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Big Moves in State Top 10

Oklahoma's Sooner State Rankings have been reviewed after months of tape, camps, practices, and other chances to evaluate some of Oklahoma's best. And now it's time for them to be updated and though it's not a class that has drawn the attention of some of it's predecessors there is representation in the top 10 of the Big 12, Pac-12, SEC, Big 10, and even a somewhat surprising Sun Belt?

Take a look as we update our initial release of the Sooner State Rankings.

1. Andrew Raym

Thoughts: Raym has been a dominant force for the defending 6A-1 state champions since his freshman year and has only continued to develop since. Unlike so many guys who were so large at such a young age Raym has no issue with physicality and tends to love burying all comers. There is no prospect in the state who seems a safer bet in becoming a very, very good college football player and it's tough envision him budging from this spot anytime soon.

Last Ranking: 1

Highest: 1 (1/23/19)

Lowest: 1 (1/23/19)

2. Sevion Morrison

Thoughts: Morrison has big-time speed and has the kind of physical frame that should hold up well in the college game. And whoever heard of a Tulsa Public Schools product becoming a huge running back recruit? Morrison just didn't take as long as his predecessor Josh Jacobs. Morrison's senior season shows burst, physicality, and the way he attacks running lanes.

Last Ranking: 4

Highest: 2 (10/29/19)

Lowest: 4 (1/23/19)

3. Brynden Walker

Thoughts: We've always had a lot of respect for Walker's game but felt he was probably an hback type in the college game. However, after watching his junior film you seen the potential for an explosive edge rusher that with his great frame makes him incredibly intriguing to follow. As a senior the Irish are moving him around a lot and he's played a number of roles. His athleticism, at times, is truly elite but as he plays more LB he'll get more comfortable being physical when he meets a ball carrier.

Last Ranking: 3

Highest: 3 (1/23/19)

Lowest: 3 (1/23/19)

4. Duece Mayberry

Thoughts: Mayberry has stayed somewhat quiet compared to some of his classmates but his length and ability to drive on the ball are at a very high level. Mayberry has tremendous length, speed, and after spending his junior year as something of a question mark, it seems like it has all come together in his senior season.

Last Ranking: 5

Highest: 4 (10/29/19)

Lowest: 5 (1/23/19)

5. Myles Slusher

Thoughts: As a sophomore, Slusher was seen as a cornerback by some but many felt his best future would be as a safety. He got his chance as a junior for the Tigers and was an incredibly reliable last line of defense for Broken Arrow. The talented defender is one of the state's more sure tacklers and as a senior, in spite of fighting off some injury issues, has looked more fluid and explosive when he drives on the ball.

Last Ranking: 6

Highest: 5 (10/29/19)

Lowest: 6 (1/23/19)

6. Isaiah Jacobs

Thoughts: Jacobs loves to get physical and will lower his shoulder against any and all comers - including a few players on this very list. Jacobs looks to be a bit more explosive as a senior than he'd shown himself earlier in his career. But the tough running and quick feet are still hallmarks of his game.

Last Ranking: 20

Highest: 6 (10/29/19)

Lowest: 20 (1/23/19)

7. Javian Hester

Thoughts: Hester was once a real contender for the state's top spot but as more time has passed he hasn't quite found the consistency to stay in that lofty space. Hester as a senior has looked better than he showed himself at times as a junior though most of his plays coming as a defensive back make it tougher to see his true future at receiver.

Last Ranking: 2

Highest: 2 (1/23/19)

Lowest: 7 (10/29/19)

8. Jordan Reagan

Thoughts: Reagan is a player that wasn't really being talked about back during the initial release of the rankings. And as a junior there wasn't, in the Scoop staff's opinion, to get overly excited about. However, his senior stuff shows off a lot more athleticism than he'd previously offered and when you blend that with his size and physicality you get a promising corner for the Cowboys.

