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Where We'd Rank 2022

Oklahoma's class of 2022 had work left to do in January and they put together an impressive haul landing six signees since the 14 that signed in December. As we do every year we take a look at all of Oklahoma's signees and offer our thoughts on where they should be ranked due to our video and in-person evaluations.

SoonerScoop Ranking: 4-star (5.8)

Reasoning: I just don't think you can overlook the size/speed combo that Anderson possesses. He's a guy that I was pretty strong on with his senior tape but after seeing him in person he moved up in my eyes. He's a lot more smooth than you realize and a guy with plenty of frame to grow into.

Player Comparison: I made a comparison when he committed that I really don't care for but there's some of 'bowl game Quentin Chaney' here.

SoonerScoop Ranking: 4-star (5.9)

Reasoning: I'm a big fan of Barnes and see a complete back that can do a bit of everything. He's more physically impressive than some people realize and having Barnes already on campus will only help him make an early impact.

Player Comparison: I see a lot of former Texas A&M standout Trayveon Williams.

SoonerScoop Ranking: 4-star (5.8)

Reasoning: It's hard to be a much bigger believer in Burt, without ever having seen him, than I currently am. The big-time defensive back has a ton of versatility and could factor in at cornerback or safety and even in the return game.

Player Comparison: I've said it elsewhere but he reminds me of Reggie Smith.

SoonerScoop Ranking: 4-star (5.9)

Reasoning: I'm pretty bought in on this after not just watching the tape but also speaking to Evers and his family. There's considerable talent here that can be further refined. If that all comes together he could be the steal of the class for the Sooners. Being a 'steal' in the top 250 isn't something usually possible but that's how much upside he has if it all comes together.

Player Comparison: It's an unfair comp to lay at his feet and though their methods are different it's hard not to be reminded a bit of Baker Mayfield with the way he works within the pocket and throws the deep ball.

SoonerScoop Ranking: 4-star (5.9)

Reasoning: I still can't believe this guy was available for the Sooners to grab this late in the game. Gibson has a huge catch radius and is as skilled in the air as any receiver I've seen so far this year.

Player Comparison: I literally said yesterday but he reminds me of some sort of combination of Mike Evans and Braylon Edwards. So, in short? I've got big expectations for Gibson.

SoonerScoop Ranking: 3-star (5.7)

Reasoning: Halton is a guy who may not have the elite measurables but is a productive player with an incredible motor to chase plays all over the field. He's another versatile defender who can move around and play just about any position along the defensive line.

Player Comparison: I've said it before but he reminds me some of Pryce Macon.

SoonerScoop Ranking: 4-star (5.8)

Reasoning: Helms has great length and the ability to strain linebackers in the college game. He'll be a matchup nightmare, particularly as he starts to fill out his lean frame.

Player Comparison: I don't have one that just screams at me but there is some comparison here with former OKPreps standout Jace Sternberger.

SoonerScoop Ranking: 4-star (5.8)

Reasoning: Henry is a guy who has some rare burst and speed to go with impressive length. He's a rare defensive end playing some running back and when he does have the ball you see some of how well he can move laterally and that he has some real burst out of his cuts and change of direction.

Player Comparison: I see some of former five-star R.J. Washington.

SoonerScoop Ranking: 4-star (5.8)

Reasoning: I just can't get over the athleticism combo here with Kanak. He's still working on refining his game and just hasn't played much linebacker to date - featuring more at safety for Hays. But still as he learns the game and pushes himself, the sky is the limit.

Player Comparison: Again with these new commitments, it's hard not to see some Teddy Lehman in his game thanks to his speed and how much room he has to develop.

SoonerScoop Ranking: 4-star (5.9)

Reasoning: Another guy that just makes a ton of sense for Venables and his style of play. Lewis has easy speed from sideline to sideline and just has that natural feel for sticking his nose into the play. Simply put few defenders make more plays than Lewis does week in and week out.

Player Comparison: I can't help but be reminded of former Sooner Keenan Clayton.

SoonerScoop Ranking: 4-star (5.8)

Reasoning: I am not sure Llewellyn ever gets his due as a receiver and overall athlete. Yes, he's a dominant blocker and is well versed in it as a guy from a powerhouse program that loves to physically overwhelm opponents.

