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Venables First Offers

Oklahoma's new coaching staff is now fully in place after Brent Venables took over in early December. As such it's time for us to recount every new 2023, 2024, and 2025 offer the staff has made since Venables took over. It's a considerable list but Oklahoma's work from coast to coast has been impressive and here we take stock of just where the Sooners stand with each?

The Tape: Adebawore is a player who possesses some scary natural gifts with his closing speed and length. He's a guy whose ceiling is just extremely high.

Oklahoma's Chances: Adebawore has really taken off over the past month and his visit to the Sooners on March 5 could be a big step for their efforts.

The Tape: I've said it over and over again but I just love the way Arnold handles himself in the pocket. Even when he's off platform and the timing isn't perfect he's an incredibly cool customer.

Oklahoma's Chances: Arnold wasted little time in committing to Oklahoma.

The Tape: In an era of specialists Bain is a defensive end who not only flashes quickness but is physical in the run game and will fight through blocks. Mix that with a great motor and you've got a promising player.

Oklahoma's Chances: Bain is planning to be in Norman at the end of March but his ties to the hometown Hurricanes will be very tough to overcome.

The Tape: Beasley is the kind of corner that everyone is looking for. He's got tremendous length and speed and the fluid change of direction that will see him only become a bigger prospect in the coming year.

Oklahoma's Chances: Obviously it is still very early for a player of Beasley's profile but Oklahoma has had some success in Tennessee through the years and Beasley is set to visit in March.

The Tape: Black is a corner with physicality and the frame that makes playing cornerback or safety completely possible going forward. He's one of Texas's probable up and comers in the next six months.

Oklahoma's Chances: Black has already visited Norman and seems high on the Sooners.

The Tape: Bolden is a very sudden athlete with very solid track times who has a great frame for a player so young. He is well placed as an athlete in the Rivals database because though he may be most likely a safety he's dangerous enough with the ball in his hands to end up at receiver.

Oklahoma's Chances: It's a little bit unknown but expect all of the big boys to be involved.

The Tape: Bowles, not surprisingly with an NFL coach for a father, is well versed and the rare prep linebacker who looks very natural in coverage and has the faith in his athletic ability to stay in his drop until a run play is clear.

Oklahoma's Chances: There's a lot of early buzz on Bowles and Ohio State but as of late some rumors of UGA have grown.

The Tape: Brown shows off plenty of speed but it's his ability to use his size and body that makes him so tough to cope with down the field.

Oklahoma's Chances: Brown would seem to be a good fit for the Sooners and though the hometown Hurricanes will have something to say, Oklahoma seems like a possibility.

The Tape: It isn't every day that sophomore linebackers are the deep man on kickoff returns but that's the kind of athlete Brown is. He's big and powerful but has loads of speed - as noted by being a state 400-meter champion as a freshman.

Oklahoma's Chances: Brown is expected to visit Norman this spring but he'll have the best of the best nationwide chasing him - this will be a fight for most everyone.

The Tape: Brown-Shuler is a big-bodied young defensive tackle who moves very well for a player of his size. He is a run-stuffer by nature but has some ability create pressure.

Oklahoma's Chances: At this early point Brown-Shuler seems pretty open to the process.

The Tape: Burley has rare length that he uses extremely well in keeping blockers off of his body. What is surprising for a player with his frame is how well he closes and some of his lateral quickness.

Oklahoma's Chances: Some have felt Burley has been a UGA-Clemson battle for some time with the Tigers perhaps having an edge. Can the Sooners use that momentum with Todd Bates now in Norman? It doesn't seem likely but maybe it's possible.

The Tape: Burrell has an impressive blend of athleticism and physicality. He also does a nice job trusting his eyes and attacks what he sees with aggression.

Oklahoma's Chances: Burrell is expected in Norman on March 5 and seems high on Oklahoma.

The Tape: Carter is incredibly athletic and violent at arrival. He's a bit of tweener but it's hard not to be impressed by how well he moves into space.

Oklahoma's Chances: Carter has a long standing relationship with Brent Venables but it's yet to be seen what kind of move Oklahoma can make.

The Tape: Collins is one of the most physically gifted defensive lineman in the class of 2023. He's got elite bend and burst for a guy with his considerable frame. Don't be surprised if he ends up a top 20 player in the country.

Oklahoma's Chances: It feels pretty hard to bet against Alabama in a recruitment like this.

The Tape: Cunningham is still growing into his huge frame but he shows off big-time athletic ability and has a really nice motor. He'll be a very high end guy in the junior class.

Oklahoma's Chances: Pulling elite talent out of Georgia is always a Herculean task but Cunningham really likes what he has seen from the Sooners so far.

The Tape: An intriguing tight end who has a lot of frame to grow into a complete weapon at the position. He also shows a willingness to block.

