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Sooners Find More Talent

Oklahoma's summer camps saw 19 new offers roll out in early June but since our last offer list update in May the Sooners have made 48 new offers total. Who are those offers, what has the Sooners excited and should Oklahoma fans be feeling good about the Sooners chance of landing some of their most recent offers?

Take a look as break down each of the 48 new offers.


The Tape: Adams is an elite route runner but his athleticism and dynamic ability in open space rarely ever gets the credit it is due. He's a guy who can shine in the slot or outside.

Oklahoma's Chances: At the time of the offer Adams felt like a coin flip for the Sooners but the more time that passes the better it seems to bode for Oklahoma.

The Tape: Baker feels like a potentially premier offensive tackle thanks to his length and light feet. He's not overly physical at this point but as he fills out his lean frame that part of his game may come naturally.

Oklahoma's Chances: So far Oklahoma and Baker don't have a lot of connection but the Sooners might be able to make a run at the big man.

The Tape: Brentancur is your throw-back tight end who is big and powerful and won't be dragged down by a defensive back. He runs well though and has the look of a potential four-star tight end in the future.

Oklahoma's Chances: Bentancur is already talking about taking a trip to Norman this summer.

The Tape: As you watch Blount you have to keep reminding yourself that he is just a freshman, he's got great length and holds up well at the point of attack.

Oklahoma's Chances: Blount will be a national battle with the elite programs around the country all involved.

The Tape: Breland is still putting it all together but he has a lot of skill and the interesting type of frame that could play in a lot of various roles along the defensive line.

Oklahoma's Chances: Breland seems pretty high on Oklahoma but it's early and Mater Dei has been a tough road for the Sooners.

The Tape: A silky smooth receiver who knows his strengths and plays well to them. He wants to attack vertically and is highly skilled at eating up cushion of defenders.

Oklahoma's Chances: The Sooners seem likely to get an official visit this fall if things don't come together too soon with their receiver classes.

The Tape: Brown looks outstanding and is a foremost user of the football eurostep. He loves to show a defender his lead leg and then violently cut back across his momentum. Brown's size, speed, and quick feet make for an intriguing prospect.

Oklahoma's Chances: Brown spent the matter of a few days debating after his offer before ultimately committing less than a week later.

The Tape: Carter is a player we've seen in person and his power and athleticism are rarely combined so neatly. He's got a chance to push for five-star status in time as he continues to refine his game.

Oklahoma's Chances: Carter has expressed some interest in Oklahoma but their next signee at Mater Dei will be their first. There is a lot of talk of USC with him.

The Tape: Crawford is a bull of a defensive tackle that has a nice first step and the low center of gravity to make him an absolute nightmare for blockers to deal with. As he continues to grow and get better with his hands, he'll be frightening.

Oklahoma's Chances: Crawford is from an area the Sooners clearly have some in-roads with - Alabama - but obviously that's always going to be a hard fought battle.

The Tape: Though King is still working with his hands and becoming more violent at the point of attack, he's incredibly twitchy and can change and redirect to a rare level for a guy so big.

Oklahoma's Chances: Edwards loved his trip to Norman and a return this fall seems possible and maybe even likely.

The Tape: Funk is an offensive tackle who loves to mix it up and wants to finishes every opponent while leaving no doubt. He's a good athlete and has the type of frame who could slide inside or outside.

Oklahoma's Chances: Funk seems very interested in Oklahoma and will be making his first trip up for the Sooners early June elite camps.

The Tape: It doesn't take much of watching Green to see how special he is. He's got real power, plays with a nice pad level and has a big-time first step for a player his size.

Oklahoma's Chances: Green was an offer it felt like the Sooners were a little late to and on Wednesday he committed to Clemson.

The Tape: Griffin is a special, special talent with a great frame and easy explosion. He has the look of a future five-star.

Oklahoma's Chances: Griffin has called Georgia his 'first love' so that may be a lot to overcome for the Sooners and, frankly, anyone else.

The Tape: Harvey is an elite pass rusher with a great first step and the rare ability to turn the corner and dip his shoulder. He's got a chance to be an elite player in 2024.

Oklahoma's Chances: Harvey has already referred to Oklahoma as his 'dream school', something that seems an outstanding sign for the Sooners.

The Tape: Heyward is a big-time athlete who is incredibly dangerous when he has the ball in his hands. He's an interesting player who looks likely to stick at safety but has the tools to play corner if needed.

Oklahoma's Chances: He seems to be focused on the Southeast at the moment but it's still early especially considering Oklahoma's connections in Florida.

The Tape: Hicks is a tough runner who has great vision and the power to break off one tackle after another. He's got a chance to be a very complete back in the college game.

Oklahoma's Chances: Hicks picked up an offer during a late May weekend visit to Norman and the Sooners didn't have to wait long before he jumped on board.

The Tape: Hill is a powerfully built interior defensive lineman who looks suited to be a nose tackle in the future. And though that would lead some to think he can't be a pass rusher he's got quick feet and uses them well to create the space he needs to work.

