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Sooner State Shakeup

Oklahoma's class of 2018 is a star-studded group that seems to keep adding more and more offers as well as more notoriety. After SoonerScoop.com logged nearly 7,500 miles traveling to see the state's top targets it's time to update our Sooner State Rankings for the 2018 class. And while No. 1 has remained the same the competition at the top is becoming as fierce as any year in recent memories.

Initial State Ranking - Jan. 11, 2017

1. Brey Walker

Thoughts: The Oklahoma commitment was a near shoe-in for the state's top spot with his massive frame and natural ability. The scary part for Walker's opponents is that, as of yet, he still hasn't reached his potential and is just scratching the surface of the player he could become if he can become the physical mauler that his talent, and wrestling background, says he can be.

Last Ranking: 1

Highest: 1 (1/11/17)

Lowest: 1 (1/11/17)

2. Josh Proctor

Thoughts: Proctor missed almost all of his junior season but had already shown so much that it's hard to worry about it too much. The talented and rangy safety is an explosive athlete, who also stars for the Rams in basketball, that was also playing quarterback for Owasso. We've seen him twice this spring and he looks back to speed already - a dangerous reality for quarterbacks and receivers across the state.

Last Ranking: 3

Highest: 2 (6/28/17)

Lowest: 3 (1/11/17)

3. Jalen Redmond

Thoughts: In the first ranking's release we made it clear that Redmond had as much change for upward movement as any player in the state. Well, for every month that has passed Redmond has moved up a spot in the rankings. The highly-talented prospect looks like the light is finally going on as he is increasingly comfortable with his responsibilities in the Bombers defense. There is little doubt for those that were on hand that it was Redmond who stole the show at the Mustang team camp.

Last Ranking: 8

Highest: 3 (6/28/17)

Lowest: 8 (1/11/17)

4. Ron Tatum

Thoughts: Tatum is one of the later emerging stars of this class but defensive linemen with his size and athleticism don't fall off trees. The thing that developed for Tatum once he moved from Putnam City North to Putnam City is a bit more comfort in being physical. He is a player that many will be anxious to see, mainly in how he fares as a senior with the last real hill to cross in his game - consistency.

Last Ranking: 4

Highest: 4 (6/28/17)

Lowest: 4 (6/28/17)

5. C.J. Moore

Thoughts: Moore is the next in line of Union's seemingly never-ending procession of major FBS products. Moore is a long and lean wide receiver with game-breaking speed and a huge catch radius. At times Moore has struggled with catching the ball but his physical tools and big moments on the field say this is probably an issue with concentration more than any over-riding problem.

Last Ranking: 2

Highest: 2 (1/11/17)

Lowest: 5 (6/28/17)

6. Casey Thompson

Thoughts: Thompson was one of the first stars of the class but has been a bit quiet over the last six months. But that's not to say he didn't put together, yet another, strong season for Southmoore. However, he has now dropped down several levels to rejoin his former Southmoore offensive coordinator Jeff Brickman - Newcastle's new head coach.

Last Ranking: 5

Highest: 5 (1/11/17)

Lowest: 6 (6/28/17)

7. Patrick Fields

Thoughts: One of the most under appreciated players in the state Fields has such a great feel for his role in a defense and is willing to be physical but can also make play after play in the passing game. Fields is a player that is surprisingly comfortable in man pass coverage but also has the ability to come up and be physical in run support.

Last Ranking: 6

Highest: 6 (1/11/17)

Lowest: 7 (6/28/17)

8. Owen Condon

Thoughts: Condon is yet another massive Oklahoma City area offensive tackle that has loads of potential but, like many guys with such big frames, took a while to grow into his frame. If what we saw at the Mustang Team Camp is an indication, that growth is finally coming together. Condon looked much more natural than we'd ever seen him sliding his feet and working in pass protection. Georgia may have gotten a real steal.

Last Ranking: 22

Highest: 8 (6/28/17)

Lowest: 22 (1/11/17)

9. Bryce Bray

Thoughts: One of SoonerScoop.com's favorites for quite some time now Bray is an absolute technician on the offensive line. Another strength of his game is that he could work as a tackle but could also slide inside and be the physical, phonebooth, type of player that could work as a pulling guard. And this year it seems that Bray was finally ready to go to the place most expected and dominated multiple elite competitions.

