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SCOOPHD: A New Kind of Fullback

SAN ANTONIO - For months and months there had been questions about where Oklahoma was going to go it's search to replace outgoing All-American fullback Trey Millard. For even longer there seemed to be no answer in sight but then, earlier this month, Oklahoma got serious about San Antonio Churchill three-star athlete Dimitri Flowers and within days of their offer to the 6-foot-3, 219-prospect, he accepted his scholarship.
Video By: Eddie Radosevich
Many have watched highlight film of Flowers catching touchdown passes and making play after play in space and the question quickly has become can Flowers do the things Millard can?
After watching Churchill's season-ending 42-14 loss to Converse Judson, SoonerScoop.com's question may be could Millard do all the things that Flowers is capable of?
That's no slight at Millard who has established himself as arguably the best to ever play the position at Oklahoma but his talents are simply quite different than Flowers.
Where Millard is a physical run blocker used to coming from the backfield and lead-blocking for runners Flowers is still learning to become a dominant blocker but like Millard has the athleticism to get to his block and generally against Judson did a nice job keeping his feet in motion at contact.
Where Millard is a solid receiver who could fulfill much of what was asked of him in the passing game Flowers is a weapon who can stretch down the seam in a role very similar to that of a tight end. Flowers seems something like a cross of a Millard and former Sooner James Hanna; and nowhere is that cross more evident than in the passing game.
One area where they do share a more distinct similarity is that both are very able runners out of the backfield and though there was no sign of Millard's patented hurdle Flowers made plays not only taking handoffs but also as Churchill's primary return man.
Flowers will grow to physically look more and more like Millard as he fills out during his college years and though he'll almost undoubtedly go about things in a different manner than his predecessor his dynamic ability could make him a unique weapon for the Sooners. He'll need to learn to be a more complete blocker to match Millard's impressive ability but has the ability to be a difference maker for Oklahoma.
*Another interesting prospect to keep an eye on from the game is Judson 2015 offensive lineman Abdul Beecham. The big man starred at right tackle for the Rockets but will shift inside in the college game. Beecham has good feet and pulls well; he'll be a natural fit picking up linebackers in the college game.