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Spring Brings New Offers

Understandably Oklahoma's focus has shifted to spring practice but that isn't to say that they aren't still busy on the recruiting trail. The Sooners have made numerous new offers and, as ever, we're hear to breakdown all of the recent ones. What are Oklahoma's chances and what on tape may have caught the staff's eye?


The Tape: Bowen was an extremely twitchy cornerback who sees the ball well and drove on it. He's very fluid and shows a good feel in zone coverage.

Oklahoma's Chances: Bowen is an interesting connection thanks to his older brother and the Sooners growing presence at Guyer.

The Tape: Craver's long speed is still developing but his short area burst is noticeable and though he is a dancer in the open field he does so without surrendering getting down the field.

Oklahoma's Chances: Craver has shown some real interest in the Sooners but a late cancelation of his visit to Norman definitely leaves some questions.

The Tape: Kilgore's tape is a ton of fun to watch. He's extremely violent coming down hill and has a great frame that could see him even grow into a linebacker if that was what was needed.

Oklahoma's Chances: It's a bit early to know but the Sooners would have to be thought to be a serious contender for a player who hasn't, yet, picked up a lot of high P5 offers.

The Tape: A long-legged athlete who shines on both sides of the ball and eats up a ton of space as he gets down the field.

Oklahoma's Chances: Elite prospects in Florida are never easy to win but the Sooners presence in the state is greater than it has ever been.

The Tape: Mizell has some incredible lateral quickness and just bursts up the field in and out of his cuts.

Oklahoma's Chances: Another player that will take some time to unfold but at this point betting against Demarco Murray is a foolish endeavor.

The Tape: It's pretty hard not to be enamored with what Nixon brings to the table. He's got incredible length and an easy ability to explode up the field.

Oklahoma's Chances: Nixon seems to be set on taking his time with the process and that should be good news for the Sooners.

The Tape: A mountain of a left tackle for St. John's. Seaton has some natural bend and moves his feet fairly well but if tackle doesn't work he has the power to move to guard without any real problem.

Oklahoma's Chances: Seaton raved about his visit - when he picked up his offer - to Norman and a return visit could be coming before too long.

The Tape: Smothers is one of those natural backs that is always working up field by spinning off tackles, stiff-arming defenders, and using his short area burst to keep advancing.

Oklahoma's Chances: Smothers seems like a guy who could take a visit and has some rela interest in Oklahoma.

The Tape: A very instinctive runner who attacks upfield and continues to use his easy speed to separate from defenders as they try and close on him.

Oklahoma's Chances: Georgia, as ever, will be a tough beat here but Grayson is a school where the Sooners staff, in various capacities, have recruited for some time.