Last Ranking: 9

Highest: 9 (6/28/17)

Lowest: 9 (6/28/17)

10. Anthony Goodlow

Thoughts: Not a guy that had many talking coming into the spring, other than those who simply saw the scary measurables. But as the spring wore on it became clear that Goodlow wasn't a guy that just looked good on the roster sheet but a guy who has some real upside. He plays safety for the Eagles but as time goes on he'll slide to outside linebacker and maybe even defensive end. His athleticism could be scary at that spot.

Last Ranking: N/A

Highest: 10 (6/28/17)

Lowest: 10 (6/28/17)

11. Israel Antwine

Thoughts: A player that we liked on tape as a sophomore but after seeing him at the Kansas City Rivals Camp no one was quite sure what to make of his game. Then Antwine put together another huge season as a junior and has the look of a player that will garner plenty of attention. Antwine blew up this spring and when you see him in person it's not hard to figure why - few players in the state are more well sculpted.

Last Ranking: 25

Highest: 11 (6/28/17)

Lowest: 25 (1/11/17)

12. Wayne Jones

Thoughts: Few players made a bigger move forward as a junior than the Owasso star. As a sophomore Jones, at times, looked a little stiff and upright but looked more fluid as a junior and showed more ability in pass defense. One thing Jones never struggled with was the ability to play in run defense and be a physical presence on the back end of a defense.

Last Ranking: 10

Highest: 10 (1/11/17)

Lowest: 12 (6/28/17)

13. Jordan Kelley

Thoughts: Few defensive linemen in the state in recent years flash as often as Kelley but too often the flashes are met with long silent interims. The big man can be a high-level recruit if he can show that his potential is something that he can consistently reach. Thanks to his frame and natural athletic ability there is plenty of promise for Kelley and that's what this ranking is buying into somewhat after seeing him in person this spring and signs that he may finally reach the consistency that many have waited for.

Last Ranking: 27

Highest: 13 (6/28/17)

Lowest: 27 (1/11/17)

14. Jason Taylor

Thoughts: Another guy from East Oklahoma City that most weren't talking about when the initial rankings came out. Taylor is an interesting prospect that depending on scheme could fit into several different roles at the college level.

Last Ranking: N/A

Highest: 14 (6/28/17)

Lowest: 14 (6/28/17)

15. Jacob Farrell

Thoughts: This one is all about potential. Farrell is a guy still feeling his way out on the football field but players with his size and athleticism don't come along every day. Oklahoma State is starting with a raw ball of clay here but if they can be patient with his progress he could turn into another really strong evaluation by Josh Henson in his career recruiting Oklahoma.

Last Ranking: N/A

Highest: 15 (6/28/17)

Lowest: 15 (6/28/17)

16. Sean Shaw

Thoughts: This year Jones won their first state title and Shaw was a big part of it. The big receiver has a huge catch radius and with his size is natural at high-pointing the ball. Shaw isn't a guy with elite speed but it seems that sometimes he gets knocked too much for his top end gear. In time he can be a very steady receiver and it's frankly surprising that he hasn't gotten more attention.

Last Ranking: 7

Highest: 7 (1/11/17)

Lowest: 16 (6/28/17)

17. Nigel Brannon

Thoughts: Brannon is easily one of the state's most physically imposing prospects and as a junior his production began to, somewhat, match his potential. The latest in the growing line of John Marshall products Brannon is a player that we had felt for some time, if he would shed some of his bad weight, could truly emerge as a difference maker. Well this spring that seemed to start to happen, or at least Brannon started carrying it better. He'll play guard in college but could turn into a good one.

Last Ranking: 21

Highest: 17 (6/28/17)

Lowest: 21 (1/11/17)

18. Isaac Beverley

Thoughts: The Eagles had a noticeable lack of elite talent the last few years but look ready to clear that up with Beverly. He is a physical prospect who could work almost anywhere in the defensive backfield. He is a long and rangy defensive back who looks natural in coverage but is also extremely violent when he can find the play in front of him.

Last Ranking: 16

Highest: 16 (1/11/17)

Lowest: 18 (6/28/17)

19. Hunter Anthony

Thoughts: Another massive offensive lineman in this breakdown. Anthony showed real growth as a junior as his feet began to look more like a FBS prospect. The immense lineman is likely to slide inside in the college game and if those feet continue to progress could be a mauler as a blocker.

