Sooners doing things a little different this week

Oklahoma's game week preparations for their road trip to Waco, Texas, is changing. On Monday, media covering the team were alerted that the interview policies, which had been in place since Bob Stoops arrived in Norman, have changed.
Media were sent a short list of players who would be available for interviews this week. The list included seniors Jeremy Beal, Demarco Murray, and Eric Mensik. The list also included juniors Travis Lewis and Ryan Broyles.
In the past, media members were allowed to request any player on the OU roster who has seen action in games. After practice on Monday, Stoops said the change in media policy was his doing.
"We've just got some of the older guys that have been around more to be available," said Stoops who denied he was drawing ranks. "No, it's just that there's sometimes too many guys talking."
Stoops was also asked why team captain and starting quarterback Landry Jones wasn't available to the media this week.
"He's got enough, he's busy. He's got class, he's working and he's got a lot to do," said Stoops of his reasoning for not including Jones. "He's only a sophomore. There's other times we haven't had our quarterback always available.
"It's just what I decided to do. I don't need to explain it. It's just how we're going to do it."
The Sooners might have some other changes in store this week as they prepare to break a string of poor performances on the road this season. But Stoops was just about as mum on those changes as why he decided to control media access this week.
"There may be (changes)," said Stoops. "If there is, I'm not talking about them."
Stoops did give an update on the defensive tackle position on Monday evening.
"(Casey Walker) practiced today so we'll see," said Stoops. "We also used David King in there (at defensive tackle) too, who you know, is a big guy that's moving well and has a chance to help us in there as well."
Walker is expected to return against Baylor, but if he does have a setback during practice this week, the Sooners will rely on Jamarkus McFarland, Stacy McGee and two defensive ends (Pryce Macon and King) playing on the interior against Baylor.
Stoops was also asked about the status of Demarco Murray's "ribs" at the start of the week.
"I didn't say it was his ribs," answered Stoops. "It was on his side and he was set to go back in if we needed him last week."