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Thomas Could Take Trips but is Solid to OU

In the class of 2010 Brennan Clay made a decision to commit to Oklahoma when many thought he'd follow his good friend Tate Forcier to Michigan. Even more interesting about his decision was the fact that Clay had never even seen Oklahoma, much less the Sooners Norman campus.
For months Clay dealt with rumors about his looking around but never once was it reported he visited elsewhere or seemed to show sincere interest in another program.
When class of 2013 safety Ahmad Thomas made his commitment to Oklahoma last month there was very similar talk about just how certain some where that he'd eventually look around and, in all likelihood, change his mind about the decision.
That said, Thomas has remained steadfast in the near-month since his choice.
However, it would seem that Thomas recently threw some gas on the on the fire, even if his intentions were honest. The nation's No. 28 safety recently made the trip to Tallahassee with several of his Miami (Fla.) Central teammates for the Seminoles summer camp.
However, Thomas is adamant that there is still little to be concerned about.
"I'm not coming out here to do anything, I'm just here cheering on my teammates," Thomas said.
While the trip to Tallahassee seems to have simply been to spend some time with his teammates he doesn't deny that in the future trips to other programs on official visits are well within the realm of possibility.
"I'm going to enjoy some free trips," he admitted when asked about taking some official visits aside from Oklahoma. "It's been more of, well, you can say I'm dating Oklahoma and the other schools are just jealous."
Obviously such things can often lead to alarm but the three-star prospect was clear about his connection to the program and Mike Stoops in particular. Though he hasn't been to Norman before Thomas says he'd go all the time if it were feasible.
"I should be making my official up there in September, if I do it would be an official yeah," he said. "I'm trying to come up there for anything, just any reason to be on campus, I want to be there."
Such confidence leads to many wondering just how he could be so certain of a place he, admittedly, knows so little about. While some of his feelings are just general prognostication about his future, there is little doubt that the bond to Stoops is playing a key role.
"I felt like when I'm out there, I feel like I'll fit in, academic-wise I could see that I could fit in real well, their academic program, that's the best opportunity for me," he said.
"Also, when I was talking to coach Stoops and we was talking - I felt like he cared about me as a person.
"I think we have a strong bond, when I looked him up, we played the exact same position. He said he was a strong safety/outside linebacker. I just feel like we can relate."
Through the years Stoops has always loved defensive backs capable of coming up and helping in run defense. Nowhere has that desire been more obvious than at the strong safety position where Stoops has found one heavy-hitter after another to come up and help Oklahoma's front seven in run defense.
Not surprisingly, that's exactly the role he sees the impressively physical Thomas fitting into.
"He told me straight up that I'm going to be used the same way I am now, at strong safety. I'll be up in the box for run support. I feel like that's a great thing, because I love supporting the run."