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30+ New Offers Go Out

Due to a change in the NCAA calendar Oklahoma may not be able to host recruits or go see them as they have in February's past. But that hasn't slowed down the Sooners staff work with 30 offers going out since our last offer update. Take a look as we give some thoughts on the tape and the Sooners hopes for landing prospects from not only the 2021 class but 2022 and even 2023.


The Tape: Abor is a promising young defensive end who shows a great motor and quick feet. He can, at times, be a little upright but will improve tremendously as his upper body gets stronger and he gets more refined with his handwork.

Oklahoma's Chances: Abor is young but with the Sooners starting to make headway at Duncanville, they would seem to be a potential contender.

The Tape: One of the better young safeties in the 2022 class Allen is a natural centerfielder who finds, and tracks, the ball with tremendous efficiency. Unlike a lot of natural free safeties, Allen doesn't hesitate to come down and play run and arrives with speed snd some violence when he gets there.

Oklahoma's Chances: Allen has already made a trip up to Norman and loved his time, a return seems possible.

The Tape: A young back that hits the hole with impressive speed and continues to accelerate through the running lane. He has easy explosion out of each and every cut.

Oklahoma's Chances: A running back from Las Vegas? One would have to think the Sooners have a very unique, and attractive pitch for Barnes.

The Tape: Barnes is an extremely explosive secondary prospect. He is physical when he plays the run but has the speed to close space and attack with the ball in the air. He could play safety or corner in the college game.

Oklahoma's Chances: Oklahoma has offered three prospects at Quince Orchard and would seem a solid bet to get an official visit for Barnes.

The Tape: Long with a surprisingly powerful running style Brown. And though he has that power he sets up blocks well and has quick feet for such a long strider.

Oklahoma's Chances: Brown is a player that Oklahoma could really contend for but we'll have to see how they pursue him while after so many other elite national backs.

The Tape: An explosive edge rusher with unbelievable length and the ability to close around the corner. Carter, not surprisingly, isn't very physical right now but as he fill sout that should come.

Oklahoma's Chances: Going into Georgia and landing elite talent is tough but Oklahoma is slowly becoming a presence in the state.

The Tape: Crowdus has explosive speed and though he isn't an overwhelmingly big guy he has loads of ability to make plays in space and could become a high-quality route runner. The way he moves and runs is wildly reminiscent of former Sooner star Marquise Brown.

Oklahoma's Chances: One would have to think the Sooners could get an official visit from the Kentucky product but Mark Stoops is obviously doing big things and recruiting in Kentucky isn't what it once was.

The Tape: A linebacker who not only reads quickly but has the high-end speed to close on ball carriers from the sideline to sideline. For a smaller linebacker he is surprisingly willing to be physical.

Oklahoma's Chances: Dillworth has talked about taking an Oklahoma official visit but the Sooners weren't on his recent top teams list.

The Tape: Ewers is a surprisingly good athlete who can make plays with his feet but it's that athleticism that allows him to find his way around the pocket. What is truly outstanding though is his ability to throw the ball down field.

Oklahoma's Chances: Ewers is a high-caliber quarterback in the Dallas area. It's not hard to envision the Sooners being in this until the end.

The Tape: Though Farooq has plenty of length he has surprising agility and lateral quickness for a player with his long speed. He also shines in the return game thanks to that quick change of direction.

Oklahoma's Chances: Farooq may be somewhat connected to Oklahoma's pursuit of Caleb Williams but if the Sooners can land the elite quarterback their odds might get a real shot in the arm.

The Tape: Whether it's playing the run or trying to break up a pass Gee is a heat-seeking missile that does everything at 100-miles an hour. He has the frame and body to lower the boom on just about anyone who'd cross paths with him.

Oklahoma's Chances: Landing an elite defender from Georgia who has an offer from the Dogs? It's not impossible but it'd be unprecedented in recent time.

The Tape: Gilliam is a powerfully built defensive end prospect who has a great first step and the quickness to slip past just about any offensive tackle. Gilliam has some power and could move up considerably as time goes on.

Oklahoma's Chances: Gilliam is a player that Oklahoma figures to make a real priority and a visit seems within reach but Ohio State is thought to be a leader here.

The Tape: Hudson is reminiscent of Sooners 2020 signee Marvin Mims with his great feet and natural route-running ability. He has some strength after the catch and figures to only get faster as time passes.

Oklahoma's Chances: Oklahoma in the Dallas area is always going to be a real contender but Hudson is so young he's a bit of an unknown at this point.

The Tape: A big and powerfully built route runner who has a good feel for working into space. And when he gets into that space he has the speed to work up field and attack defenders.

Oklahoma's Chances: Another player from a region that Oklahoma is picking up momentum with and Johnson doesn't seem to have any clear cut leaders.

The Tape: Jordan is a big and physical corner that shows some ability to excel playing both press and off coverages. He can sometimes get a little lost in space but has the recovery speed he needs to fix errors.

Oklahoma's Chances: Though Denton Ryan has been cruel to Oklahoma in the last year, the Sooners have the advantage of proximity to the program and perhaps they could land the high end talent.

The Tape: Leigh's length and frame would make one think that tackle is his future but his playing style seems that of a lead-blocking, and potentially dominant, guard. There's a lot to learn about just where his future lies but regardless, he's got a load of talent as a blocker.

