years gone by. A year of redshirt is almost always preferred and I'm betting that's how this plays out but don't be surprised if Oklahoma runs him out early, as they did with Gary Simon this year, to see if he can surprise. ETA: mid-2014
Cody Thomas - Thomas is one of the more special talents at quarterback that I can recall Oklahoma being involved with. Though he isn't an elite runner he is more than capable with his feet. He'll need a couple of years before he is ready to go as his growth will be tough not to be slightly slowed by his participation with the Oklahoma baseball team each spring and summer. However, his blend of arm talent and athletic ability will be really tough to keep off the field. ETA: 2015
D.J. Ward - Ward is one of the few in this class who will have the advantage of enrolling early and going through winter workouts and spring practices before summer workouts and practices. That being said, he'll need some time to develop and continue to develop moves and possibly even to shake off some of the rust of a year spent away from the game after all of his transfer troubles. Ward has more talent than he sometimes gets credit for but his work ethic will make him an early contributor from this class. ETA: 2014