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Where They Should Have Been

As a large network Rivals.com takes lots of input from national analysts, regional analysts, recruiting reporters for various sites within the network. That input, along with miles of video, camps, and everything in between, makes for a lot of different opinions on where players should rank. Whether that is a gulf of difference or not SoonerScoop.com recruiting publisher and editor Josh McCuistion offers you his take on where he'd see the Sooners recruiting class ranking as compared to their current Rivals rankings.

SoonerScoop Ranking: 4-star (5.9)

Reasoning: Barnes is a player that there is a wide variety of takes on and it seemed he might have been pushing people in a higher-ranking direction if not for a season-ending injury suffered midway through the year. Barnes as always shined at safety his senior year but also was really beginning to make plays at wide receiver prior to his injury. Barnes is a safety with rare physical tools who has loads of upside as he continues to grow into his frame.

Player Comparison: Former Clemson safety Jayron Kearse.

SoonerScoop Ranking: 4-star (5.8)

Reasoning: Broiles is the type of player that coaches love, he'll fight and claw and work for every inch in coverage. Though he may not be the biggest corner or a guy that is going to light up the field when it comes time to test at a combine - Broiles is just a flat out playmaker. There are a lot of ways for him to fit into Oklahoma's plans but keep an eye on him as a early contender at nickelback.

Player Comparison: None scream at me but I see some comparison to Cyrus Jones of Alabama.

SoonerScoop Ranking: 4-star (5.8)

Reasoning: Brooks is one of the most certain players in this class to develop into a steady player for the Sooners but the question with him is just where his ceiling is. Brooks' last three years have been as productive as any back in Texas over the last decade. Will that production translate to the college game? To a point, yes, but there are still some questions of what the hallmark of Brooks' game will be against a higher-level of competition.

Player Comparison: A lot of lines drawn to former Sooner Chris Brown (2006-09).

SoonerScoop Ranking: 4-star (5.9)

Reasoning: The first guy on this list that we've given a bump to, Brown is a special talent that has true explosion in the open field. What is also very interesting is that while Brown has the long speed to separate from most anyone he also has the short area quickness that can lead to him being such a precise route runner. Brown is a smaller receiver and that's the one real knock on him but as a player working in a spread he has a chance to be lethal.

Player Comparison: How would one not see shades of DeSean Jackson?

SoonerScoop Ranking: 3-star (5.7)

Reasoning: It all depends on what you see when you watch Brown. Are you watching the size, the speed, all of the physical tools that seem to be there? Or are you focusing on the fact that far too often you have to focus on Brown for him to stick out? A supremely talented guy that on the biggest stages this year has looked like he was out of his depth. One of those types that can be as good as he pushes himself to be.

Player Comparison: Maybe it's the name but he reminds me a lot of Curtis Brown of Texas.

SoonerScoop Ranking: 4-star (5.8)

Reasoning: Calcaterra's hands are what catches you right from the start when you watch his tape. Unlike a lot of players with great hands Calcaterra is the type of athlete who can not only grab the ball when it is there to be had but has the athleticism to go and pull passes from the air that frankly no one has any business catching. That being said, Calcaterra is more than just a big and long tight end. He has the ability to stretch the field vertically and will be a handful down the seam for Big 12 safeties.

Player Comparison: I see a dead ringer for former Texas standout David Thomas.

SoonerScoop Ranking: 4-star (5.8)

Reasoning: As much as any guy in the class this is a player that I just didn't see eye-to-eye with Rivals on. Daley is a big and long edge rusher with an ability to close on the ball and the athleticism to change direction off the corner. Daley is a little raw but has elite potential.

Player Comparison: Don't have one that jumps out but I see a little of Travian Smith here.

SoonerScoop Ranking: 4-star (5.8)

Reasoning: Draper is a player that is mentally as college ready as any in the class. Physically he is still developing but has the frame to carry the weight he'll need in the coming years. If Draper is a key part of Oklahoma's defense by the mid-point of his freshman season, no one should be surprised - few players see the play and react as decisively as the in-state standout.

Player Comparison: I struggle to find one that I like at all but Kentrell Brothers isn't bad.

