Wheeler Has Oklahoma on Top

If he uses his remaining two years of eligibility remaining Sooners linebacker Frank Shannon will be part of the completion of six straight years of a Dallas Skyline product playing a key roll in Oklahoma's linebacker corps.
The Sooners hope to see that streak continue into a decade with their recent offer and pursuit of current Raiders class of 2015 standout Anthony Wheeler. And with that end in mind brought the 6-foot-2, 217-pound linebacker to this weekend's junior day.
Wheeler, accompanied by his mother, took in Oklahoma and though he didn't catch up with Shannon the two are becoming more and more familiar with each other.
"Oh yeah, I've been talking to Frank, he gave me his number not too long ago and we've been talking for a while. He has talked about the family atmosphere, and you can go and talk to the coaches at any time. All the older players treat the new players good and help them get adapted," Wheeler said of his conversations with Shannon.
During the nation's No. 240 overall prospect's trip to Norman though it was more about the chance to familiarize himself with the Sooner staff including Tim Kish, Shannon's current position coach.
"We met all the coaches, met coach (Bob) Stoops and met coach Kish, my position coach," he explained. "Then we went to lunch and we had some one-on-one time with our position coach and got some information on the educational part of the facility.
"Coach Kish was making sure I knew that I could contribute."
Through the course of the weekend, several recruits have mentioned Stoops talking at length about his long-term future in Norman and the reality of not only the length of his time in Norman but how much longer he plans to be on campus.
"Really, I came into his office and he was telling me about himself and how long he'd been there," the nation's No. 7 inside linebacker said. "(Stoops) talked about his family, his awards, and wanted to get to know me and my mom more."
Wheeler, who says he loose plans to visit the Baylor spring game as well as unscheduled, but expected, trips to Oklahoma, Alabama, and Ole Miss, said that his trip to Norman left the Sooners in a very strong position.
"I think I would put them over Texas in my top," Wheeler said.
So does that make them his current top choice?
" Yes sir they are the top."