Last Ranking: 30

Highest: 19 (6/28/17)

Lowest: 30 (1/11/17)

20. Nikia Jones

Thoughts: Jones is already one of the state's true superstars after being a key piece of Wagoner's last two state championship teams including scoring the game-winning touchdown in 2015. Jones has a knack for making his biggest plays in the biggest moments and has a great frame to fight off defenders and shield them away from the ball. His feet can be a little awkward at times but he is just too physically impressive to ignore.

Last Ranking: 13

Highest: 13 (1/11/17)

Lowest: 20 (6/28/17)

21. Jason Bell

Thoughts: A player that has surprisingly really stayed under the radar but go check out his tape and you'll find an offensive lineman who can slide his feet and looks natural as a pass blocker. What will be interesting to see with him is how he develops as a run blocker, he'll need to improve his hand placement and overall physicality but there is reason to believe that stuff can handle itself.

Last Ranking: N/A

Highest: 21 (6/28/17)

Lowest: 21 (6/28/17)

22. Rylan McQuarters

Thoughts: That name and that school, it's not a coincidence. There is no question that some have been waiting to see a McQuarters star at Booker T. Washington for roughly two decades. And finally it is Rylan's time and though not the biggest player on the field there is little else that McQuarters could do to be on this list. Return man, playmaking defensive back, offensive multi-weapon. McQuarters' speed and agility are impressive to behold.

Last Ranking: 20

Highest: 20 (1/11/17)

Lowest: 22 (6/28/17)

23. Drake Stoops

Thoughts: Stoops is a player that probably should be higher up this list but the chance to see him against more elite competition this spring was a big builder in confidence - just seeing him work against so many elite defensive backs at the Dallas Rivals camp put to bed a lot of of the questions that have surrounded him. Stoops is a more explosive athlete than he gets credit for with great feet to excel as a receiver.

Last Ranking: 26

Highest: 23 (6/28/17)

Lowest: 26 (1/11/17)

24. Derrick Shaw

Thoughts: I'd be willing to bet I'm as all in on him as anyone can be. Shaw may not have the perfect measurables but I just don't care. I see a guy that is highly disruptive from the inside of the defensive line and if he is a few inches too short - so be it. Shaw is incredibly active and I'll be surprised if any lineman in the state can consistently block him one on one this season.

Last Ranking: N/A

Highest: 24 (6/28/17)

Lowest: 24 (6/28/17)

25. Rusty Rudd

Thoughts: It's not every year that Fort Gibson ends up on the list but Rudd is a receiver worth of attention. He has nice size and shows some ability to separate vertically and as such it's no surprise to see his offer list growing considerably.

Last Ranking: N/A

Highest: 25 (6/28/17)

Lowest: 25 (6/28/17)

26. Cooper Smith

Thoughts: Smith is another offensive linemen - seeing a trend here? - that has great size but, like Farrell, is a guy that is getting used to the football field as he continues to develop as a blocker. That said his length and athleticism is going to be a real draw and frankly it's a bit surprising that he hasn't picked up more attention.

Last Ranking: N/A

Highest: 26 (6/28/17)

Lowest: 26 (6/28/17)

27. TK Wilkerson

Thoughts: Wilkerson is a player that has a great frame and the ability to work in space both offensively and defensively. After having a chance to see him in person it's not hard to see why Tulsa was so early to offer a local standout. Wilkerson worked at running back but his potential at linebacker is still hard to ignore.

Last Ranking: 35

Highest: 27 (6/28/17)

Lowest: 35 (1/11/17)

28. Braeden McLaughlin

Thoughts: One of the pleasant surprises of this list, McLaughlin is your prototypical phonebooth blocker that wants to get his hands on a defender and drive them into the ground. McLaughlin could be a very natural pulling guard at the next level thanks to underrated athleticism.

Last Ranking: 31

Highest: 28 (6/28/17)

Lowest: 31 (1/11/17)

29. Damoriea Vick

Thoughts: Westmoore seems to have a knack for turning out wide receivers and Vick seems to be the next in line on what could be Oklahoma's second-most skilled offensive unit. Vick has the length to high-point passes and good feet for a receiver with such length.