Oklahoma's Chances: Dixon is already working on an Oklahoma visit and seems high on the Sooners thanks to his relationship with Jeff Lebby and Joe Jon Finley.

The Tape: Dixon is an interesting athlete that seems to make plays in all phases for Troup. He likely projects as a safety but moves around quite well for a well put together defensive back.

Oklahoma's Chances: It's really early for Dixon and it's not quite clear which direction things will go.

The Tape: Downs is an outstanding playmaker who can change the game in the passing game but also has the physicality to come up and play run. He's well-deserving of his lofty ranking.

Oklahoma's Chances: So far there hasn't been much connection between Oklahoma and Downs though the Sooners are working on it.

The Tape: Edwards is incredibly explosive and just runs away from one defender after another. He's a unique athlete who can attack an offense in a lot of ways.

Oklahoma's Chances: Oklahoma feels like a heavy favorite here with some expecting a March 5 decision.

The Tape: Etta is still very raw but his frame and speed are hard to ignore on tape. He is surprisingly good with his hands and has a good motor to chase down plays from the backside.

Oklahoma's Chances: There have been a lot of connections to Michigan State but so far the bottom line is the Sooners haven't been mentioned much.

The Tape: Watching Faulk on tape he has so much length it's hard to believe he's at over 250 pounds. Faulk has some ability to bend and even shines at receiver for Highland Home. He's a high end athlete with loads of potential.

Oklahoma's Chances: Faulk has talked about taking a trip to Norman but the Sooners have some clear ground to make up on Florida State, Clemson and others.

The Tape: Feagin is that rare defensive back with the skills and traits to play either safety or corner with a, seemingly, very high-level of aptitude. He's rangy as a safety and physical at corner.

Oklahoma's Chances: Feagin doesn't have any obvious leanings and seems pretty open to the process.

The Tape: Formby moves naturally for a player so big and has the light feet to continue to develop as a tackle. He finishes well and as he fills out his frame and becomes more powerful he could be a high-end run blocker.

Oklahoma's Chances: Formby is another expected visitor to Norman on March 5 and has built a good relationship with Jeff Lebby.

The Tape: Gulette is another extremely athletic linebacker who plays well in space and is a natural playmaker when near the ball. He's still becoming the physical run defender he'll have to be but has the tools to get there.

Oklahoma's Chances: Gullette is very interested but it's hard to bet against nearby Texas A&M at this point.

The Tape: Harrison-Pilot is a very well put together outside receiver that has plenty of speed and a natural feel for working vertically. He's got the power and size to dominant out wide.

Oklahoma's Chances: Harrison-Pilot is another player who had a pre-existing relationship with Jeff Lebby and should hit Norman sooner rather than later.

The Tape: Haynes is an incredibly smooth back with easy acceleration and a very easy cutback style.

Oklahoma's Chances: Haynes is though by most to be a Georgia lean.

The Tape: Heard is a physical safety who comes up and plays run nicely. He's also got a good feel for coverage and can work in both man and zone schemes.

Oklahoma's Chances: Heard loves the Sooners early on and should be visiting in March but there is a long way to go in his recruitment.

The Tape: Jackson sticks out with his great length and clear quick processing. When he sees something he attacks and with his long arms he can disrupt passing lanes with ease.

Oklahoma's Chances: Jackson is expecting to be in Norman in March and seems to have very real interest.

The Tape: Jackson is a powerfully built back but the more you watch him the more impressive he becomes with his ability as a receiver and to play in space. He figures to be one of the best backs in Texas in recent classes.

Oklahoma's Chances: Jackson is very interested in the, relatively, nearby Sooners and a visit seems likely soon.

The Tape: Jobe, who just finished his first full season of football, is an absurdly talented athlete that is, understandably, still figuring his way around football. He has unbelievable length and shows off a lot of ability to close. If it all comes together for him the sky is the limit.

Oklahoma's Chances: Oklahoma has to be thought the favorite for the intriguing Jobe.

The Tape: Johnson is a defender that will definitely take a peek in the backfield when the moment presents itself. He's probably a safety in the college game but with his feel and length that shouldn't be a problem.

Oklahoma's Chances: Johnson has flown a bit under the radar but is starting to pick up some notoriety. He seems to be a player the Sooners could make a run at though.

The Tape: Kane is a big and long defender who probably projects as a safety at the next level. He'll pursue from sideline to sideline and really lets it rip when he sees the ball loose in front of him.

Oklahoma's Chances: Kane should be visiting on March 5 after weather canceled his attempt at visiting the first junior day. He seems very high on OU at this point.

The Tape: It's easy to talk about Kasper's hands but it's not just that which makes him so elite when the ball is in his area. His size makes him tough to beat but he really shows off elite eye-hand abilities catching the ball from so many various angles.