Last Ranking: N/A

Highest: 8 (10/29/19)

Lowest: 8 (10/29/19)

9. Jeff Roberson

Thoughts: Another guy that was flying a bit under radar. Though Roberson's lack of attention was largely built around being at Harrah for quite some time. The move to Choctaw saw Roberson start to really take off as a recruit and the senior tape shows why. The big linebacker has great instincts and is powerful with his hands. He is a quality athlete but is at his best between the tackles.

Last Ranking: N/A

Highest: 9 (10/29/19)

Lowest: 9 (10/29/19)

10. Austin Woods

Thoughts: Woods was, at one point in time, seen as a defensive line target but watching his senior work at offensive tackle you see a player with massive potential. Woods has a nice base, can move laterally and mirror. For now he's doing it against lesser competition but Arkansas State has done a great job finding quality in Oklahoma and Woods may be one of their biggest steals yet.

Last Ranking: N/A

Highest: 10 (10/29/19)

Lowest: 10 (10/29/19)

11. Dominic Richardson

Thoughts: After a gruesome injury as a sophomore, Richardson bounced back in a huge way as a junior helping the Irish to another successful year and did so by showing some of that quickness and surprising change of direction. Richardson is also a far more powerful back than he usually gets credit for.

Last Ranking: 7

Highest: 7 (1/23/19)

Lowest: 11 (10/29/19)

12. Brennan Presley

Thoughts: Presley was a top 15 guy in the state for us long before he had a laundry list of Big 12 offers. But as a senior he looks more physical and has shown it on both sides of the ball. When you mix that with his longtime elusiveness you get a dangerous weapon for the Cowboys - who are doing an outstanding job in-state.

Last Ranking: 14

Highest: 12 (10/29/19)

Lowest: 14 (1/23/19)

13. Krishawn Brown

Thoughts: Brown is a guy who is all about potential. It's not that he isn't a playmaker for the Hornets now, he absolutely is. But he is still very lean and has a lot of room to fill out to fully develop his game and become a more complete player. Brown shows a willingness to be physical but once he has filled out he can be more than a player who shines outside the tackles.

Last Ranking: 11

Highest: 11 (1/23/19)

Lowest: 13 (10/29/19)

14. Eli Williams

Thoughts: Williams is a player that has a load of natural gifts but as it is still somewhat coming together. Williams' length, athleticism, and overall frame make him incredibly interesting to follow but there is no denying there would be some interest in seeing him work some more on the defensive side of the ball.

Last Ranking: 24

Highest: 14 (10/29/19)

Lowest: 24 (1/23/19)

15. Cole Thompson

Thoughts: Another one of the bigger surprises in this class. Thompson followed the current Tigers staff from Putnam City West to Norman and the staff has to be glad for it. Thompson closes like a missile and arrives with bad intentions when he does. It would be nice to see some more opportunity in pass defense and he is a bit undersized but there can be no denying that Thompson is a potential difference maker.

Last Ranking: 13

Highest: 13 (1/23/19)

Lowest: 15 (10/29/19)

16. Zach Middleton

Thoughts: Middleton is a guy that we came in knowing little about but when you watch his tape the guy makes so many plays offensively while on defense he is making big hits all over the field. Another guy that we liked when few were talking about him, Middleton has a strong frame and is an absolute playmaker on tape.

Last Ranking: 21

Highest: 16 (10/29/19)

Lowest: 21 (1/23/19)

17. Blake Nowell

Thoughts: Nowell is one of the players that happens every year in the state - people are just starting to learn about the small town star. He mixes great size with the kind of long speed that you don't often see from players with his frame. His acceleration can lull people to sleep before they see him cut out of a break and separate from even the most athletic high school defensive backs. He can struggle a bit when people get physical with him but in college he can get bigger and better learn to deal with that physicality.

Last Ranking: 8

Highest: 8 (1/23/19)

Lowest: 17 (10/29/19)

18. Gabriel Cantu

Thoughts: It's not every day that a Tulsa Union prospect sneaks up on the world but that's what it felt like happened with Cantu. Making it by a Redskins practice you couldn't help but notice the big offensive lineman who moves his feet well. It's not every day you find a true center but Cantu could be that guy for the Hurricane.

