Stoops addresses replacement of Reed Case

Bob Stoops addressed the loss of Reed Case, Oklahoma’s Director of Player Personnel since 2011, during a Big 12 Conference teleconference Tuesday morning.
Case’s duties at OU were mainly administrative, focusing on the business of recruiting for the Oklahoma football program and coaching staff.
The University of Oklahoma described Case’s duties as: From player evaluations to scholarship management and the coordination of the recruiting calendar for members of the coaching staff.
Case’s wife, Dr. Rhonda Evans Case, is the Director of Australian Studies and political science professer at the University of Texas in Austin, where Case took a job just last week.
A large part of Case’s move was likely made out of convenience for his family.
Now Stoops must start his search for another Director of Player Personnel as spring evaluations are underway and summer camps are set to start in just over a month.
Stoops outlined some of the things he’ll be looking for in Case’s replacement.
“A guy that is personable and can organize recruiting. Really, not a guy that’s looking to be on the field because he’s not allowed to be on the field,” said Stoops. “Most of all a guy that administrates recruiting, someone that understands recruiting, can host people when they are here, can direct our coaches and organize and help Coach Gundy, who is our recruiting coordinator and organize where everyone is at and keep up with it all.”
The Oklahoma football offices have expanded in recent years as Stoops and his staff have become more involved in social media and a more modern approach to recruiting through mailers.
There were also noticeable changes in OU’s spring game this month with live bands, updated music, quarterbacks throwing Frisbees to dogs and live updates from Stoops to the crowd in attendance.
A lot of those advancements can be attributed to the arrival of coaches such as Jay Boulware, Jerry Montgomery and Bill Bedenbaugh. But also due to the efforts of Case as well as Rajeeb Hossain who serves as Director of High School relations.
Even with Case’s departure, it’s not expected changes surrounding the program will cease. In fact, Stoops could lean even further on Boulware and Montgomery to find a replacement for Case that can build on the energy and excitement already surrounding the program.
The same excitement felt by the 42,500 fans attending the spring game two weeks ago.
“With our administration and me agreeing to it, we just did more with the spring game, promotion-wise and made it a little more fan friendly and a little bit more entertaining with some of the things that we did,” said Stoops.