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Sooners Offers Keep Going

It's been a while since we updated the offer list and as such there's a ton of new offers from not only 2024 and 2025 but even one class of 2023 prospect. It's time for to take a look at the tape, as well as Oklahoma's chances for each of Oklahoma's new offers.


The Tape: Anderson is a physical offensive lineman but unlike a lot of prospects who have that aspect to their game Anderson moves his feet well and has the look of a solid pass blocker going forward.

Oklahoma's Chances: Anderson has been to Oklahoma a lot in recent years and the Sooners seem in good place to make a real run at him.

The Tape: Archie is a linebacker with the long speed to track down backs all over the field. He stars at both linebacker and running back for The Hun and on both sides of the ball looks at his most dangerous when coming down hill.

Oklahoma's Chances: Archie has some real interest in the Sooners thanks in no small part to his connection to 2023 signee Logan Howland.

The Tape: A guy who plays at a lot of different spots for the Northridge defense and is a physical defender who is comfortable coming up and playing the run game but has the length to be a problem in pass defense.

Oklahoma's Chances: Obviously if Alabama is serious about a kid from their hometown, life can be tough but maybe down the line chips might fall favorably for some others?

The Tape: You'll be hard pressed to find a more fun tape than Boganowski. He's ultra-violent when he arrives and shows good closing speed. The thing that may stick out the most is how Boganowski comes downhill and just attacks everything as he sees it.

Oklahoma's Chances: Oklahoma's track record in Kansas, especially for early targets, is hard to bet against and Boganowski seems to have sincere interest.

The Tape: So often you see big corners who don't play to their size advantage but that's not the case with Bridges. He does a great job getting his hands into passing lanes and understands where to be when downfield.

Oklahoma's Chances: Bridges is a CenTex guy who is starting to take off in recruiting but this seems like a fairly open-minded recruitment at this early point.

The Tape: Carrie does a great job attacking the running lane and using his burst to create explosive plays for his offense.

Oklahoma's Chances: Carrie has built a good relationship with Demarco Murray early on and the Sooners seem likely to get a spring visit.

The Tape: Crawford is a player we had a chance to see in person in the spring and he was outstanding. He's got great length and is extremely competitive when the ball is in the air. His ranking could climb considerably.

Oklahoma's Chances: Crawford is a guy that the Sooners seem ready to push for but obviously landing elite players in Georgia is always heavy lifting.

The Tape: Dotson is a fast trigger safety who comes up and plays the run well. There's not a lot on junior tape that shows his ability in the passing game but his aggressive style speaks to a potential for big plays.

Oklahoma's Chances: Dotson is a guy that the Sooners should get a boost with from the hiring of Emmett Jones and the relationship they've already built.

The Tape: Watching his brother the last two years it's not surprising to see how physical Farooq plays the safety position. He sees things exceptionally well and does a great job working his way through traffic.

Oklahoma's Chances: Farooq is a guy that has some clear connection to the Sooners and one might have to think they can make a real run here.

The Tape: Flowers is another player we've had a chance to see live and he is incredibly smooth and easy. He's also got nice length and the ability to get into passing lanes.

Oklahoma's Chances: Oklahoma leads for Flowers at this point in time.

The Tape: Frazier is a tackle who is still filling out his frame but is comfortable being physical in the run game. Once he gets bigger in his base he's got a chance to be a dominant right tackle.

Oklahoma's Chances: Frazier, the son of a Michigan man, seems like a player who could head to Ann Arbor but Oklahoma seems to have his attention as well.

The Tape: Hammond has nice burst and the frame to slide around and play multiple roles along the front.

Oklahoma's Chances: The offer just happened so it's hard to say where he's leaning right now but Ohio is never an easy place to win.

The Tape: Hampton is a long and rangy athlete who does a great job high-pointing the ball and unlike some bigger perimeter players does a good job staying low in and out of his breaks.

Oklahoma's Chances: It's very early but it's an area the Sooners have had some success as of late.

The Tape: Haynesworth is a big and physical back who easily goes downhill and uses his hands well already in the open field.

Oklahoma's Chances: Haynesworth has already hit Norman for a visit and seems interested in building his relationship with Demarco Murray.

The Tape: A stout run defender who plays with great leverage. He does a good job getting under blockers and then using his power to push interior blockers into the backfield.

