Oklahoma Sooners football has been quiet in recruiting the past few weeks. This week that changed, who should you know?
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Sooners Offers Fly Out

Over the past weeks Oklahoma had been, largely, quiet but late last week started rolling out offers in the 2021, 2022, and 2023 classes. Rather than trying to singularly go through each offer let's take a look at the tape, and Oklahoma's chances, for each of their new offers. Did Oklahoma really find some big-time new names? In a few cases, absolutely.

The Tape: Arnold is a ton of fun to watch on tape and though his violence will be what many see it's his high-end athleticism that sticks out to me. He plays the ball well in the air with his explosiveness and that violence is born of his closing speed and ability to close space in a hurry.

Oklahoma's Chances: Recruiting in Tallahassee won't be easy for a player with a serious offer list but getting a visit doesn't seem impossible.

The Tape: Brooks has a lot of speed off the edge and his length is impressive but at the moment he's still a raw prospect. As he fills out it'll be interesting to see where he'll best fit in a college scheme. Is he a rush outside linebacker or can he even grow into a 260-pound defensive end?

Oklahoma's Chances: Auburn seems a pretty heavy favorite here and it's not an area Oklahoma has had much success.

The Tape: Among my favorite tapes on the list of new Sooners offers. Colson has a lot of burst and has an absolutely relentless motor chasing ball carriers from sideline to sideline. Colson has nice size and changes direction well for a player of his size.

Oklahoma's Chances: Colson is the teammate of current Sooner 2020 pledge Reggie Grimes but beyond that it doesn't seem there is an obvious tie.

The Tape: Dunn honestly reminds me of a little bit twitchier Ryan Watts from last year with his length and physicality. He looks like a guy who could play at cornerback but if that didn't work out he has enough physicality to work at safety if need be.

Oklahoma's Chances: Dunn feels like a guy that Oklahoma could make a run at, as there isn't the traditional power they are battling at the moment.

The Tape: Earle is one of the rare players that has both short area quickness as well as speed to stretch the field. He changes direction naturally and has the quick feet that make him near impossible to tackle in space.

Oklahoma's Chances: Oklahoma is in a little later than some others on Earle and it's hard to ignore the recent past at Aledo. Can that hurt Oklahoma?

The Tape: Hancock is a decisive cornerback and when he sees the ball headed his way he has the quick feet to drive on the ball. He also has the fluid and easy change of direction that is a hallmark of all corners, he has the look of a player who will climb in the rankings.

Oklahoma's Chances: There is some early talk of Ohio State making another run at a Georgia area star. However, SEC recruiting, particularly in the Atlanta area is always tough to see.

The Tape: Though just a sophomore Johnson is already one of the country's most skilled tight ends. He has great hands, the ability to high point, and is a deceptively dangerous tight end with his speed and great feel for routes.

Oklahoma's Chances: Johnson is the brother of LSU quarterback signee Max Johnson and lives just down the road from Georgia, he's also close friends with Brock Vandagriff. In short? Odds are long.

The Tape: McKinstry is an explosive athlete who could shine on either side of the ball but it's hard to imagine a player with his kind of ability with the ball in his hands moving to the other side. He is an instinctive runner in the open field and does a nice job creating space for himself.

Oklahoma's Chances: Winning in Alabama for an elite prospect the Tide are focused on? It's hard to envision.

The Tape: Owens is so much fun to watch and it's hard to believe he's just a freshman. He has some violent cuts and shows the natural ability in space to be truly dangerous. He not only flashes the ability as a runner but has some future as a pass catcher that can line up out wide as well.

Oklahoma's Chances: It's so early for Owens it's hard to know but Oklahoma has now gotten in early though Owens hails from an area that Oklahoma doesn't have a lot of track record.

The Tape: Pryor is an explosive back who is incredibly efficient with his movement and gets north and south in a hurry. He's not one to be taken down easily by arm tackles and has the lateral quickness to shake defenders but, again, is at his best when he sticks his foot in the ground and gets upfield.

Oklahoma's Chances: Oklahoma has some ground to make up as he has already made numerous trips. Of those trips the home state Heels have been a frequent host.

The Tape: This one doesn't take a lot of evaluation, Sawchuk is a world class sprinter, including having the best 60-meter high school time in the country this year, 6.78-seconds. Sawchuk may be well known as guy with elite speed but he has vision and the ability to change direction naturally.

Oklahoma's Chances: It's early again for Sawchuk but the Sooners have some history in Colorado, though a bit dated, and a track record with speed skill players.

The Tape: This is another really good evaluation from the Sooners, he may not be well known yet or very highly ranked but his tape is impressive. He shows lateral quickness and the ability to close in space. With his length, he has all the makings of a player who will explode up the rankings in time.

Oklahoma's Chances: Another prospect from North Carolina that seems to like the Heels but this again might be a race the Sooners can get into.

The Tape: Smith could absolutely be a solid wide receiver target but as a linebacker it's hard not to fall in love with the potential. His length, speed, and natural ability off the edge make for an elite pass rushing talent.

Oklahoma's Chances: Smith seems pretty open to the process but it'll be interesting to see how he views what side of the ball he is recruited on.