Sooner States Best Showing Off in Week Seven

It's getting to be the time of year when the high school playoffs are looking more and more prevalent and with that match-ups are not only getting more important but luckily there are lots of big-time talents meeting up as well. This weekend we'll cover perhaps the state of Oklahoma's top junior and sophomore -arguably Oklahoma's quarterback target in the class- as well as a battle of top Texas juniors in the greater Austin area; one a Sooner legacy and the other a big Sooner fan.
Names To Know: Michael Onuoha, Justice Hansen, Trevan Smith, Corey Lawrence, Dale Jefferson, Khari Harding, Dhaniel Bly
There is no question that any state titles still run through South Tulsa but there is a thought by some that Hansen, like Sam Bradford before him, could be the type of quarterback to help his team overcome some of the roster limitations and variety of other reasons the Trojans and Redskins have owned 6A for creeping up on 20 years. Now there is still a lot to prove for this young team and the Eagles don't figure to match-up that well with one of the West side's top teams but Lawrence is one of the state's most talked about prospects. There have been some questions about his ability to put forth max effort play in and play out but the same people who will doubt his effort will tell you his talent almost makes up for it. As one person familiar with Del City said 'he's the best talent to come through here in a long time'. When you consider the Eagles had two prospects sign with TCU last year, it's no small compliment.
Names To Know: D.J. Ward, Heath Newland, Brandon Dewitt, Demarious Littles, Patrick Diaz, Wilson Chandler, Dajuan Wojciechowski, Brock Byford, Jarion Tudman, Cole Parsons
It's a shame that Newland and Ward are unlikely to face up against each other as both are athletic lineman who do well in space. What will be interesting is to watch Ward go to work on Parsons, probably one of the better offensive tackles he'll face all season. Ward will have to mix up the ways he goes at Parsons who is a guy who is capable of moving his feed but isn't likely to be easily thrown around either. Parsons is a guy who could pick up some late D-1 offers and it'll be a good test to see just where Ward will fall nationally among defensive end. Littles has struggled to stay healthy this year but the guy is just a big play waiting to happen - if his grades can come together he is a BCS-level wide receiver prospect.
Names To Know: Paul Whitmill, Darrell Songy, Michael Egwuagu, Dajon Williams, Eddrick McDonald, Dae Payton, Antwuan Davis, Daniel Hill, John Horne, Trae Bunton
This one has been marked on the calendar for a long time as perhaps two of Oklahoma's most intriguing linebacker prospects in the state of Texas will be hooking up on Friday night. Songy, the son of a former Sooner standout is little known but what little is said about him to date is spoken glowingly. Meanwhile Scoop's earlier attempt to see Whitmill was met with an illness for the highly skilled linebacker. The chance to see him this go around is intriguing as he is eerily reminiscent of current Sooner sophomore starter Corey Nelson. Davis is well-regarded in some circles but was a bit disappointing on the first go around. It will be interesting to see if his health has fully returned after some leg issues hurt him this summer.