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Sooners Final Spots in '23

Rivals is currently through it's final Rivals250 rankings update and though position groups, state rankings, and even the moves from three and four-stars will finalize later this week it's time to take a look at the nine prospects Oklahoma has landed in the top 250 players in the country. What did our recruiting editor, Josh McCuistion, think of the final rankings updates after seeing all nine prospects in person over the past month?

Latest Move: Moved Down two Spots from No. 10

Thoughts: Bowen was solid in his week in Orlando but didn't have some of the elite moments of some of his peers. It is a testament to just how impressive a senior year that Bowen had that he pretty much stayed status quo in spite of four players moving into the top 10.

Biggest Question: Unlike a lot of Texas prospects Bowen has a lot of room still left to physically develop which could be seen as either his greatest strength

Where'd I'd Rank Bowen: No. 12

Latest Move: Moved Up 14 spots from No. 35 and picked up a fifth star.

Thoughts: Adebawore is the guy that I feel Rivals is probably the most off on, there's just no other way to put it. Watching him in person twice since September he's as naturally gifted at defensive end as any prospect in the country. He's a top 10 prospect in my eyes and his physical tools are just off the charts.

Biggest Question: How can he fill out his frame? Really that's my biggest question as I think Adebawore has the mindset to put in the work both mentally and physically to be special.

Where'd I'd Rank Adebawore: No. 5

Latest Move: Moved Down 10 Spots from No. 13

Thoughts: I know that this is one that has a lot of Oklahoma fans up in arms and to a point I get it. Arnold dominated at the Elite 11 camp - taking home MVP honors and was the second best quarterback of all-star week behind Dante Moore. Him dropping 10 spots seems a bit extreme based on a solid, if unspectacular, week in Orlando but it's hard to ignore that at various events he had some issues with similar things.

Now, it's fully expected for him to improve upon those things but at the same time it's clear they are potential problems.

Arnold is such an interesting case as the highs are so high it made the few consistent issues seem all the more confusing.

Still, the bottom line is he's seen as a special talent with first round potential someday.

Biggest Question: Can Arnold become more comfortable with a more varied route tree. The stuff he does at Guyer he is as good as you'll find in the country at running but once he steps out of that field, there are times you can tell it's just not comfortable, at least not yet.

The good news? His offense at Guyer and in Norman are from the same design.

Where'd I'd Rank Arnold: No. 19

Latest Move: Moved Down 17 Spots from No. 44

Thoughts: Green's move seems a bit surprising as he had a very solid week in Orlando. Now the idea that he's more of a guard than a tackle could have caused a slight dip in stock. But even that idea isn't written in stone as Green flashed potential at tackle though guard seems his highest ceiling.

Biggest Question: Can he be an elite tackle? It's possible as Green has already developed so much in the last year. Is there more room to grow into that role?

Where'd I'd Rank Green: No. 55

Latest Move: Moved Up 51 spots from No. 132

Thoughts: The All-American Bowl in San Antonio was the Scoop staff's first chance to see Vickers in person and he did not disappoint. He's an incredibly physical defender who has a great frame and the ability to stick to a receiver's inside hip. He's well worth the big move up.

Biggest Question: Vickers has long been seen as a bit of a tweener but in Oklahoma's defense corner should be well within his reach.

Where'd I'd Rank Vickers: No. 75

Latest Move: Moved Down nine Spots from No. 76

Thoughts: A guy whose move down was more about others moving around him than him doing anything wrong in Orlando. In fact he was one of the more outstanding receivers in Orlando on the week. Pettaway flashed speed and the part that really stood out? Just how good his hands are.

Biggest Question: Can he handle the physical style of play he's likely to see in college?

Where'd I'd Rank Pettaway: No. 80

Latest Move: Moved Up 84 spots from No. 200

Thoughts: Omosigho was one of the more quiet national stories to emerge during All-American week(s). The talented defender looked the part physically and used his athleticism to make plays all over the field. He's making a big jump forward and stood toe to toe with some of the country's best linebackers.

Biggest Question: How quickly Omosigho can pick up the Sooners defense? The physical talent is all there for the Texan.

Where'd I'd Rank Omosigho: No. 150

Latest Move: Moved Up 21 spots from No. 158

Thoughts: Carter is something of a tweener but there's just zero denying his innate sense for being around the ball and making plays. He had a solid week in Orlando and flashed some rare intelligence from the position. He's got a chance to be a guy who hits the field early on.

Biggest Question: It really is as simple as where does Carter best fit? There's little doubt he'll be a solid player but if he's more it's going to be because they found the right spot for him.

Where'd I'd Rank Carter: No. 125

Latest Move: Moved Down one spot from No. 227

Thoughts: Johnson is a guy that few recruiting media members had seen before and among those of us who have there was never any doubt that his physical measureables were going to impress people. Johnson, even among the nation's best, looked the part and got a chance to show some of the natural gifts that he so rarely was called to on defense for the Broncos. He still has so much room for development but definitely made a move up in my eyes off the week.

Biggest Question: It's just about Johnson's conviction about playing football. He has a lot of draw, understandably, to basketball but if he's going to live up to his potential - can he do both with all of the time constraints of the two?

Where'd I'd Rank Johnson: No. 175