Oklahoma's Chances: Hill has been thought to be big on the Sooners for quite some time and this offer could push them near the top of his list, though Alabama can't be overlooked.

The Tape: Holmes is an interesting guy that seems to still be developing. But he's got nice reach and does a good job moving his feet around and shuffling in pass pro.

Oklahoma's Chances: Holmes seems fairly open but obviously elite linemen in the Southeast are always tough to gauge.

The Tape: Howard is quite raw in his pass coverage but his size and impressive speed show all the makings of a player who has room to grow far beyond the player he currently is.

Oklahoma's Chances: Howard enjoyed his time in Norman and a return seems completely possible for the Sooners.

The Tape: Hussey is a tremendously talented defensive back but he is one of those guys who just has a rare knack for being around the ball and making plays when he gets there. Tackles for loss, interceptions, stripping the ball loose, you name it, Hussey makes the play.

Oklahoma's Chances: Hussey hasn't had much to say about his Oklahoma offer and his Penn State commitment is meaningful so we'll see where things can develop.

The Tape: Johnson is a big and powerful back who is decisive with his cuts and does a strong job getting upfield. Once he does, his speed is a dangerous weapon.

Oklahoma's Chances: Johnson is one of the youngest players the Sooners have offered to date and with that sort of expectation he figures to be a focus of all the normal powerhouses in Georgia. The Sooners will have their work cut out for them.

The Tape: Keys is a very interesting fit as Oklahoma's outside linebacker/safety type. He's got a natural instinct for pass defense but looks the most comfortable when coming downhill and making plays in the run game.

Oklahoma's Chances: Keys picked up his offer on the first day of Oklahoma's camp and he has already made a return trip. He seems very interested at the moment.

The Tape: Lane's size and speed make for an interesting athlete that just about any defense is going to find a home for. He accelerates with ease and is more than willing to win at the point of attack.

Oklahoma's Chances: Lane loved his trip to Norman and has a plan to return to at some point, perhaps in the fall for an Oklahoma home game.

The Tape: Luman is a pass rusher with an easy change of direction and a good first step. He needs time to develop how he uses his hands but the chance is there for a high-end pass rusher.

Oklahoma's Chances: Luman really enjoyed his visit and the Sooners made a strong first impression.

The Tape: Luman closes well when he sees the ball and he has the length and power in his hands to be a very interesting possibility as a three-technique in the college game.

Oklahoma's Chances: Luman was another of the Miami trio that liked his time in Norman but we'll see where it can go from there.

The Tape: It's almost hard to believe, while watching Marsh, that you're not watching a young clip of Ceedee Lamb. Elite hands, incredibly smooth movements and subtle, but impressive, acceleration. Marsh has a chance to be truly special.

Oklahoma's Chances: Marsh enjoyed his time in Norman and the Sooners figure likely to put in a real chase for him.

The Tape: Mathews has some natural coverage instincts and is great at attacking the ball when it's in the air.

Oklahoma's Chances: After earning an Ohio State offer at a Buckeyes camp he looks likely to head to Columbus.

The Tape: Maxson is a safety who has a great feel for the game and is very natural both near the line of scrimmage as well as running down balls in the air.

Oklahoma's Chances: Maxson loved his first trip to Norman and the Sooners seem a very possible choice for him.

The Tape: McIntyre is an intriguing athlete who shows skills on both sides of the ball. However, he will get his start at tight end and at the spot he shows the ability to work up field but has the frame to be an inline player and be a bit more complete.

Oklahoma's Chances: McIntyre is the third player on this list who went from offer to committed in just a few weeks time for the Sooners.

The Tape: Mitchell's tape doesn't show a whole lot yet but his athletic ability and easy skill as a receiver show up at the multiple camps we've seen him at. He's got great reach and figures to become one of the country's top tight ends in 2025.

Oklahoma's Chances: Mitchell seems like a guy that is pretty open to the process and the Sooners have time to really build a relationship with him.

The Tape: Mozee is a guy with loads of tools but when you watch his tape his ability to stop and start at will makes him a nightmare for any defender in space.

Oklahoma's Chances: Oklahoma is thought, by many, to be the clear leader for a player who could have a high school teammate headed to Norman and is the son of a former Sooner - Jamar Mozee.

The Tape: It isn't everyday you see this trait but both on tape, and when we saw him at Oklahoma's camp, Nwaneri is a patient pass rusher. He's willing to let an offensive lineman show him something before attacking. There's a risk to it but he likes to let a blocker get himself in trouble an dthen take advantage.

Oklahoma's Chances: Nwaneri could be part of three years in a row of Lee's Summit North products heading to Norman but he feels the least likely for the Sooners. Still though the chance is clearly there.

The Tape: Ozaeta is a finisher, time and time again he's putting defensive lineman in the dirt thanks to good hands and how well he sets up his lower body and keeps his feet moving. He's a lean guy that has plenty of room to continue to fill out and become even more physically dominant.

