Oklahoma Sooners football has been busy with offers recently. And though it's gone unnoticed by some we track each one.
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Sooners Spreading Offers

Oklahoma's been throwing out offers with little hesitation over the past few weeks and it's time for SoonerScoop.com to take inventory of just what the Sooner staff has been up to. And as we have done for the last several months we'll take a look at not only what types of players the Sooners have offered but what Oklahoma's chances are in landing each player.

So take a look with us as we go through a massive list of offers to players from just about every position on the field.

The Tape: There's a ton to like about Allen, he's big, physical and runs well in space. But on tape the thing that sticks out is how decisive he is. When he sees something he wastes no time reacting.

Oklahoma's Chances: Allen seems excited about his offer but it's so early and recruiting defenders in the Southeast is always a tough hill to climb.

The Tape: Armitage plays on the edge in high school but as he slides inside in college, he'll become an even more disruptive pass rusher. He shows off impressive closing speed for a man his size and his length makes him tough for blockers to deal with.

Oklahoma's Chances: Armitage seems like a longshot as the Sooners haven't had a lot of success in New Jersey in the last 20 years. It seems regional powers like Notre Dame, Penn State, and Michigan may be tough to beat.

The Tape: Biddle has an increasingly rare trait, he's a quality tackler in space and does so by largely staying under control as he closes down a ball carrier. He's a quality athlete that could fit as a nickel or as a strong safety in the box.

Oklahoma's Chances: You never disregard Oklahoma's chances in the Dallas metroplex and though the Longhorns are always a tough mountain to climb last year, with Bryson Washington proved they can do it.

The Tape: Campbell does such a nice job bending at the knee and staying poised for his next move at all times. He's got a lot of flexion in the lower body and really moves naturally from first to second level.

Oklahoma's Chances: It'd be hard to bet on anyone but LSU in this situation.

The Tape: It takes about one play to realize what Oklahoma sees in Chapman. He shows off elite burst as well as the quick feet and short area explosion to be absolutely lethal in open space

Oklahoma's Chances: Oklahoma is making such a priority of the mid-Atlantic that perhaps a few big wins could build some momentum for 2022.

The Tape: Cooper is a player SoonerScoop.com has already seen in person in a game and he does impressive work with his long and angular frame. As he fills out, his strength and explosion are going to be dynamic and could see him play several spots along the defensive line.

Oklahoma's Chances: Cooper is a pretty reserved guy that seems open to the process but his feelings on Jamar Cain and Oklahoma aren't clear just yet.

The Tape: An overwhelmingly good athlete, Early pulls as swell as you could hope for any young lineman. He isn't yet anywhere near his potential in the weight room but already shows the physicality and desire to finish that is the hallmark of a Bill Bedenbaugh offense linemen.

Oklahoma's Chances: Early is a guy that the Sooners should be able to make a real run at thanks to Bedenbaugh and their growing relationship at Duncanville.

The Tape: Though just a pup he looks to be the next great prospect from powerhouse Westlake. Greathouse uses his size so well for a young receiver but has the vertical speed to challenge defenses and will only become more dangerous with time.

Oklahoma's Chances: Oklahoma has had some surprising success in the Austin area through the years it's too early to know how serious a look they'll get

The Tape: Maybe it's all the one-handed catches early on his tape but it's hard to watch him and not see some Ceedee Lamb in his game. Greene has a huge catch radius and surprising speed to work downfield.

Oklahoma's Chances: As will be a pattern in this breakdown, the odds for Oklahoma in recruiting the mid-Atlantic could have a direct connection to the recruitment of Caleb Williams.

The Tape: Hill could be an ideal nickel candidate for the Sooners, he's very sticky in coverage, changes direction well and is plenty physical when he has the chance.

Oklahoma's Chances: Hill is already talking about a trip to Norman and had the Sooners in his recent top five. He seems very serious about the Sooners at this early point.

The Tape: It's not often than a freshman can show up in South Florida and dominate but that's what you see from the explosive young receiver. Inniss is way beyond his years physically but also already shows some surprising route-running and releases for one so young.

Oklahoma's Chances: Inniss is an incredibly young player but Oklahoma's ability to recruit wide receivers nationally gives them a chance just about anywhere.

The Tape: Jackson has a ton to like in his game and could factor into a number of roles within the Sooners defense thanks to his length and speed. That said, he's likely to be one of the Sooners two linebackers between the tackle thanks to his frame and physicality.

Oklahoma's Chances: Jackson is going to be a tough sell if the Tide and Tigers are serious but the longer it drags out the Sooners might be able to get a visit and see where things go from there.

The Tape: The second Chaminade Madonna prospect on this list, Jackson's got tremendous length and natural ability to lean on the edge. He also has great short area quickness and has a chance to be one of the nation's elite 2022 defensive recruits.