SoonerScoop Ranking: 4-star (5.9)

Reasoning: Ealy is a massive human being who has nothing but room to grow and develop as a player. He'll get nothing but bigger and stronger once he hits a college weight program and can begin to focus on developing his frame. Ealy needs to work on his technique but his athleticism is unique and his length could make him a nightmare of a left tackle if he can push himself.

Player Comparison: He reminds me of former five-star Texas A&M recruit Jorrie Adams.

SoonerScoop Ranking: 4-star (5.9)

Reasoning: Gumbs is a unique tape to break down because he shows you different things each time you watch him. Sometimes you'll see the strength of his game as his pure speed to close in space and others it's his short area quickness. But one thing that is clearly there is that Gumbs is a near prototypical outside rush linebacker with his great frame and length. As he physically develops he'll hit the ground running quickly.

Player Comparison: A whole lot of Jarvis Jones in his game.

SoonerScoop Ranking: 3-star (5.7)

Reasoning: Due to his future position Hall has gone a bit overlooked but is a player that has all the tools necessary to be a difference maker. He is a capable ball-carrier, shows promise as a receiver, and is more than willing to be the blocker he'll need to be in Oklahoma's offense. The role that has been filled by Trey Millard and Dimitri Flowers in recent years is a wildly varied one and Oklahoma has a chance to have their next top shelf one.

Player Comparison: A bit more like Millard than Flowers.

SoonerScoop Ranking: 4-star (5.9)

Reasoning: Oklahoma is getting one of the more under appreciated offensive lineman in the country this year. Hayes is violent with his hands and though he carries some weight that he shouldn't he still shows as light on his feet. As he gets to Oklahoma's training table he'll improve quickly and could start setting himself up as Oklahoma's next interior star.

Player Comparison: Reminds me a lot of former Texas All-American Justin Blalock.

SoonerScoop Ranking: 3-star (5.7)

Reasoning: Humphrey is that rare center who can pull and get to the second level with relative ease. In Oklahoma's recent past he is also the rare type that has the size to handle a nose tackle lined up over the top of him. Humphrey will have something of a growth curve as he hits the top level talent he'll see in Norman but there is considerable physical talent to work with.

Player Comparison: I see some comparison to former Missouri standout Evan Boehm.

SoonerScoop Ranking: 3-star (5.7)

Reasoning: This is a guy that impresses if you actually sit down and watch his tape. He is a player that is physical at the point of attack but also shows athleticism to be a difference maker in the passing game. James has short area quickness and is a natural fit for Oklahoma if they do want to go multiple between 3-4 and 4-3.

Player Comparison: His movement reminds me a bit of former Texas Tech defender Kerry Hyder.

SoonerScoop Ranking: 4-star (5.8)

Reasoning: Though he has spent much of his time in high school at wide receiver he'll transition to safety at Oklahoma and with his size, range, and natural ball skills it could be a fit that works out quite nicely for everyone. Jones will have to get more familiar with the position and the finer points of it but has the physical gifts to be a playmaker.

Player Comparison: Since he'll start at safety I'll compare him to a guy like Quinton Carter.

SoonerScoop Ranking: 4-star (6.0)

Reasoning: Few players in the class am I more bullish about but Lamb has all the ingredients to be Oklahoma's first truly great outside receiver in the Bob Stoops era. Lamb has great size and plenty of the physical gifts coaches and scouts are looking for and honestly the only thing that people have a few questions about is his top end speed. Lamb is a natural high-point receivers and is as natural a receiver as you'll find.

Player Comparison: There is a lot of comparison with former TCU star Josh Doctson.

SoonerScoop Ranking: 3-star (5.5)

Reasoning: Lott is a player who people around Ardmore had been waiting to go to a star level for quite some time. He is an athletic defensive lineman that flashes some real potential but at the same time it's clear just how raw he is as a player. Lott needs time to develop but if given that time he can be a solid player for the Sooners going forward.

Player Comparison: I see some comparison to former Sooner Corey Bennett.