Oklahoma's Chances: There are some connections to Oklahoma here but it will be interesting to see if the predictions of Stanford, and his official visit this weekend prove tough to overcome.

The Tape: Pierre-Louis has some strong initial punch and the feet to keep people moving downfield. As he continues to learn and develop his hands can help him become an absolute road grader.

Oklahoma's Chances: Pierre-Louis has been clear that the Sooners are his 'dream school' and visit(s) to Norman will certainly be coming before long.

The Tape: Poe is powerful with his hands and plays with good leverage and does so at a number of positions.

Oklahoma's Chances: Poe came to camp and earned his offer. He feels like a guy the Sooners will push hard for as he has the versatility that Bill Bedenbaugh really likes.

The Tape: Riggins is a guy who has physically matured well beyond his age and on tape you see a player who is still learning to trust his eyes but when he sees it, he is decisive and comes downhill. A player so young, he'll grow tremendously over the next three years for the Bears.

Oklahoma's Chances: Riggins has been quiet about the Sooners but SOC has been good to Oklahoma through the years.

The Tape: Scott is a skilled prospect with nice length and a good feel for the position but what sticks out is how competitive he is - if the ball is in the air he's going to be incredibly difficult to contend with.

Oklahoma's Chances: It's early but there are few recruitments tougher than beating an Ohio kid when the Buckeyes have offered.

The Tape: He's an aggressive downhill linebacker that looks as adept chasing down a quarterback in the pocket as he does tackling a receiver in space. He moves with such ease that you almost don't notice the closing speed.

Oklahoma's Chances: Spillman will be a tough pull but the Sooners have had some success in Tennessee in recent years so they can't be ruled out.

The Tape: Right now Stewart looks like a power forward playing defensive end. He's got great feet and can track players down but he's still figuring out how to work at the point of attack. But when he gets it right and sets that edge, he flashes high end potential.

Oklahoma's Chances: Oklahoma doesn't seem an immediate threat right now but there's time for things to develop.

The Tape: At camp Stubbs showed great size and the ability to reroute receivers pretty naturally but on tape you can see how physical he can be and just how good he is at reading quarterbacks.

Oklahoma's Chances: Stubbs and his parents really liked their time in Norman and a return visit seems very possible, perhaps this season for a game.

The Tape: Tatum is a good embodiment of what Oklahoma seems to be focusing on in the running game. He's got considerable long speed but wastes as little time as possible getting going north and south. He's decisive and isn't big on anything that slows his momentum.

Oklahoma's Chances: Tatum absolutely loved his visit to Norman and a return to hang around Demarco Murray is definitely in the plans.

The Tape: Thompson's tape can be seen here and the big man plays like you'd expect of the son of a former NFL lineman. He's powerful with his hands and uses his length to separate from blockers. When he creates that space his athletic ability can track down one runner after another.

Oklahoma's Chances: It's extremely early for Thompson but the Sooners have made a real impact with defensive lineman in the Southeast - perhaps Todd Bates can make a run at another one?

The Tape: Van Buren in person is very impressive but this tape shows some potentially elite accuracy and the ability to deliver not only on spot but on time. His vertical passing is one of the better reels I've seen in the past few years and doing so against the elite schedule that St. Frances plays says a lot.

Oklahoma's Chances: Van Buren is developing a good early relationship with the Sooners and Jeff Lebby, they feel like a true contender.

The Tape: Wagoner is the kind of corner that makes a coach feel good - he never looks out of control, like he's over-extended or just doing too much. Yet he is, time and time again, making plays and right where you'd want him to be.

Oklahoma's Chances: Wagoner seems to be taking a real shine to the Sooners and Oklahoma has become a very real contender in his recruitment.

The Tape: Wesco is a big and smooth receiver with nice hands who excels with the over the shoulder catch. He's got nice feet for a big man and if his speed continues to emerge he figures to pick up plenty of attention going forward.

Oklahoma's Chances: Wesco feels like a guy that Oklahoma can have a real role in recruiting going forward but he hasn't said a lot so far.

The Tape: The young defender is a ball of energy on the field in near-constant motion and just makes plays from sideline to sideline. He figures to grow into a linebacker and that makes sense with his comfort at playing near the line of scrimmage and tracking down ball carriers.

Oklahoma's Chances: Woodaz likes the Sooners and has the connection with the Sooners staff that his brother, Wade, signed with Brent Venables in the 2022 class.

The Tape: Wormley is a player whose speed is only going to make him more and more of a threat as it continues to emerge. He's not a guy who dances a lot or tries to be overly deceptive but he can be patient when he needs to be and will set up blocks if needed.

Oklahoma's Chances: Wormley was very excited about his offer and the Sooners seem legitimate contenders.

The Tape: Yaites is a long cornerback who loves to play the ball in front of him but will fight for anything over his shoulder. He's a quick-trigger defender who comes up and plays run or will work against the short passing game.

Oklahoma's Chances: Though he is currently committed to LSU, the Sooners would seem to be a school who can turn his head around.