Last Ranking: N/A

Highest: 29 (6/28/17)

Lowest: 29 (6/28/17)

30. Miguel Fulgencio

Thoughts: Fulgencio is another in a line of players in this class of a very similar make and model. He is a hybrid that could be a safety but could also be an outside linebacker in the right scheme. But again he's a player that has the great frame and the ability to work in space and close in the run game.

Last Ranking: 23

Highest: 23 (1/11/17)

Lowest: 30 (6/28/17)

31. Hunter Richard

Thoughts: It's a little bit surprising that a guy with Richard's tape hasn't picked up more attention but he is just the kind of player that Academy programs will love. Richard is physical but can move his feet and should emerge as a quality interior defensive lineman.

Last Ranking: N/A

Highest: 31 (6/28/17)

Lowest: 31 (6/28/17)

32. Adrian Wilson

Thoughts: As a sophomore Wilson was a favorite to be one of the state's top prospects but his junior season saw him have some issues with drops and as a slot receiver few things could be more concerning. That being said Wilson still is an explosive playmaker with the ball in his hands and if he can answer some of those questions he could fly up the list.

Last Ranking: 32

Highest: 32 (6/28/17)

Lowest: 32 (6/28/17)

33. Brendan Mitchell

Thoughts: Mitchell just missed the first list (of 35) but as he posted one impressive track time after another you just couldn't keep him off any longer. Mitchell is still refining his game and is still working to make his game match his impressive physical gifts. But if those two can meet, this ranking will end up looking too low.

Last Ranking: N/A

Highest: 33 (6/28/17)

Lowest: 33 (6/28/17)

34. Morgan Moore

Thoughts: Moore is a player that has been known since he was a freshman at Midwest City but this is the year when the big offensive lineman made the move from a high-caliber athlete to becoming more of a pure football recruit. Moore has started to fill out his frame and his move inside - he'll play center or guard for Texas State - has done wonders for his recruitment.

Last Ranking: N/A

Highest: 34 (6/28/17)

Lowest: 34 (6/28/17)

35. Jason Harris

Thoughts: Harris is a player that SoonerScoop.com had a chance to watch much more closely this spring. Harris is a standout on tape, and in person, but as a pure inside linebacker there are going to be questions about his size. That being said, it's going to hurt his recruitment but someone should take a chance on a guy who will show up on campus and become a three-year starter over many more highly-ranked players. This is an inside linebacker that knows what the job means.

Last Ranking: 34

Highest: 34 (1/11/17)

Lowest: 35 (6/28/17)

36. Josh Owens

Thoughts: Owens is a bit overshadowed on an absolutely loaded Bixby roster but the long snapper and future interior lineman is going to be a good one for the Hurricane. Owens isn't the biggest offensive lineman but he is active and, as mentioned, can also help on special teams.

Last Ranking: N/A

Highest: 36 (6/28/17)

Lowest: 36 (6/28/17)

37. Dezmond Howard

Thoughts: Another player that caught the Scoop staff's eye early on, though it was when Howard as a sophomore at Oklahoma City Centennial. He is a highly active defender that is a bit of a tweener. He'll likely have to play in something of a hybrid role but with his great closing speed and violence on arrival some schools are sure to take a shine to him.

Last Ranking: 11

Highest: 11 (1/11/17)

Lowest: 37 (6/28/17)

38. Devonte Lee

Thoughts: Let's just say this ranking won't win a lot of friends at John Marshall. Lee is, rightly, thought of as one of the program's real treasures. The big and physical back is as fun to watch as any runner to come out of the state in the last decade. He simply plays football the way every coach would want it to be played but at smaller than his listed 5-foot-10 and lacking top end speed there is a question of how his game will translate to the college level.

Last Ranking: N/A

Highest: 38 (6/28/17)

Lowest: 38 (6/28/17)

39. Dalton May

Thoughts: May is a guy who could feature on either side of the ball but looks most natural fighting blockers and working through trash than as a pure receiving tight end - which is where he'd presumably fit on offense at Tulsa.

