Venables visits Walker

Four-star cornerback Marcus Walker is still a “must-have” recruit for the Oklahoma Sooners. The coach in charge of recruiting Marcus is the clearest indication of just how important he is to the Sooner recruiting effort.
“Brent Venables stopped by the house,” Walker said. “He has been recruiting me throughout the process for Oklahoma. It was cool to have him in the house to meet my grandma after talking to him for so long.”
Venables is reputed as the Sooner recruiting ace, and it seems that his reputation was well deserved, as he adlibbed with Marcus’ grandmother while he waited for Marcus to arrive.
“I think everything went really well. I wasn’t there at first, so he just hung out with my grandma. She seemed to really like him. My grandma is pretty laid back, even if she is getting tired of all the visitors to the house.”
“She and coach Venables actually talked about football. My Grandma went to Lincoln high school in Dallas. So coach Venables told her all about this kid Byron Eaton that he said might be the best junior in Texas.”
Venables also impressed the 5-foot-11, 180-pound Walker.
“I saw coach Venables at the weight room actually. He’s so young and fit that I didn’t realize it was him. He was talking to my coach, and I was working out with (former Waco Lion) Kwame Cavil. I walked up to him, and then I realized who it was.”
“When I got to sit down and talk to coach Venables, we had a good discussion. We talked about my opportunities up at Oklahoma, and what a great school they have. It just helped to get me excited for my visit there.”
Visitors have flooded Waco, Texas in recent weeks, but one head coach in particular made an impression on Marcus Walker and his couch.
“Coach Bobby Bowden came to the house. That was really cool. It was like a dream come true to have him sitting on my couch. I have always dreamed of meeting him and playing at Florida State since I was a little kid.”
“I was pretty excited, but the people at school were more excited than I was.”
Even though Florida State is a dream shot, Walker has talked about the possibility of passing up that childhood fantasy in favor of better options.
“I always wanted to play for FSU, but I will go wherever is best for me as a player. I am going to take all my visits and come up with something after that.”
If Walker’s timetable seems murky, that is because it is. Walker says that his heart will tell him when to make his decision, even if the people at the All-American bowl would like otherwise.
“I don’t think you can put a timetable on something like this. I think you just have to announce it when you are good and ready.”
“I had thought that I would commit during the US Army game. They wanted me to anyway, but I don’t think that I will be doing that. Too many people committing at the game, and I don’t really want to put a date on it, because I might wake up the next day and regret it.”
This weekend, Walker is part of Oklahoma’s gigantic recruiting visit list. He is looking forward to his return trip to Norman, as well as a reunion with his old high school friend, Vince Carter.
“I’m excited about this trip. I am definitely going to chill with my boy Vince Carter. I am going to hang around with him cause I haven’t seen him in a while.”
“I couldn’t tell you what Oklahoma needs to show me this weekend. I just have to get that ‘right’ feeling about the school. If I feel the most comfortable with my situation there, and with the coaches, then that is where I will play my college football.”
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