SoonerScoop Ranking: 4-star (5.8)

Reasoning: When McKinney is coming down hill and attacking things in a straight line he can be an impressive player to evaluate. At times he can be a bit upright, maybe even a touch stiff, but there is potential in his game to be a player that can be very stout against the run and as he gets bigger and stronger - keep an eye on him as a surprise from this class.

Player Comparison: Reminds me a little of Remi Ayodele.

SoonerScoop Ranking: 2-star (5.4)

Reasoning: Mundschau has the look of another talented kicker for the Sooners but like all kickers, he's docked for simply the position he plays. Few players seem more primed to make an early impact for Oklahoma than Mundschau after going 24-24 on all placekicking situations including 11-11 on fields goals with a long of 47.

Player Comparison: I'd be lying to say I have good kicker comparisons.

SoonerScoop Ranking: 3-star (5.7)

Reasoning: It was impressive this year to see Murray lining up as a safety to get more of a feel for his athleticism and as the year went on he looked increasingly comfortable playing in space. That being said it also made it hard to get a true feel for him at outside linebacker. Murray is a player who likes to come up and strike but as he continues to bulk up it will be interesting to see him handle blockers he is lined up across from.

Player Comparison: His versatility reminds me some of LSU linebacker Duke Riley.

SoonerScoop Ranking: 3-star (5.6)

Reasoning: Norwood is a player that while not the biggest guy has plenty of quickness and is a natural when he sees the ball in the air. Norwood has some real length and he changes direction very quickly in short space. Norwood will have to keep getting stronger to avoid being bullied by bigger receivers but with his well-tested track speed he has a chance to develop with time.

Player Comparison: I've said it before, reminds me of Demontre Hurst.

SoonerScoop Ranking: 4-star (5.9)

Reasoning: Rambo is a silky smooth receiver that just makes everything on the football field look very easy and under control. With that ease he tends to lull people to sleep but there is some short area burst in Rambo's game and there are few players who are going to be more reliable when a quarterback looks their way than the skilled Cedar Hill product.

Player Comparison: Though not quite as big, I see some Laquon Treadwell in his game.

SoonerScoop Ranking: 4-star (5.8)

Reasoning: Robinson is a prospect who has rare gifts but hasn't quite seem them all come together just yet. As he develops with time Robinson's footwork and technique will improve and his game could see a massive jump for it. He is a physical blocker who likes to finish violently but in pass protection still has work to do as it's just not something he did a lot of at Boyd.

Player Comparison: I've compared him before to former Sooner Brandon Walker though I think he has more upside.

SoonerScoop Ranking: 4-star (5.9)

Reasoning: Even if the Scoop staff had to pay to watch him play, we probably would. Robison just has that quality that few others have to turn nothing into something thanks to his quick football mind, quality athleticism and ability to make snap decisions with the ball. Robison is a bit undersized but not debilitatingly so especially because he is the type of guy that just tends to find a way to make it work.

Player Comparison: Reminds me a lot of Colt McCoy.

SoonerScoop Ranking: 4-star (5.8)

Reasoning: Sermon is so multi-skilled, go and watch his senior tape it literally starts with him lined up as a slot receiver and taking a short pass, shaking a defender and picking up yardage. Sermon is a big back with great ability to run through tackles if need be but his feet can surprise you with the ability to slip past defenders.

Player Comparison: Though he may not be the same level of athlete, his skillset is similar to Joe Mixon.

SoonerScoop Ranking: 3-star (5.7)

Reasoning: Sutton is an explosive athlete that can be used as a slot receiver, a running back, even as a return man. The latest Lackawanna product to head to Norman is one that many would look to as a player in space, and rightfully so, however he is surprising as a runner between the tackles and can run through some.

Player Comparison: It's hard to not see some similarities to Roy Finch.

SoonerScoop Ranking: 4-star (5.8)

Reasoning: Thomas is a guy that has great length but is so raw as a player it's almost difficult to imagine just what he might become. Thomas surprised many at the Army bowl by fitting in physically with his more seasoned peers. He'll need at least a year to start adding size and fill out his long frame but after that time he has top end potential to be a real coup for this class.

Player Comparison: He kind of reminds me of oft-injured former Sooner John Williams.