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Your Guide to SoonerScoop.com

First off, we'd like to thank you for checking out SoonerScoop.com and considering giving the leader in Sooner sports information a try.
Obviously new members will well know the site's main web address, SoonerScoop.com, but this guide is to help in figuring out where to view various aspects of the site.
The site's calling card is our weekly Friday event, the 'Sooner Scoop', posted by our resident incognito expert 'Scoop. It's full of information that is not intended for public consumption, and as such is posted on the Crimson Corner and the SoonerScoop board both of which are intended only for Oklahoma fans. When times are slow, Sooner fans enjoy the Scoop as much as any piece of information anywhere in sports reporting. In the provided link you can find Scoop's dating back to Adrian Peterson's recruitment and beyond; The Sooner Scoop Archives Part 1 and Part 2.
To find more recent Scoops: The Latest in Sooner Recruiting News
The Crimson Corner is simply is the biggest Sooner message board on the net, the Corner can be found here. It's a Sooner sports exclusive board, that is for all Sooner sports aside from men's and women's basketball which have their own SoonerScoop.com message board, the Crimson Court.
On both boards your team and recruiting questions will be answered by SoonerScoop.com administrators Carey Murdock, Eddie Radosevich, R.J. Young, and Josh McCuistion.
For our lighthearted subscribers we also have the Out of Bounds board which is dedicated to professional sports, music, movies, and just about everything else that can hold a Sooner fans attention in the few moments it sways away from Oklahoma sports. Find the Out of Bounds board here, but navigate at your own risk as the board has an 'R' rating.
Thought it sometimes may seem so, it's not all about talking on SoonerScoop.com, we also have the world's deepest recruiting database where you can find pictures, videos, and rankings, as well as tons of other types of content on Oklahoma's commitments, potential commitments, or if you'd like to keep an eye on what the Longhorns, Cowboys or any other program around the country is up to in recruiting simply go right here.
You can search both basketball and football recruits by simply changing the tab near the top of the page.
We also have yearly breakdowns of Oklahoma's top prospects called the 'War Board'; here is our 2014 edition that you can now look at as a SoonerScoop.com subscriber: The War Board: 2014. The board offers insight as well as connections to just about every aspect of Oklahoma's current recruiting stead - the board is updated almost daily.
A few of our other most popular features include the web's first, and only, Sooner scholarship breakdown which gives you an idea up to the minute of what Oklahoma's scholarship is at each position, as well as in each graduating class.
Just want to find out more information on Sooner recruits? Here is an example of our state-of-the-art profile pages that exist for each and every Sooner prospect, an example of Oklahoma's currently highest ranked member from the class of 2015, Rodney Anderson.
From the profile, you can look at player's video, photo galleries, read every story they've done with Rivals.com, look over their list of top schools and view their rankings nationally, by state, and by position.
If you're like the writers of SoonerScoop.com you're on the road about half the time so if you miss something there is an easy way to catch yourself up on all the latest news from SoonerScoop.com, the latest headlines.
One of the best and most ingenious aspects that Rivals.com brings to the equation is the 'ticker' which provides Sooner fans an easy way to find articles from every Rivals.com website about prospects that are looking at Oklahoma as the stories are posted. Check the Ticker out here.
If all of this has you sold you're ready to become an elite Sooner fan, take advantage of our 7-day FREE trial, right here! and for any questions you may have please e-mail the site administrators: Carey Murdock and/or Josh McCuistion.