Williams and Savage Set to Reunite

Though Oklahoma had a few tough recruiting weekends through the 2013 season the final weekend prior to National Signing day ended perfectly after Dionte Savage announced he was committing to the Sooners and would sign with them in 48 hours time. His commitment joined fellow weekend visitor Dakota Austin who announced his choice to head to Norman during his official visit on Saturday.
Though Savage waited until he got home to let the world know, he immediately began letting other schools know of his choice to join his former Yuma (Ariz.) Arizona Western C.C. teammate Damien Williams - who starred for Oklahoma in 2012.
"Oh man I had a great time at Oklahoma, I really liked the school, the program, and it was great to reconnect with Damien, we had a long talk and everything," Savage said.
"Oh yeah me and Damien are good friends, we had a long talk and that put Oklahoma over the top. He was telling me it's a great place to be and that I can come in and make a big impact. It's a great opportunity for me and I feel like I can come in and right away make a big impact on the team.
"We talked about the future there and what we could accomplish together rand I feel like it's a great fit for me."
Among the schools he had to call was Baylor, who he had been committed to since Jan. 20, and though it wasn't a pleasant call he says it was something he had to do.
"I've talked to Baylor, Kansas, conversations like that don't end well because it's not what another coach wants to hear, but at the end of the day it's all business," he said. "They missed on another guy before they offered me so they were just doing what was best for them - I'm doing the same."
Savage had not planned to announce any change from the Bears until National Signing Day but admitted the chaos of recruiting had worn him down and at the end of the day the chance to play at Oklahoma wasn't something he wanted to wait on.
"I'm just tired of all the commotion, people calling and asking about what I'm going to do, what school I'm going to go to," he said. "I knew when I left OU I was going to go to OU, I didn't feel like I should wait.
So what are Oklahoma's plans for him and will he be playing on the interior or perimeter of Oklahoma's offensive line next season?
"The coaches were great and you know how everyone talks about Oklahoma and they win, the way I feel about that. I'm a competitor and I work hard and I feel like I can win a job. And really, the coaches aren't bringing me in for no reason and he knows I'm a two for two kid, so I'm preparing myself to make an impact early," he said.
"Me and coach, we had a long talk, about Adam (Shead), and I wanted to watch him and me and coach (James) Patton and coach (Bruce) Kittle and coach (Josh) Heupel and we had a long talk, they feel like they could get me to come in and that I can play physical. That's what I'm going to do, they see me at interior guard."
That physical style of play has stood out to many who have watched Savage on film, and for the player from Michigan who moved to Yuma three years ago he says that type of play is something the Sooners plan to put to use.
"They really want to pound the ball this year, give Damien the carries and add to the system, and that's why they are bringing me in," he said.
And the good news for Oklahoma fans, who watched several last second junior college additions last year end up never making it to Norman, is that Savage is set on his plan for arrival and work in Norman.
"I'm going to be there the day summer workouts start, I may even be there a few weeks. If I can, I'd like to get there as soon as I graduate, learn the plays and work on my technique."