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Hot 11: 4th of the Class?

Oklahoma's recruiting fans have become incredibly used to early commitments but this year things have gone a bit slower. However, for months now it felt as though Brent Venables's first class was building toward July and August. Now that July is just a few days away who are the players that feel closest to a decision and are the Sooners in good shape?

11. Anthony Evans III

The Breakdown: Evans, formerly an Arkansas commitment, has been big on the Sooners and there is some thought they've edged ahead.

Edge of Commitment: A summer decision has been rumored for quite some time and Evans has started to pinpoint something in late July or August. (6/10)

Sooners Chances: 40%

10. Jacobe Johnson

The Breakdown: Since the outset of his recruitment Johnson has been open about his affinity for Oklahoma. He seems to be closing in on a choice and there are few who doubt OU at this point.

Edge of Commitment: Everyone has been waiting for a decision from Johnson for over a year now but it does feel as though the finish may be in sight. (7/10)

Sooners Chances: 70%

9. Derrick LeBlanc

The Breakdown: Leblanc has narrowed his list to Florida, Oklahoma, and Penn State with many feelings the Sooners and Gators may be the final battle. Oklahoma has hosted him numerous times and has a legitimate chance.

Edge of Commitment: On just Monday he announced he would be making his decision on July 28. (8/10)

Sooners Chances: 40%

8. Payton Kirkland

The Breakdown: Kirkland is about ready to make the call with many thinking, like his friend Leblanc this could be an Oklahoma/Florida fight.

Edge of Commitment: Kirkland has long been eyeing a choice on July 23 in a joint announcement with Malik Bryant. (7/10)

Sooners Chances: 35%

7. Daylan Smothers

The Breakdown: Smothers was a guy that felt like a distant possibility for the Sooners prior to his official visit to Norman on June 3 but afterward it's felt like Oklahoma just might be the leader. Many feel he may have been the cause for Demarco Murray's tweet on Tuesday night.

Edge of Commitment: Smothers feels close to a decision with the Sooners likely battling the home-state Wolfpack. (8/10)

Sooners Chances: 75%

6. P.J. Adebawore

The Breakdown: Adebawore has taken multiple visits this month but his first was to Norman on June 3. Oklahoma also seems like the most likely chance for he and his teammate, Edric Hill, to end up playing together.

Edge of Commitment: Adebawore announced his top five on Tuesday and seems like a decision could come down in the next week or so. (9/10)

Sooners Chances: 40%

5. Cayden Green

The Breakdown: Green has long been seen as a very high probability commitment for Oklahoma but its clear that Missouri really impressed him during his final official visit. Still though his connections to Oklahoma are lengthy and meaningful.

Edge of Commitment: Green is one of the few on the list that no only is ready to decide and be done with it but has set his date - July 8. (9/10)

Sooners Chances: 65%

4. Phil Picciotti

The Breakdown: Picciotti is a guy that feels like a Brent Venables linebacker. He surprised many by not putting Penn State in his top four and since then the Sooners have felt like the leader.

Edge of Commitment: Picciotti has taken his four scheduled official visits and now most are wondering when he'll pull the trigger. (9/10)

Sooners Chances: 60%

3. Jaquaize Pettaway

The Breakdown: Pettaway loved his BBQ weekend visit and followed it up with a good Texas visit but one that feels like it didn't change his feelings on the Sooners.

Edge of Commitment: Pettaway seems like a guy who could be ready to go though he's so quiet it's hard to ever be certain of what he is thinking. (9/10)

Sooners Chances: 70%

2. Logan Howland

The Breakdown: Since his final official visit to Iowa last weekend it has felt like a decision could come at any moment for Howland. It feels like this could come down to the Hawkeyes and Sooners with both having confidence about his final choice but the more time that passes from his visit to Iowa City feels like a good thing for Oklahoma. However, Michigan hasn't been fully shut out according to some.

Edge of Commitment: Howland is a player that seems locked into a decision in the coming week and it could be literally any day now. (10/10)

Sooners Chances: 40%

1. Samuel Omosigho

The Breakdown: Omosigho has already announced a final two of Florida and Oklahoma and the Sooners have really put some focus on him since the arrival of Brent Venables and co. The Gators made a big impression, as he talked about in his recent chat with SCOOPHD.

Edge of Commitment: Omosigho is ready to make his decision on June 30. (10/10)

Sooners Chances: 80%