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Sooners Trying to Get Back in at Gorman

When people think of the programs that have helped Bob Stoops' success it's easy to think of the likes of regional powers like Jenks, Tulsa Union, Dallas Skyline and several others however those who have followed Sooner recruiting for some time realize some of Oklahoma's biggest recruiting victories have come at Las Vegas' Bishop Gorman high school. Interestingly since signing Justin Chaisson in the class of 2009 the Sooners have not really even pursued a Gorman product in spite of the Gales having their near annual talent production.
Early in the recruiting process many wondered if the Sooners might break that streak and have a look at Gorman's class of 2012 star offensive tackle Ronnie Stanley. However, for quite some time the Sooners were passive in their contact with the 6-foot-7, 285-pound prospect.
Now it seems that Sooner hot-hand Bruce Kittle is trying to make up for lost time.
"When (Kittle) came by he said that they were going to go and review the film, and talk to the coaches. Then my coach got a call and coach Kittle told him that they were going to offer me," Stanley said. "Coach Kittle and I we've just been getting to know each other a little bit, talking about things with Oklahoma and how Gorman players have had success there."
Though the Sooners were behind the likes of USC, Auburn, Florida, Notre Dame, Oregon, and several others in getting heavily involved with the four-star offensive tackle that's not to say they are out of the race. In fact he is still working to settle things down to a smaller list and may see several more schools than will fit into his five allotted official visits.
"I'm still looking at everyone, (Oklahoma) isn't too late at all," Stanley said. "I'm trying to narrow it down, it's probably between 10 and 13 schools.
"It will probably be something like trying to get the list to five it will be a while after that, not a while, but some time after cutting it down to 10 or 13. The schools I'm more interested in are the ones I'll take officials to, but it may be a bit of going to the ones that are farther away on officials and driving to the ones that are closer."
Are there any he feels will definitely be a part of his cut of 10 or more?
"Yeah, probably like USC, Notre Dame, Oregon, Washington, Florida State, they are the main ones," he said. "It's just my familiarity with the school and their coaches."
Anyone familiar with Gorman realizes the Gaels are putting out a lot more than future Sooners and Stanley has asked for the advice of several former Gorman stars to get an idea of how to handle the chaos of recruiting.
"We talk about it a little but they've all just said to make sure and make the right choice and see all the schools that you can and don't let other people influence you in your decision," Stanley explained.
Stanley says he has some familiarity with now-graduated Sooner Demarco Murray as well as former Sooner signing Justin Chaisson. That being said he isn't overly familiar with Oklahoma's program, but one thing he is clear about is the small town change, like those who preceded him, won't be an issue.
"I don't know too much (about Oklahoma), I know the type of offense and know they are well-coached and the football atmosphere is great, it's kind of a small-town, it's a football place. Other than that I don't know too much," he said.
"I don't think the change will be too much, there are a lot of other places where football is just crazy. And I know I'm going to a place where football is just crazy."
And while Gorman players seem to group together it's been rare that they've headed together as part of the same class, however with Stanley's teammates Shaquille Powell and Ron Scoggins it seems that the trio could be thinking of finding a college future together.
"We are going to try and do something together, mainly me, (Scoggins) and Shaquille," he said. "(It's not set but) we just hope it works out. We're going to try and put something together and if we all get the same schools and we all like it, that's what we'll do."