Last Ranking: N/A

Highest: 39 (6/28/17)

Lowest: 39 (6/28/17)

40. Perry Olsen

Thoughts: Another guy who is in question of just where he'd fit. Olsen will play quarterback for the Millers this year but in his team's option offense, it will be interesting to see how that works out. Obviously he could fit into the same spot for the Naval Academy but if that didn't work out his size and athleticism could take him to linebacker pretty easily.

Last Ranking: N/A

Highest: 40 (6/28/17)

Lowest: 40 (6/28/17)

41. Courtre Alexander

Thoughts: A player that, for some reason, has gone a bit under the radar this year. It's certainly not for attention as he is the fourth Ram on this list and college coaches have flocked to see his pair of safety teammates. Alexander has nice length and can use it to defeat blocks with more physicality than one would expect. He is a guy who has the physical gifts to move up this list.

Last Ranking: N/A

Highest: 41 (6/28/17)

Lowest: 41 (6/28/17)

42. RJ Fisher

Thoughts: Fisher is another player, like Olsen, who could fit at quarterback but unless he also finds the right spot he may have to look into a switch toward an outside linebacker role. But with his speed and ability to close that shouldn't be a problem and, likely, would be his best fit.

Last Ranking: N/A

Highest: 42 (6/28/17)

Lowest: 42 (6/28/17)

43. Dominick Neal

Thoughts: Early on in his career Neal had the look of a cornerback but as time has gone on his frame, and long speed, has lent itself more naturally to the offensive side of the ball. Neal really came on down the stretch for the Wolverines and became one of the state's true big-play receivers in spite of perhaps not being the elite speed guy that many had expected from him early in his career.

Last Ranking: 15

Highest: 15 (1/11/17)

Lowest: 43 (6/28/17)

44. Isaac Stoops

Thoughts: One house, two brothers - in what is a first in memory for the Sooner State Rankings. Isaac has, at times, been overlooked but watching him this spring it seems that is about to come to an end. He's a highly able two-way player that figures to emerge on the offensive side of the ball.

Last Ranking: N/A

Highest: 44 (6/28/17)

Lowest: 44 (6/28/17)

45. James Palmer

Thoughts: Palmer is one of the state's more unique offensive weapons with the ability to help his team as a blocker, as a receiver in space or even as a runner for the Jaguars. Palmer is a multi-faceted weapon that a few years ago might have been overlooked but in the ever-evolving offenses of college football he might find many suitors.

Last Ranking: 14

Highest: 14 (1/11/17)

Lowest: 45 (6/28/17)

46. Doug Collins

Thoughts: The son of former Sooner standout Tink Collins, the younger Collins is a playmaker that had one of the big moments of the 6A-1 playoffs with a huge pick six against Jenks that had the Trojans on the ropes in the second half. Collins, as is becoming a common refrain of this ranking list, is a tweener on defense but with that he blends loads of athleticism with some size.

Last Ranking: 29

Highest: 29 (1/11/17)

Lowest: 46 (6/28/17)

47. Ace Vick

Thoughts: Vick is the latest in the line of defensive backs the Bombers have produced over the last decade. He is a player who has spent a lot of time on the track and is still figuring some things out in the finer points of the game. Keep an eye on Vick he could develop considerably over the next year.

Last Ranking: 24

Highest: 24 (1/11/17)

Lowest: 47 (6/28/17)

48. Braden Spicer

Thoughts: Spicer is the type of linebacker that Union always seems to have, one that causes opposing offensive coordinators to say 'I can't wait for that kid to graduate'. Spicer is one of those linebackers that wakes up in the morning looking for someone to hit and it shows up over and over again on tape. That said, he knows his strengths and plays well to them.

Last Ranking: N/A

Highest: 48 (6/28/17)

Lowest: 48 (6/28/17)

49. Rymond Green

Thoughts: When you look at his junior tape you see an explosive player who is twitchy off the edge and arrives at the ball carrier with bad intentions. Green could move around on this list considerably as we learn more and more.

Last Ranking: N/A

Highest: 18 (1/11/17)

Lowest: 49 (6/28/17)

50. Brody Odom

Thoughts: With a family that is near Oklahoma high school football royalty it's not surprising that Odom has superior instincts. He has grown a bit this off-season checking off one of the big questions that surrounded him. He may pick up some notoriety this year.

Last Ranking: N/A

Highest: 50 (6/28/17)

Lowest: 50 (6/28/17)