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Team Camp Stars

Over the past decade team camps have become a bigger and bigger piece of spring practices around Oklahoma. And on Wednesday and Thursday there were plenty going all over the state and was on hand to see a lengthy list of top performers.


Breakdown: Bacy was one of the more pleasant surprises so far this week. A big-bodied defensive tackle who thrives on his quickness and motor. He's got the potential to be a quality pass rusher on the inside at the next level.

Breakdown: Bogard is a player who has the frame that college coaches dream of finding. He's got unbelievable length and is all 6-foot-5, and maybe more. At times he seems to still be finding his way after a few years of injury issues. As he gets more comfortable Bogard could develop into a prospect who shoots up power five lists this fall.

Breakdown: Bradley is a super twitchy all-purpose back that shows ability both in the wide running game as well as the passing game. He'll be an intriguing prospect to follow as his new home in Mustang finds new ways to use his ability.

Breakdown: Brown broke one big run after another using his speed and vision to outdistance helpless defenders at the Verdigris team camp. Brown has put on some good weight in the offseason and could be a guy ready to put together a monstrous senior season.

Breakdown: Speaking of guys who've made a huge step forward, it's hard to think of one who is more readily able to do so than Brown. And that's certainly a mouthful after a junior campaign that saw him among the state leaders in sacks and tackles for loss. Brown has grown and now looks the part of a pure defensive end who could even grow into a three-technique or 4i type of defender. He's got plenty of offers and he's going to get plenty more.

Breakdown: Conway was another of the state's elite pass rushers last year and in the Choctaw team camp he showed why. He's not the biggest pass rusher but he uses his quickness to get outside quite well and even when caught has the moves to break free.

Breakdown: It wasn't the plan but as the list goes on and on we just keep finding defensive lineman. Foreman was a bit of a tweener as a sophomore last year but he's playing more and more with his hand in the dirt for the Eagles this year and he'll be a dominant force in short order.

Breakdown: Freeman is just pure kinetic energy. Whether it is making plays in space, blocking, or even jawing a little with opponents, Freeman's activity s a constant. That being said he's got loads of quickness and more speed than he gets credit for, he's not getting the attention he deserves at this point.

Breakdown: Hunt is playing quarterback for the Falcons and showed some impressive ability out in space as a runner. He'll be lethal for high school defenses to deal with in zone read situations but his blend of size and speed will have plenty of schools anxious to eyeball him as their next running back recruit.

Breakdown: Jackson will be one of the state's most lethal weapons in the passing game and considering the bevy of receivers and tight ends around Oklahoma. Last year he was a capable receiver that made plenty of plays but if what he showed during his team's camp is any indication he's going to be absolutely lethal after the catch.

Breakdown: In his first year at Mustang there were as many questions as there were answers about Johnson. The talent was glaringly obvious to anyone who looked but the production fell short of what most felt he was capable of. If Mustang's team camp was any indication, those days are over, Johnson had one pick, nearly had another, and made a big tackle in space for his defense. Johnson looks more confident in what he's doing and as that happens his talent becomes only more dangerous.

Breakdown: As a sophomore Jordan had the look of an emerging star safety but lost his junior season to injury and is now finding his way back. That said he's a natural playmaker who is always around the ball. He won't be a fit for everyone but group of five teams should have plenty of interest.

Breakdown: It's hard for people who haven't seen him to understand the type of frame that Martell possesses. Simply put, most guys finishing their senior year don't look like him - much less guys finishing their freshman year. Martell is an interesting debate on future position, he has a lot of movement that looks like a linebacker but he has the power and speed to be a quality back.

Breakdown: McConnell has really made some strong changes with his body over the last year, he looks leaner and yet more powerful. McConnell can, at times, look a bit bored when facing overmatched opponents but that figures to remedy itself naturally at the college level. That being said, that boredom comes from numerous dominant performances.

Breakdown: McHenry is an interesting prospect for Sallisaw who figures likely to end up as a interior pass rusher once he fills out his frame at the college level. He's good with his hands and figures to be a sturdy run defender going forward.

Breakdown: Patterson-McDonald was a guy we didn't get to see as much of as a few other players on the list. But what little we did see was impressive and when you blend a nice frame with some explosive athleticism and you can see how the Jaguars may have their next star.

Breakdown: As we'd already seen him three times this spring, no player got a shorter look over the week than Sexton. But with his talent and continued development as a blocker not a lot of time is needed to see how special he can be. At one time Sexton felt like a possible guard but tackle is a near certainty thanks to how much he has improved his footwork and how long and lean his frame is.

Breakdown: Stanton is listed as a tackle but sliding inside should be advantageous for his future development. Stanton has a big frame but has work to do with his footwork and ability to pull and get to the second level. As he continues to refine his game he's got a chance to be one of the state's better blockers.

Breakdown: Stone was playing both ways for the Eagles and clearly got a little overheated as the day went on. Just as clearly was his potential to dominate plays. Stone was frequently double-teamed but did a nice job using his length and quickness to split a number of blocks. It didn't allow him to put together elite highlights but it definitely opened up things for his teammates.

Breakdown: Thomas has always been a speed corner who can turn and move with just about any receiver he comes across. However he's started to grow and fill out his long frame. As that happens he could go from a player with group of five offers to becoming a guy with numerous power five offers.

Breakdown: It was our first chance to see Virgil in person and he didn't disappoint. He moves very well laterally and accelerates with ease. He's a little more powerfully built than his listed height and weight might lead someone to believe. Virgil could get some power five offers before it's all said and done.

Breakdown: The growth of Wasel from 2020 to 2021 is something to behold. A lot of credit is due to him as he's done tremendous work in developing himself as a passer. His accuracy, particularly on the deep ball has made real strides and when you add in that he's only gotten bigger and more athletic and you see a player who's going to have a lot of options when the time comes.

Breakdown: Williams picked up his first FBS offer earlier this week and after watching him it's not hard to see why. He's got a nice big frame and moves his feet really well. He's still raw but there's a lot to like in his game.