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Who were Oklahomas Hot 11 for 2010

The Sooner Hot 11 is a SoonerScoop.com ranking, compiled by associated editor Josh McCuistion, of the previous Saturday's top performers but with the season now complete it's time to compile the list for the entire 2010 season from the early year struggles with Utah State and Air Force at home to the demolition of Big East champions Connecticut in yet another BCS bowl game for Bob Stoops. In a new twist to this feature we've come up with the number of times each player on the entire roster made the Hot 11, so keep reading past the top spot and see just where your favorite Sooners wound up this season!
It should be noted that the stats and information below was completed after the Hot 11 had been ranked -but not written- so not everything is going to match up numerically. The Hot 11 is my gut reaction to what I've seen and not based on anything numeric or even truly mathematically sortable.
The average below was done using each players placement in each Hot 11 through the season - they are linked below if you'd like to have a look-. On weeks in which they weren't ranked, they got a '12' thrown into their average which is why most of the rankings are very closely tied together as well as why some rankings go over the obvious '11' mark.
AVG: 4.33 (10 Hot 11 Nominations) Ryan Broyles
AVG: 4.56 (10 Hot 11 Nominations) Landry Jones
AVG: 5.4 (10 Hot 11 Nominations) Demarco Murray
AVG: 7. 8 (five Hot 11 Nominations) Jamell Fleming
AVG: 8.08 (six Hot 11 Nominations) Travis Lewis
AVG: 8. 56 (seven Hot 11 Nominations) Jeremy Beal
AVG: 9. 16 (four Hot 11 Nominations) Cameron Kenney
AVG: 9.25 (seven Hot 11 Nominations) Kenny Stills
AVG: 9.33 (five Hot 11 Nominations) Tony Jefferson
AVG: 9. 4 (five Hot 11 Nominations) Jarvis Jones
AVG: 9. 8 (seven Hot 11 Nominations) Demontre Hurst
AVG: 10.16 (three Hot 11 Nominations) Jamarkus McFarland
AVG: 10.16 (three Hot 11 Nominations) Jonathan Nelson
AVG: 10.33 (three Hot 11 Nominations) Stacy McGee
AVG: 10.5 (five Hot 11 Nominations) Trey Millard
AVG: 10.5 (four Hot 11 Nominations) Quinton Carter
AVG: 10.66 (five Hot 11 Nominations) Donald Stephenson
AVG: 10.75 (four Hot 11 Nominations) Ben Habern
AVG: 10.75 (three Hot 11 Nominations) Frank Alexander
AVG: 11.08 (one Hot 11 Nomination) Pryce Macon
AVG: 11.16 (three Hot 11 Nominations) Ronnell Lewis
AVG: 11.16 (two Hot 11 Nominations) Eric Mensik
AVG: 11. 25 (four Hot 11 Nominations) Tom Wort
AVG: 11.25 (one Hot 11 Nomination) James Hanna
AVG: 11.33 (three Hot 11 Nominations) Roy Finch
AVG: 11. 33 (two Hot 11 Nominations) Tress Way
AVG: 11.33 (one Hot 11 Nomination) Jimmy Stevens
AVG: 11.4 (one Hot 11 Nomination) Gabe Ikard
AVG: 11. 4 (three Hot 11 Nominations) Austin Box
AVG: 11.56 (two Hot 11 Nominations) Dejuan Miller
AVG: 11.75 (one Hot 11 Nomination) Aaron Colvin
AVG: 11.75 (one Hot 11 Nomination) Javon Harris
AVG: 11.75 (one Hot 11 Nomination) Trent Ratterree
AVG: 11.92 (one Hot 11 Nomination) Trey Franks
Odd-ities and Ends
*Demontre Hurst made the list a staggering four times at the exact same spot of No. 10, not even sure I could do that if I was consciously making the choice.
*It should come as no surprise that Ryan Broyles led the way with top spots in the Hot 11 (three) but it may surprise many to know that it was Jamell Fleming who finished second with two times in the top spot. Interestingly, Pryce Macon may be the first guy ever whose only trip to the Hot 11 in his career was at No. 1.
*It should be remembered when doing the math on both Austin Box and Dejuan Miller that their '12' was averaged for the whole season even though they weren't playing for a good portion of the year.
*An impressive seven freshmen made the list at one point another in the season and five of those, Kenny Stills (7), Tony Jefferson and Trey Millard (5), Tom Wort (4), and Roy Finch (3) made the list multiple times. Aaron Colvin made the list in his only start of the season, while Wort made it in the Baylor game in which he didn't start.
*Of the top 11 players in average ranking, only three, Demarco Murray, Jeremy Beal, and Cameron Kenney, are not returning next year.
*Players per position group that made the list: QB (1), RB (3), TE (2), WR (5), OL (5), DL (5), LB (3), DB (6), STs (2)
*It's funny as I look at the numbers cumulatively through the season compared to what my reaction is at this point in the year. In some ways it's same but you look at a guy like Frank Alexander who I've been tough on for much of the year but was great down the stretch and I can't help but wonder if closing strong didn't put him on the list over a guy who maybe started strong but didn't finish as well.
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