Oklahoma's Chances: The offer just happened so it's hard to be sure but he doesn't seem as a player that's dead set in any one direction.

The Tape: It doesn't take long watching Kearney to see what has so many excited about him. He's got an explosive release off the line of scrimmage and a great frame to go with it. A rise in the rankings seems highly probable.

Oklahoma's Chances: Kearney has spent a lot more time around Texas A&M than any other program.

The Tape: Obviously this is Kromenhoek's sophomore tape as only one clip seems to exist of his junior year. But he shows off a lot of athleticism - including making plays at linebacker - and has a few vertical throws that show off beautiful touch.

Oklahoma's Chances: This one feels pretty unlikely.

The Tape: What stands out the most is Lindsey's motor, he chases everything all over the field. He's also very quick footed and looks natural as a pass rusher.

Oklahoma's Chances: Oklahoma hasn't had much luck in Arkansas through the years but getting in early might change their fortunes? It feels like Notre Dame may be the leader at the moment.

The Tape: A violent defender with a good motor and some nice pop in his hands.

Oklahoma's Chances: Oklahoma's had a good rate of success in Missouri but it's pretty early to know where this one will go for them.

The Tape: A big and physical defender that looks quite comfortable coming from depth but as his frame fills out it's hard not to see a linebacker with elite athleticism.

Oklahoma's Chances: Lopa seems pretty open to everything, can the Sooners start building more in-roads in California again?

The Tape: McClellan really has nice speed and an easy ability to separate thanks to elite acceleration. Short passes or vertical throws, McClellan has plenty of ability to make big plays.

Oklahoma's Chances: McClellan is an interesting case as he had a strong bond with L'Damian Washington but can the Sooners pick up where he left off?

The Tape: Moore is a receiver with great size and easy speed. He also does a good job plucking the ball out of the air and immediately getting upfield.

Oklahoma's Chances: Moore seems very interested in the Sooners and a visit to Norman feels entirely possible in the coming months.

The Tape: Ultra athletic quarterback who is still working out a lot of the finer points but there is plenty to like on tape as he continues to develop.

Oklahoma's Chances: It's very early for Murphy but it will be interesting to see if he shows up and camps this summer.

The Tape: Newcombe is a defender with easy twitch and acceleration. When he sees the ball in front of him he drives with ease.

Oklahoma's Chances: Early on there's been a little bit of UCLA buzz but he seems pretty open to the process.

The Tape: An incredibly intriguing defender, and the lone class of 2023 prospect on this list, Nwokocha has a nice blend of size and closing speed. He figures, at his size, to end up on the inside but he's got enough burst to make defensive end a possibility if the situation called for it.

Oklahoma's Chances: Nwokocha seems likely to visit Oklahoma in the coming weeks.

The Tape: A very physical cornerback who likes to get his hands on receivers and reroute them whenever possible.

Oklahoma's Chances: He's already talked about Oklahoma as one of his top schools but the usual suspects in the DMV - Penn State, Maryland, and Ohio State seem to be leading the race at the moment.

The Tape: People is a back with big-time speed and uses it well by getting North and South immediately. Unlike a lot of speed backs he shows the strength to run through tackles and make plenty of plays downfield.

Oklahoma's Chances: Oklahoma has caught his attention early but this looks likely to be a dogfight between some big-time programs - Alabama, Texas, Oregon, Ohio State, among them.

The Tape: Pellum is a big-time athlete with easy speed but is still working his way into things as a cornerback.

Oklahoma's Chances: Within a week of Oklahoma offering Pellum they made his top 10 and he's already talking about a visit to Norman this spring.

The Tape: Pettaway was rarely challenged as a sophomore but that comes for good reason, his blend of speed and instincts makes it difficult to find much room for a quarterback and receiver to work. He's also a very able open field tackler.

Oklahoma's Chances: Pettaway has already hit Norman once and the Sooners made a very strong impression during the Bedlam weekend.

The Tape: Polley is a diverse safety that looks comfortable playing from deep just as he does coming downhill and playing against the run. He has a good feel for the game and is very decisive when he sees the action in front of him.

Oklahoma's Chances: Oklahoma hasn't had a real role at Duncanville in a while but maybe that's changing with the addition of Emmett Jones.

