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Wilson finally reaches the goal he worked towards

It may seem like a long time ago to recruiting fans and college coaches but as busy as Julian Wilson has kept himself the past few months trying to get those same college coaches to look his way it's unlikely he ever felt he had enough time.
The 6-foot-2, 172-pound three-star athlete has been to shoe camps, team camps, and everything else in between on his way to picking up offers from Oklahoma, Florida, Missouri, Kansas, Stanford, and Nebraska among many others.
On Tuesday he took in Oklahoma's campus with his family and Oklahoma defensive backs coach Bobby Jack Wright; while visiting Norman Wilson had a chance to talk with his family and went ahead and pulled the trigger on becoming a Sooner.
"I went ahead and committed," Wilson said. "The trip was really about me having a chance to get to know coach Wright and get an idea of his thoughts on things like redshirting, academics of course are always going to be a question of my parents, and just seeing how I fit into things."
While Wilson has been under the impression that his future in Norman would be at free safety he says that either safety or cornerback were mentioned as possibilities.
Much the same his status as a redshirt or otherwise is a bit up in the air.
"Coach Wright said it was kind of up to me. I mean he told me that right now I have the speed to play the college game but obviously I can put some weight on," he said. "If I can put some weight on and show that I can make that leap to the college game then I can contribute to the team.
"My parents also liked the chance to look around and liked what coach Wright had to say about taking care of school."
Originally when informing SoonerScoop.com of his commitment Wilson termed his decision as a 'soft verbal' and maintained he'd still like to take a few more visits come the fall.
A few hours later it seemed that Wilson had a serious change of heart.
"Oh the more I thought about it I just realized that if I was going to make a commitment I needed to be done with recruiting," he said. "It just didn't make any sense to say I'm committing and then take more visits.
"I'm committed o Oklahoma, and that's where I'm going."
With any doubts removed from his mind Wilson had some time to reflect on a journey on which he went from being relatively unknown even within state lines to being one of the Big 12 region's fastest rising recruits.
"It really is amazing, I just can't believe how it has all come together. I thought a few times of committing to other schools, and no disrespect to them but those schools to Oklahoma, that's a major step up," he explained. "Again I just have to thank my family, my coaches, and everyone.
"Really my coaches, I wouldn't be up there without them. I'd probably have no offers. They took the time and cut up my film and made sure coaches, and Rivals knew about me. They've helped me so much.
"And for myself, it's such a great feeling to know that I went in there and did the work and earned this offer. I mean anything that you don't have to earn, isn't worth having."
Wilson still has some plans of having an announcement ceremony in the comings weeks but first he'll be enjoying some fruits of his labor, namely trying to spend the money of his parents who no longer have the concerns of college tuition.
"We're going to Montego Bay in Jamaica, now I just have to get to work on them on that car," he said laughing.
Upon returning it's likely he'll begin work on his two teammates whom Oklahoma has already expressed some serious interest in.
"Really with Kendal Thompson, I don't know how much work has to be done , and I think Austin Haywood would probably already be offered and committed if he had his grades up. He is taking summer school so maybe he can join me soon."