Stoops gets pay hike to start 14 season

ARDMORE -- Well, winning the Sugar Bowl does have its perks.
Just six months after the Sooners' big upset of Alabama in New Orleans, the University of Oklahoma Board of Regents approved a raise for OU coach Bob Stoops at their June meeting at the Samuel Noble Foundation Center on Wednesday afternoon.
The raise will see his annual salary pushed over $5 million. That's up from the $4.7 million he made last season.
Stoops will make $5.25 million this year and $39.9 million over the course of his 7-year agreement with the university. He will hit $6 million a year in 2019.
Before the new contract was approved Stoops hadn't been scheduled to make $5 million until 2016. Prior to last season, he received a two-year contract extension through 2020 on top of a seven-year, $34.5 million dollar deal he signed with the school in 2011.
There are no added years to the new deal, but the salary bump puts Stoops on par with the likes of Texas A&M coach Kevin Sumlin and Texas coach Charlie Strong who each earn $5 million a year.
Though the increase in yearly earnings is sizable compared to the annual earnings of other power conference college football coaches, it is still short of the $6.9 million a year Alabama coach Nick Saban is making.
Stoops' Sooners beat Saban's Crimson Tide in this year's Sugar Bowl and is coming off four-straight seasons of 10 wins or more. He owns more wins (160) than any other football coach in school history.
He's one just one more bowl game (8) than he's lost (7) but has secured at least a share of eight Big 12 titles and one national championship in 16 years as the program's head coach.
Stoops was hired in 1998 and is tied with Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz for second-longest tenure as an active head coach at one school among the five power conferences. Virginia Tech's Frank Beamer is the longest tenured at the same school among power conference coaches.
2014: $5.25 million
2015: $5.4 million
2016: $5.55 million
2017: $5.7 million
2018: $5.85 million
2019: $6 million
2020: $6.15 million