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Sooner Commits Shine on Tape

Oklahoma's commitment list just truly got things going over the last weekend, though many more are waiting for this week to get things started. In a new feature, that still needs a good name, will take a look at the HUDL film of several Sooner commitments each week and see just how things are progressing for the Future Sooners. Each week, as tape is available, we'll go over the work of each player's prior game.

As mentioned, it wasn't a full slate of games so we'll go with the few Sooners who are already underway and have accessible video.

Thoughts: Davis is a player I'll admit I've always been a bit back and forth about, particularly after speaking to some locals who aren't sure about his size holding up in the college game. And while this tape doesn't exactly answer that question it does say a lot about his footwork and natural ability in coverage. Vertically he does a great job flipping his hips and working on receiver's inside hip. It not only shows fluidity but his speed to easily stick with a receiver as capable as the group from Hyattsville (Mary.) DeMatha.

Thoughts: Well it's no surprise that this week's Future Sooners MVP had a big week and his first clip explains so much of his game - speed for days. But watch his third run, at the :40-second mark, he runs over a defender and breaks through a few tackles before going out of bounce. He is seen as a 'scat back' type but there is more to his game than simply being explosive.

Thoughts: Perkins, Oklahoma's lone current linebacker commitment, is already into his second game of the year and it shows up on his first clip with Perkins not only showing a great job working down the line with the back but also using textbook form with a shoulder in the running back's stomach. In the second he dodges some traffic before making another nice tackle for loss. Perkins is an intriguing guy as he is highly productive but isn't always glamorous in the way he gets things done, he'll be enjoyable to watch as the year goes on.

Thoughts: Well first off it's not hard to think of the applications of Washington blitzing from the short corner, something Mike Stoops has always enjoyed doing. The reality that Oakland plays Washington at both receiver and punt return man - where he had a nice return for touchdown - speaks to his athleticism, particularly at a program that produces a lot of quality talent.

The thing that really sticks out on tape is Washington's size and just how well he moves for a guy of his size.

(So it has to be noted that this was from a week before but as this is the first part of the story, we'll call it fair for this week's purposes.)