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What Did Oklahoma Bring to Norman

Things may not have always been pretty for the group departing in the class of 2012 in spite of a racuous start including, for some, a trip to the National Championship game following the 2008 season, and then saw the Sooners win their first BCS bowl in nearly a decade that joined a Big 12 title in 2010. However, for every inch of success disappointment was visited upon them two-fold with the injury plagued 2009 season along with the 2011 and 2012 seasons that saw Oklahoma put together solid campaigns but fell short of the preseason goals of not only fans but the team itself. That being said, the Sooners Cotton bowl defeat saw the completion of careers for no fewer than 14 players who were multi-year starters during their 40 wins over the last four years.
NOTE: Any player that finished out his collegiate career will be given at least two stars, for that in and of itself is a significant accomplishment that not every player achieves. Also included are any early entrants into the NFL draft.