Oklahoma's Chances: It's a school that Oklahoma has some connections to, thanks to Marquise Brown, but this will be a tough battle to be truly involved with.

The Tape: Lassiter is a long cornerback but in spite of that changes direction well and drives on the ball with impressive explosion. He also is the rare young corner who does a good job rerouting receivers at the line of scrimmage.

Oklahoma's Chances: It's hard to bet against Alabama in a scenario like this.

The Tape: Marshall is a unique athlete that, though listed at cornerback, could play a lot of different roles in the college game. He could be a receiver, a safety, maybe a boundary corner?

Oklahoma's Chances: Marshall seems pretty open and surely the recruitment of Davin Joseph nearly 20 years ago will play a big role, right?

The Tape: McNeill has a great frame and an ability to close down ball carriers that is surprising for a player with his length. He's physical and attacks the line of scrimmage with abandon. He's also got the size and length to move to RUSH if that's what best fits.

Oklahoma's Chances: McNeill is a player that Oklahoma has gotten in on early enough that they may be able to make a run in spite of his familiarity with some more regional programs.

The Tape: Moss is a long and diverse athlete who is somewhat reminiscent of current Sooner sophomore David Ugwoegbu. Moss is very strong at the point of attack on the edge but shows some feel for dropping into passing lanes.

Oklahoma's Chances: Moss is already working on an unofficial visit to Norman after having his initial plan of visiting earlier this month shut down by the campus closure.

The Tape: It doesn't take long to see how rare Mukes' physical attributes are. He moves naturally for a guy with his kind of size and runs well for a big and long corner. Mukes' frame gives him a lot of unique possibilities to play in a defense though nickel makes a lot of sense.

Oklahoma's Chances: Oklahoma is now a huge favorite here.

The Tape: Oliver is an impressive athlete who shows the range to play all over the field. He does a nice job of mirroring receivers and has a natural instinct for using his hands at the best possible times.

Oklahoma's Chances: Louisville seems to have a bit of an early lead but he feels like the kind of player the Sooners could make a legitimate run at.

The Tape: Prather is an interesting guy to watch as he moves around. He's pretty much the antithesis of what you expect when you see his measurables. He's a short choppy strider who is quicker from side to side than you might anticipate. He also shows an ability to make catches at every level and from a varied route tree.

Oklahoma's Chances: Maybe the Sooners can get a visit and turn the table but for now he seems a pretty heavy Penn State lean.

The Tape: There is some big early buzz on Singletary and it's not hard to see why. Singletary has length, explosion, and is so incredibly fluid with his change of direction. All the tools are there to be a truly elite cornerback prospect.

Oklahoma's Chances: Singletary seems a heavy Florida lean at this time but there seems enough time to get his attention.

The Tape: Stewart has speed for days, just watch him work vertically on the second route where he just separates from the secondary. But unlike a lot of speed guys, he shows some ability in open space to change direction and be a threat beyond simply outrunning people. In short, he's a multi-tooled weapon that has a lot of potential to be an elite prospect.

Oklahoma's Chances: Stewart has relationships with several of Oklahoma's standout young receivers and would seem a very possible target going forward.

The Tape: Taylor is an elite athlete that has the look of a guy who could naturally fit in at left tackle. As he gets bigger and fills out his frame, he'll be even more dominant in the run game but for now he still shows plenty of nastiness in his work.

Oklahoma's Chances: It's hard to ignore Demarco Murray's meaning at Gorman and mix that with Bill Bedenbaugh? Keep an eye on this.

The Tape: Tuimoloau isn't one of the nation's top prospects by accident, he's got tremendous length and a huge frame that carries weight so easily. He's physical but can change direction with ease to get after the quarterback.

Oklahoma's Chances: Oklahoma seems like a distant, distant backup thought but he does have some connections to the region.

The Tape: These are the kinds of athletes that people are always looking for more of. Turner has incredible length, the ability to close in space, and has some natural feel as a pass rusher.

Oklahoma's Chances: Turner looks to be a heavy lean to Georgia at the moment though Oklahoma has had plenty of success at St. Thomas Aquinas in recent years.

The Tape: Williams is still pretty raw but man when you watch him move his feet and more than anything the explosion he has in his hands when he gets the initial pop you can see there is plenty to like in his game. He's got a chance to be yet another elite Duncanville product.

Oklahoma's Chances: It's early but Oklahoma is a growing presence at Duncanville and obviously is an appealing locale for offensive linemen at this point.

The Tape: Instincts, instincts, instincts. When Wilson sees something he attacks with reckless abandon. And his speed and violence when he arrives is enough to make any receiver crossing the middle think twice. In short, it's another big-time prospect in Florida.

Oklahoma's Chances: Pulling one of the nation's elite defenders out of Florida won't be easy but the Sooners are in early enough that maybe they could get a visit and see where things go?