Oklahoma's Chances: Kasper will be interesting to follow though many, for obvious reasons, are watching Iowa.

The Tape: Kelly is an incredibly promising safety that has good eyes and the ability to close in space. He looks like a player who may have some real growth in front of him and could emerge as a national safety target.

Oklahoma's Chances: Kelly seems very high on Oklahoma at this early point.

The Tape: Lee is a smooth receiver who shows off some high-end route running potential and in spite of being something of a long-strider shows good short area burst.

Oklahoma's Chances: Lee loved his January trip to Norman and a return visit seems likely.

The Tape: Lefau moves around incredibly well and shows a great feel for finding the ball and being in the right place. He's not the biggest linebacker but he'll definitely mix it up when given the chance.

Oklahoma's Chances: Oklahoma has some connections in Hawaii at this point but we'll have to see if he goes farther than the West Coast.

The Tape: In spite of everyone overanalyzing everything he does Manning is a player who is largely worthy of his lofty hype. He's a big-time quarterback who while still having plenty to work on shows incredible confidence in the pocket and makes some unbelievable throws.

Oklahoma's Chances: Since being offered OU landed Jackson Arnold ending an already unlikely pursuit.

The Tape: Mbakwe has all the makings of an elite cornerback thanks to his explosive speed, easy change of direction, and the ability to track the ball effortlessly.

Oklahoma's Chances: Mbakwe feels like a player that will be tough to pull away from the in-state Tide.

The Tape: It may not be his future position in Norman but few running backs could be said to run with tenacity but McCarty is on that short list. McCarty plays with great violence in the run game and really has solid instincts on the defensive side of the ball.

Oklahoma's Chances: McCarty committed to Oklahoma at their Jan. 29 junior day.

The Tape: McDonald is an absolute bull on the inside but in spite of having that kind of skillset he's also incredibly quick and has some length to get offensive linemen away from him.

Oklahoma's Chances: McDonald has shocked many with his interest in the Sooners and will be in Norman on March 5. Still though, this will be an uphill battle.

The Tape: McLeod is a strong interior defender but has some quickness laterally and could be more than just a powerful nose tackle over time.

Oklahoma's Chances: McLeod has a strong relationship with Todd Bates and an OU visit seems very possible though South Carolina is the perceived favorite.

The Tape: Mizell has incredible burst and long speed and with his size figures to be a dominant outside receiver in time. He's one of the highest upside receivers in 2023.

Oklahoma's Chances: It feels as though Mizell will give Oklahoma a decent look but he hasn't said much, as of yet, about his interest in the Sooners.

The Tape: Moore is a skilled receiver that has big-time potential who can do a bit of everything and, obviously will only continue to grow and improve.

Oklahoma's Chances: It's obviously very early but Moore was among the new staff's first offers. That may have some meaning going forward.

The Tape: Moore is an athletic defensive tackle with good length and impressive pass rushing ability from the interior.

Oklahoma's Chances: Moore's first offer came from Oklahoma and it still stands alone - a reality that clearly counts for something with him.

The Tape: Some guys are just born football players and Patterson fits that mold. Whether it's being a gunner on special teams a safety on defense, or at receiver on offense, all he does it make big plays for Chaminade.

Oklahoma's Chances: Oklahoma has good ties at Chaminade but it's early to know where he really stands.

The Tape: Rashada is a big-armed quarterback who throws the deep ball as well as any quarterback in the country. He blends that with good athleticism and the promise of potential to come.

Oklahoma's Chances: With the commitment of Arnold the door pretty much closed on Rashada.

The Tape: Reichert is a massive blocker who has surprisingly good bend and is an adept pass blocker. As he leans out and continues to develop his frame he has a chance to be an absolute standout.

Oklahoma's Chances: Reichert really likes Bill Bedenbaugh but there has been a lot of Alabama and Missouri talk.

The Tape: Robinson is a prototypical cornerback with impressive length, smooth and easy change of direction, and acceleration for days.

Oklahoma's Chances: Robinson seems pretty open to the process and his presence at IMG should create a lot of interesting connections in the next year.

The Tape: Watching Rogers everything just looks so easy. He rarely looks challenged and has the ability to turn and run with just about anyone. It is impressive how many passes defended he gathers though he might want a few more interceptions for his efforts.

Oklahoma's Chances: Rogers was expected in Norman next weekend but that won't be happening. Regardless he seems to have some interest in the Sooners.

The Tape: Rojas is an extremely active linebacker who looks most at home coming off the edge. He plays with good pad level and like many pass rushers has natural speed to close on ball carriers and quarterbacks.

Oklahoma's Chances: There's a lot of belief that Penn State is the team to beat here.