Oklahoma's Chances: Leigh had a lot of early recruiting buzz so one can't help but wonder if the Sooners were just too late in this pursuit.

The Tape: McCullough is an incredibly intriguing athlete who, with his massive frame, could play any number of defensive positions. Whether he factors as a linebacker, safety, or elsewhere on defense McCullough plays downhill and loves violence at contact.

Oklahoma's Chances: It's pretty rare that Oklahoma gets involved with a Kansas product and doesn't compete until the end.

The Tape: Though his reel is from just one game, there is plenty more to see of Moore and whether it's at corner or receiver his speed is easy to identify. In the final clip of the reel Moore's coverage is eight yards off, by the time the ball is thrown, roughly 40 yards down field, he is three or four yards in front of the corner. He's got big-time vertical speed.

Oklahoma's Chances: It's incredibly early for Moore but, again, the Sooners have a special connection in Nevada with the arrival of Demarco Murray it will be interesting to see how far that takes them.

The Tape: Okoli may still be putting all the pieces together but he is a guy with real physicality at the point of attack. But unlike many physical run-stuffing defensive ends, he has twitch to his game and can be a dangerous pass rusher as he refines his game.

Oklahoma's Chances: Oklahoma's success in Missouri in recent years, though largely on the other side of the state, is notable and Okoli feels like a guy they have a real chance to land as time passes.

The Tape: For a big man Price does an outstanding job of 'getting skinny' between the tackles and finds his way through tight space. He has nice ability to sink and change directions as his target climbs up and down the pocket.

Oklahoma's Chances: It's always going to be tough to land North Carolina products, especially with the emerge of Mack Brown.

The Tape: With his great frame and length it's easy to get caught up in his ability as a pass rusher but he shows some surprising promise as a run defender. His upside is considerable.

Oklahoma's Chances: It's an interesting offer that may show some early signs of just how much impact Jamar Cain can have for the Sooners.

The Tape: Ritzie is yet another defensive end on this list that has tremendous length and all that athleticism needed to fit into what Oklahoma is doing defensively. Ritzie has length and power to make himself into a high upside pass rusher.

Oklahoma's Chances: Ritzie is an elite target that is highly coveted by a lot of programs, if the Sooners can get an offer maybe something can come together.

The Tape: Spells is an impressive athlete with the ability to explode out of breaks and a surprisingly nice feel for finding his way into holes in a pass defense.

Oklahoma's Chances: If Spells can buy into the idea of being the next Marquise Brown, perhaps they can pull a big win in Florida.

The Tape: It's a little hard to believe that Sturidvant wasn't already blowing up in the recruiting world. He mixes a nice frame with easy speed and the ability to separate withi his quick feet and ability to get out of his breaks.

Oklahoma's Chances: Sturdivant is starting to land some big offers but the Sooners were in earlier than most and should be able to be a very real contender here.

The Tape: Taylor, the son of the NFL standout of the same name and position, has the look of one of the elite corners in the 2022 class. He shows good physicality and the speed to play catch up when needed. In short his raw tools are outstanding.

Oklahoma's Chances: Oklahoma hasn't ever had a lot of success at Katy and has some ground to make up with Taylor but if they can get him to campus this spring, perhaps something happens.

The Tape: An instinctive interior pass rusher that has an impressive array of skills. Taylor has the frame and power to work inside but can get upfield and be the middle of the pocket mover.

Oklahoma's Chances: It's been a while since Oklahoma landed an elite Miami area product.

The Tape: Whether it's tight end or defensive end Terry is a monstrously talented athlete that blends physicality with surprise high-end athleticism. He's got a chance to be a difference maker on either side of the ball.

Oklahoma's Chances: Unlike Taylor, Terry hails from an area that Oklahoma has had a lot of success in and could be another player that shows the early impact of Jamar Cain.

The Tape: Tollison is a guy worth watching thanks to his light feet and solid base. He's a natural knee bender that has some ability to finish. He's got a chance to really climb in the rankings.

Oklahoma's Chances: Almost at the moment he picked up an offer Tollison started making plans for a Norman visit.

The Tape: Wiggins is a natural playmaker with the speed and ball skills to be dynamic as soon as he has the ball in his hands. His future may be at receiver but corner is completely possible as well.

Oklahoma's Chances: This feels like the kind of prospect that Oklahoma could make a real run at.

The Tape: It's not hard to see what Oklahoma has taken a shine to, Wilcoxson is a vicious hitter who closes with reckless abandon. He is a good athlete who can play in space but it's his physicality that makes him special.

Oklahoma's Chances: Wilcoxson is already committed to Florida and figures to end up with the Gators but could the Sooners get a visit? That seems possible.

The Tape: Has a smooth and easy change of direction that flashes elite potential at cornerback. He could also play a role at receiver but his quickness may make corner his best future.

Oklahoma's Chances: Wright seems big on Oregon at this point but there is plenty of ability for the Sooners to become real contenders.

The Tape: Zachary has something of a unique body type but when you watch him close on a ball carrier it's not hard to see why there is such growing enthusiasm for him. He does a great job of working the corner both in pass rush as well as run defense.

Oklahoma's Chances: It feels like Oklahoma is on the outside looking in for him but it's early enough that perhaps things could turn.