Stoops meets with media one last time before gameday

Bob Stoops met with members of the media for the final time Wednesday before the Sooners hit the field against Kansas State Saturday.
Stoops did say Tony Jefferson practiced every day this week with the OU defense and he appears to be ready to go for Saturday, unless of course he re-tweaks that ankle.
Stoops also said he doesn't expect to welcome back any new faces this weekend such as Stacy McGee, Jaz Reyonlds or other players who have been suspended.

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Stoops did give an update on Marshall Musil, the junior fullback who suffered a torn anterior cruciate ligament last week during practice.
"We're doing a little punt cover drill and he was just running down the field much like Tyler (Evans). He was just running and broke down on the running back to change direction and he just dropped and his cleat got caught in the grass," explained Stoops. "It just twisted his knee and snapped his anterior cruciate. We usually wait a couple of weeks, strengthen the leg and then they'll operate."
Stoops said Musil's injury will sideline him for the rest of the season.
"He was on a fair amount (of special teams)," said Stoops. "He was a backup on some and on kick return. We'll miss Marshall. He did a lot for us in different areas. He was kind of a catch-all guy."
There has been plenty of reminiscing this week for Stoops, as there usually is when the Sooners take on Kansas State. Stoops started his major college coaching career with Bill Snyder in Manhattan after leaving Kent, where he coached with K-State QB Collin Klein's father, Doug Klein.
Stoops was asked if he had any second thoughts when he got to Kansas State, who was in such dire straits they would sell their home games against OU back to the Sooners and played in Norman five straight years at one point.
"I didn't know what I was getting in, but I knew what I was getting away from," Stoops joked. "I doubled my salary and got to coach in the Big 8 with a guy I have a long history with. I was young and naïve."
Kansas State and Oklahoma have had plenty of battles over the years since Stoops took over. Their two victories over KSU in 2000 vaulted them into the national championship game. Kansas State was also the team that tagged the Sooners in the 2003 Big 12 Championship game before they lost to LSU in the national title game in New Orleans.
Last year the K-State faithful seemed to be at an all-time high in terms of hatred for the Sooners when OU routed the Wildcats 58-17.
So does this series now qualify as a natural rivalry with OU players? Stoops says yes.
"I believe so," he answered. "I would think they would. I know we always have great respect for Kansas State when we play them. I would think they would."
Stoops' weekly call-in show aired this week on the new Sooner Sports TV Network on Fox Sports. Stoops has been doing his call-in show every week since 1999.
But for those not familiar, Stoops can get after some of his callers when they question his decisions or those of his coaches.
When I told Stoops we were buzzing about his first TV episode and how it was nice to see him get after callers instead of us in the media he perked up.
"You guys know that's just how I talk," he joked. " I'm not much on soft shoeing my delivery. That's just how I speak. My wife, it's like I said, she's been married to me 28 years. She still doesn't get it."
I also asked Stoops if he'd be willing to take calls from Longhorn fans now that his call-in show is being aired all over the region.
"I don't care," he said. "It depends on what they're talking about. They better want an honest answer."
Surely Stoops won't be delivering bulletin board material straight to the UT locker room, but as cantankerous as Stoops can get with some of his callers, there might be a nice sound bite or two coming out of these televised call-in shows.
Stoops said he spent his bye week watching football and hanging out with family and friends. The games Stoops watched last weekend? Mostly Iowa, Nebraska and Notre Dame.
The Sooners meet up with the Fighting Irish Oct. 27 in Norman.
"Michigan State I watched a lot of and I was impressed with Notre Dame and how physical and well they played," said Stoops.
Stoops said he didn't watch any of the Texas game Saturday night.