Last Ranking: N/A

Highest: 18 (10/29/19)

Lowest: 18 (10/29/19)

19. Jake Roberts

Thoughts: Roberts was a late riser in the game but his size and ability to work the middle of the field make for a nice land for North Texas. Could Roberts be the latest tight end to emerge from Norman public schools and go onto collegiate success?

Last Ranking: N/A

Highest: 19 (10/29/19)

Lowest: 19 (10/29/19)

20. Jacobi Johnson

Thoughts: Johnson has been discussed as a difference maker for the Bombers before he played his first varsity game and his junior season he did nothing to cause doubt of that assertion. Johnson is a long edge player who closes with some skill and who has so much growth still to go and as a senior you're starting to see all of that come together.

Last Ranking: 26

Highest: 20 (10/29/19)

Lowest: 26 (1/23/19)

21. Gunnar Gundy

Thoughts: A famous name has hit the list and though many would doubt Gundy's ranking and believe it has more to do with his name than his ability - in short, they'd be wrong. You'd be hard pressed to find a quarterback anywhere who throws with better touch outside the hashes. He has a great feel in the vertical passing game, shows nice timing, and gets everything he can out of his arm talent.

Last Ranking: 23

Highest: 21 (10/29/19)

Lowest: 23 (1/23/19)

22. Daniel Hishaw

Thoughts: A prospect who exudes power in just about every clip of his film. Hishaw is overpowering when he runs the ball, he is violent when he is on defense, and even when he throws the ball for the Lions you see a frame that lends itself to running through the defense if he had so chosen. Looking for a clip to show more than just that power? Watch his winding touchdown run against Southmoore, hard to find better vision and footwork in this 2020 class.

Last Ranking: 10

Highest: 10 (1/23/19)

Lowest: 22 (10/29/19)

23. Rico Windham

Thoughts: Every year there are a few players that really catch our attention and Windham is one of those guys in this class. Size? Check. Length? Check. Instincts? Check. The only thing you can knock Windham on is he may not, and it's debateable, have the top end speed of some other corners but Windham is a difference maker from an elite program.

Last Ranking: N/A

Highest: 23 (10/29/19)

Lowest: 23 (10/29/19)

24. Ben Sparks

Thoughts: Sparks has continued to develop as a senior after impressing people during his junior season for the Tigers. Sparks is an interior player with a solid base who loves to finish blocks with a defender flat on his back.

Last Ranking: N/A

Highest: 24 (10/29/19)

Lowest: 24 (10/29/19)

25. Chateau Reed

Thoughts: Reed is an interesting evaluation and one that fits into the type of player the Bears have landed through the years. It doesn't take a lot of time watching his tape to see Reed's speed is a real weapon. However, he is a long athlete who can look a little awkward at times.

Last Ranking: N/A

Highest: 25 (10/29/19)

Lowest: 25 (10/29/19)

26. Nikale Davis

Thoughts: Davis is without question the state's most well-versed pass rushers. When you've got an answer for his speed, Davis has a spin move. If you can actually react to that, he'll get physical with you. He isn't the biggest guy at defensive end and won't fit every scheme but as a 3-4 outside linebacker, it's not hard to see the potential.

Last Ranking: 16

Highest: 16 (1/23/19)

Lowest: 26 (10/29/19)

27. Jacob Barrett

Thoughts: A player that has been talked about for a while now but Barrett deserves the attention. He is a fluid athlete who shows dangerous long speed and a great instinct to break on the ball.

Last Ranking: 15

Highest: 15 (1/23/19)

Lowest: 27 (10/29/19)

28. Andrew Young

Thoughts: Young is yet another big play receiver in this class. He has a high quality quarterback and the two are on tape making one play after another. Young isn't as twitchy as some others but he accelerates very naturally and tends to run away from defenders.