The Tape: Russaw is a truly explosive linebacker who isn't just quick with his feet but reads and reacts swiftly. When he decides to pull the trigger on a ball carrier, he does so.

Oklahoma's Chances: Like many guys on this list, beating in-state superpowers like Alabama is always a tough task.

The Tape: One of those rare receivers who blends easy acceleration with impressive size. It's probably the Louisiana connection but it's hard not to see some Jamarr Chase in what he's doing.

Oklahoma's Chances: One would have to think that LSU is going to be tough to beat, as they always are in-state.

The Tape: A long and smooth receiver that has the size to work up field with ease.

Oklahoma's Chances: Another Chaminade product that could be interesting to watch as the Sooners have history with the school, thanks to Marquise Brown's prep days.

The Tape: Smith is a big and powerful defensive lineman who is still learning his way around but the frame and strength are there to be an intriguing player who might be even more dangerous should he slide inside.

Oklahoma's Chances: There has been some early talk about Texas for Smith but it seems early enough for things to change.

The Tape: Spencer has some of the most fun tape on this list. He's big, fast, and violent upon arrival. The interesting thing about Spencer is that he can grow into a linebacker if safety doesn't work out.

Oklahoma's Chances: It's a bit unclear where Oklahoma is with Spencer but there is some reason to believe they'll be in the race.

The Tape: Starlings is a good athlete who has the potential to be a quality pass rusher in the college game. He's already talented but he has lots of room to develop his game going forward.

Oklahoma's Chances: One would have to think that the Sooners have a legitimate chance with Starlings due to their recent successes in the area as well as the new staff's connections. That said, most feel Michigan is the leader.

The Tape: Stuart is an explosive athlete who blends impressive agility with great size and an easy physicality. He could be one of the more underrated prospects in the 2023 class.

Oklahoma's Chances: Stuart is an uphill battle but not an impossible one, the Sooners will need to be patient and for Stuart to be the same with his recruitment.

The Tape: Trader is a long receiver who accelerates downfield and has the ability to be truly dangerous vertically.

Oklahoma's Chances: It's early but at the moment Trader feels like an Ohio State and Alabama battle.

The Tape: Umeozulu has the look of a long and lengthy pass rusher but is stronger at the point of attack than one might expect.

Oklahoma's Chances: Umeozulu seems to be high on Penn State, Ohio State, and Clemson at the moment.

The Tape: Vasek is well-versed with his hands and just does an unbelievable job shedding blocks with that knowledge and his relentless motor. He could become one of the more complete defensive ends in the class.

Oklahoma's Chances: Oklahoma has had plenty of wins in Central Texas through the years but never at Westlake.

The Tape: Vickers has a chance to score in all three phases and is dangerous with the ball in his hands. He's just a natural ball player that does a bit of everything.

Oklahoma's Chances: Vickers is getting the full court press from hometown Florida State, that may be tough for anyone to overcome.

The Tape: You have to keep reminding yourself that Waller is just a freshman in his reel but there's obviously plenty to like. His speed of thought and ability to react quickly is a standout trait.

Oklahoma's Chances: It's wildly early to know what Oklahoma's odds look like but it's obviously not the same battle it once was in Southern California.

The Tape: Washington is an impressive young defender who shows ability both as a run defender as well as a future pass rusher thanks to a potentially great first step.

Oklahoma's Chances: There is some confidence around Ohio State right now.

The Tape: Washington is an absolute burner who is one-missed tackle away from a touchdown on just about any given play. He's a decisive return man and generally just the kind of guy you'd imagine being near impossible to keep off the field for his future college choice.

Oklahoma's Chances: Washington has already committed to Miami once before, one would have to think the Hurricanes could be a tough nut to crack for Washington.

The Tape: Williams is an incredibly young player but he's also one who is very decisive around the ball whether it's on offense or defense.

Oklahoma's Chances: It's early but he has prominently mentioned South Carolina, Miami, and Florida State so far.

The Tape: Williams is deservedly one of the nation's elite safeties and his tremendous length and closing speed makes him a defender who could work in the box as naturally as playing centerfield.

Oklahoma's Chances: There's considerable buzz with him and LSU at the moment.

The Tape: Williams is a skilled receiver who has ability as a route runner and strong hands. He's not overwhelming vertically but is a very capable playmaker.

Oklahoma's Chances: Some think the homestate Ducks may be in very good shape but it's early for the Sooners, perhaps they can make a run?

The Tape: Williams is a bit upright but is absurdly gifted in how he changes direction for a player at 6-5. His acceleration and ability to separate is easy and smooth - in short, he's an ideal perimeter pass catcher.

Oklahoma's Chances: Williams feels like a guy that OU might have a chance at but their next win at Lakeland will be their first.