The Tape: Port is a physical defender who is always playing on the front foot and looks very comfortable coming downhill and attacking ball carriers.

Oklahoma's Chances: Port loved his trip to Norman this season and multiple returns seem very possible.

The Tape: Though some see him as a flex tight end, and he has the athleticism to fill that role, he also is clearly stronger than he's given credit for and can make plays after the initial tackle.

Oklahoma's Chances: Reddell is expected in Norman in a few weeks for Oklahoma's Jan. 28 junior day.

The Tape: Rink is an incredibly active defender who is powerful with his hands and does a good job creating space for himself to work inside.

Oklahoma's Chances: Texas caught Rink's eye very early on and Texas A&M has become tough to beat in the Houston area but the Sooners seem in early enough to make a run.

The Tape: Roberts looks to be the state's next outstanding tight end with a good blend of physicality as well as the speed to separate downfield. Roberts could be one of Oklahoma's real breakout stars in 2023.

Oklahoma's Chances: Oklahoma has to be considered the favorite for the lifelong Sooner fan.

The Tape: Ross is athletic enough to emerge as a tight end/wide receiver but it's hard to ignore his easy burst and change of direction as a pass rushing defensive end.

Oklahoma's Chances: It's hard to ignore Oklahoma's presence in Kansas City growing after landing Missouri's top two prospects, both from the Kansas City area, in 2023. Can they can keep it going with Ross?

The Tape: Scott has some nice length and the ability to get physical with receivers. He also mirrors well thanks to good feet that allow him to make quick adjustments.

Oklahoma's Chances: Scott has been to Oklahoma repeatedly and seems most comfortable with Oklahoma at this point.

The Tape: It's not hard to see why Shieldnight has been exploding in the recruiting process since the end of his sophomore season. He's physical and has an easy ability to redirect as a pass rusher, he could be the great Wagoner program's greatest prospect.

Oklahoma's Chances: Shieldnight is high on the Sooners but seems more than willing to take his time and see what options will emerge. Arkansas will be one to keep an eye on as well.

The Tape: An extremely active linebacker that makes plays from sideline to sideline. Once more people see Smith up close a big jump in the rankings seems very possible.

Oklahoma's Chances: Texas, Alabama, TCU, and LSU are the early schools mentioned in Smith's recruitment.

The Tape: It's just one game of footage but it's hard not to see Taumua's tape and get excited. He, like so many Poly players, is ultra physical but he also moves incredibly well and looks like an outstanding pulling guard in the future.

Oklahoma's Chances: Tauma has expressed some real interest in Oklahoma early on but obviously they'd be stepping into an area where they've rarely won in recruiting.

The Tape: Thomas is still filling out his frame but his length and easy acceleration makes for an intriguing potential pass rusher in the future.

Oklahoma's Chances: Thomas seems interested in Oklahoma and has been around the staff plenty with their work at Paetow over the last year, still though winning in Katy ISD can be tough especially if Texas A&M gets involved.

The Tape: Thompson is awfully impressive on tape with his strength in the run game but he shows the speed to turn and run to go with impressive length and size.

Oklahoma's Chances: Oklahoma's had some success in Tennessee so the chance of a visit doesn't seem far-fetched even with his early pledge to the Spartans.

The Tape: Tuakoi has great feet and easy athleticism who can come down hill and be physical. He's an intriguing inside linebacker with a lot of skills.

Oklahoma's Chances: There is some buzz that Oklahoma has made a good early impression on Tuakoi.

The Tape: Wafle is an extremely active defensive lineman who plays all along the line of scrimmage for the Hun but in college figures to be a three-technique defensive tackle.

Oklahoma's Chances: Wafle seems interested in Oklahoma but it's unclear how far that will go at this point.

The Tape: Warren shows off high end movement skills and the desire to be a good finisher. As he gets bigger and stronger and more practiced against elite competition he could emerge as a very high end prospect.

Oklahoma's Chances: Warren is definitely interested in the Sooners though Texas A&M is going to be a true challenge.

The Tape: Guys with White's height and length don't usually move as fluidly as he does. He's got the frame to be a big outside receiver but the after the catch ability to be a guy who can make plays at about any level.

Oklahoma's Chances: So far White has shown a lot of interest in Virginia Tech but his recruitment is starting to take off with even Georgia getting serious about him. This figures to be a battle.