Player Comparison: Maybe there's more than one Bubba Moses?

SoonerScoop Ranking: 4-star (5.8)

Reasoning: I just can't think of the last time Oklahoma had a MIKE linebacker of the variety of McKinzie. They've had some good ones but few with this guy's physical makeup and ability to hold up against the work of interior lineman. This is a big guy who can do real work and if he stays on top of his conditioning he can be an every down linebacker.

Player Comparison: At his absolute peak there are some Curtis Lofton vibes here.

SoonerScoop Ranking: 3-star (5.6)

Reasoning: I don't think there is a player in the class who has more room to grow but at the same time Roberts has real short area burst and can emerge as a forceful pass rusher. If he gets more comfortable in the run game and adds to a frame that has room to fill out, he could develop into a quality player for the Sooners.

Player Comparison: There's a lot of Jordan Kelley here.

SoonerScoop Ranking: 4-star (5.8)

Reasoning: I think this assumed ranking will either be looked at as way too high or way too low. Rowe has a chance to be a transcendent player whose physical tools take him to impressive heights. Or his tools and production never quite find a home on the defensive side of the ball.

Player Comparison: He's an incredibly tough comparison to make because there just aren't many guys with his physical traits. But if you just focus on him as a defensive back I see a guy like what Michael Thompson might have been for the Sooners before his accident.

SoonerScoop Ranking: 4-star (5.8)

Reasoning: There is a feeling for me that Sawchuk is still scratching the surface of what he can be. He's got big-time speed and a solid frame. I like how decisive he is when he gets upfield.

Player Comparison: I've said it over and over again but he reminds me a ton of Tatum Bell.

SoonerScoop Ranking: 4-star (5.8)

Reasoning: I still am just enamored at this guy's continued growth Game over game, year over year, he just better every time you see him. As a young guy I thought he might be a little soft, he answered that in a big way in his final two years at Deer Creek. I've wondered about his movement skills but with his blend of size and smarts he rarely gets beaten to the edge even in camp settings.

Player Comparison: The comp may surprise some people but there is some Adrian Ealy to his game though he isn't quite as long as the former Sooner.

SoonerScoop Ranking: 4-star (5.8)

Reasoning: I'm not sure there is a guy in the class that I would be more willing to bet on vastly outplaying his ranking than Spears-Jennings. He has grown considerably since first coming onto the scene and whether it's at receiver or in the secondary this guy just makes plays.

Player Comparison: With his future at safety, his size, his physicality, and his natural playmaking ability I see some comparison with former Texas A&M safety Donovan Wilson.

SoonerScoop Ranking: 3-star (5.7)

Reasoning: I think this could be another guy that surprises people nationally with what he becomes. He's very active, very powerful and on tape looks like a guy who still has plenty of room to grow into his frame.

Player Comparison: He reminds me more than a little bit of long-time Ohio State standout Haskell Garrett.

SoonerScoop Ranking: 4-star (6.0)

Reasoning: I think this will surprise some people but the more I watched his senior tape the more I loved what I saw. Taylor is physically overwhelming but at the same time has the length and feet to be a high quality tackle.

Player Comparison: I see very real comparisons with Cody Ford as Taylor just plays with a nastiness that few can match.

SoonerScoop Ranking: 3-star (5.7)

Reasoning: It's hard to see the tape and not be impressed with what Thomas is putting out there for the two-time defending state champions, Cardinal Gibbons. Thomas may not be the tallest guy but he's got plenty of length on the edge and the burst to be a tremendous pass rusher for Oklahoma.

Player Comparison: I see a lot of former Sooner Charles Tapper on Thomas' tape.

SoonerScoop Ranking: 4-star (5.9)

Reasoning: Williams is another defensive back with outstanding length but he also brings rare speed to the position. Williams is raw and still putting the pieces together but the bottom line is that he has a physical skillset that, with some time with Jerry Schmidt could really emerge as a standout.

Player Comparison: He reminds me a lot of former Sooner elite signee Michael Hawkins.