Last Ranking: 32

Highest: 28 (10/29/19)

Lowest: 32 (1/23/19)

29. Cade Horton

Thoughts: One of the state's top quarterbacks, Horton does a bit of everything for the Tigers. Though his arm shows plenty of ability, he is a capable athlete who can extend plays or even keep games alive with his own ability in the run game.

Last Ranking: 39

Highest: 29 (10/29/19)

Lowest: 39 (1/23/19)

30. Eli Russ

Thoughts: Russ is a dominant run blocker and like many of that nature, once he gets his hands on you, it's game over. Russ is a pure inside player and once he trims up a little in Stillwater he could develop into a solid pulling guard.

Last Ranking: 9

Highest: 9 (1/23/19)

Lowest: 30 (10/29/19)

31. Jaylen Moss

Thoughts: It didn't get a lot of notoriety but Moss's move from Victory Christian to Broken Arrow was a huge piece of the Tigers claiming their first state title in history. in 2018. Moss is a more physical defensive lineman than his listed size might lead you to believe.

Last Ranking: 25

Highest: 25 (1/23/19)

Lowest: 31 (10/29/19)

32. Cori Lewis

Thoughts: Lewis is an ultra athlete that does a bit of everything for the Comets. He has suffered a tough injury as senior but with his versatility it's not hard to see why the Golden Knights are so intrigued.

Last Ranking: N/A

Highest: 32 (10/29/19)

Lowest: 32 (10/29/19)

33. Kyler Pearson

Thoughts: Pearson isn't the world's biggest receiver but he went to Kansas' camp and caught the eye of the Jayhawks staff. Pearson does a bit of everything for the Redskins thanks to his quick acceleration and lateral quickness.

Last Ranking: N/A

Highest: 33 (10/29/19)

Lowest: 33 (10/29/19)

34. Anthony Bland

Thoughts: Bland is another in-state receiver with great size and really does a nice job setting up his quarterback to aid Stillwater's dangerous vertical passing game. His speed isn't elite but he does do a nice job using his body to create the space he needs to operate.

Last Ranking: 12

Highest: 12 (1/23/19)

Lowest: 34 (10/29/19)

35. Phillip Smitherman

Thoughts: Smitherman is a playmaking safety who will come up and play run but also makes plenty of plays with the ball is in the air for the Chargers. As a senior he looks more comfortable than ever with the ball in the air.

Last Ranking: 30

Highest: 30 (1/23/19)

Lowest: 35 (10/29/19)

36. Thomas Ivy

Thoughts: Another player that may get knocked a little for size but when you talk to those who have faced him they rave about Ivy's competitiveness and general style of play. He is twitchy and more than willing to get his hands on a receiver when needed.

Last Ranking: 18

Highest: 18 (1/23/19)

Lowest: 36 (10/29/19)

37. Vaka Tuifua

Thoughts: It isn't often that you see a poly player in the state of Oklahoma. It's even less that you find one in tiny Poteau. That said, Tuifua is hugely disruptive and a powerful player at the point of attack though it's going to be interesting to see how things progress going forward.

Last Ranking: 35

Highest: 35 (1/23/19)

Lowest: 37 (10/29/19)

38. Jayden Garner

Thoughts: One of the more physically impressive defenders in the state. Garner suffered an injury as a sophomore and as a junior was still finding his way back to full form. As he continues to work toward that pinnacle he'll have more chances to separate himself as one of the state's elite defensive backs.

Last Ranking: 17

Highest: 17 (1/23/19)

Lowest: 38 (10/29/19)

39. Wes Hine

Thoughts: Hine is a physical guy that shows athleticism for Kingfisher but his best future is probably on the inside.

Last Ranking: N/A

Highest: 39 (10/29/19)

Lowest: 39 (10/29/19)

40. Bo Estes

Thoughts: Estes has some of the best hands you'll see in the state of Oklahoma this year. Simply put, the guy catches everything. He is a flex tight end who'll have to find a specific role for himself but he has plenty of athletic ability to go with his hands.

Last Ranking: 28

Highest: 28 (1/23/19)

Lowest: 40 (10/29/19)